for our communities. health and environment standards • Wide scope and platform to perform – Due to the diverse portfolio of products and verticals provide the employees with an opportunity to work across businesses and functions • Career progressions and Lateral placements – People are trained to perform multiple tasks and leaders are developed internally .HR Policies • Strong values – Brighter Living – for our consumers. for our employees. for our partners and for our shareholders • High standards of ethics at work place – Adherence to safety.

• Feedback from employees – Know Your Consumer Programs. innovative and risk-free approach – family like organisational relations with its employees • Employee development programme – IDLE (Internal Development of Leaders) through which it provides MBA education to its talented employees through a tie-up with IIM Kolkata • Profit Sharing . internal customer satisfaction surveys. Voiceof-the-Employee Program and 360 degree feedback programs • Bedhadak Bolo • Learning culture – based on a conservative.

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