How to Save a Max File as an AVI

1. Click the Perspective Viewport to make it active. 2. Click the Render Scene Icon. 3. Click Active Time Segment in the Time Output Group 4. Choose 320x240 for the Output Size Group 5. Click Files… in the Render Output Group 6. Save in: Choose the 3DS Max folder within your K drive student folder. 7. File Name: Name the file what your Assignment Sheet tells you what to name it. 8. Save As: Choose AVI 9. Click Save.

10. Click Render. 11. When the AVI file Compression Setup Dialog comes up, Choose MJPEG Compressor. 12. Click OK.

13. You should see a render dialog AND a render progress dialog pop up. 14. When it is finished rendering, your AVI file will be in your K drive. Leave it there for me to grade.