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Ms Planner Sy2012 2013

Ms Planner Sy2012 2013

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Published by: International School Manila on Aug 13, 2012
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Regular daily attendance is necessary for all students to fully benefit from the
educational opportunities provided in our Middle School. We ask that you attend
school regularly and avoid any unnecessary absences.

On those days when a student needs to be absent from school, we ask that a parent
inform the Middle School Office via phone at (02) 840 8550.It is the responsibility
of the student to communicate with their teacher when they return to school to
make up for work missed as a result of any absences.

In order for a student to receive maximum benefit from their education, daily
school attendance is required. Realizing that because of illness or other
extenuating reasons, such is not always possible, please be reminded that the
most important guideline is that you communicate with the teachers and
understand the following expectations:

To receive full credit from a class, students may miss that class no more
than eight class periods each semester. Absences beyond this number are
subject to academic consequences. In practical terms this means that
absences in excess of eight class periods for any given class in any semester
shall be considered excessive absences, for which students shall receive a
zero for any test, quiz or written or oral work missed. In the extraordinary


case requiring an extended absence, the student may apply to the Principal
for special consideration. Such an exception must be applied for in
advance, when possible, or immediately upon the student's return to

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