Report Joi/ Thursday 2nd of August 2012 Moldovita County Council meeting Time Activity 15.

35- Sosirea invitaţilor/Arrival of participants 15.45 15.45- Sesiune 1 16.45
Differences on planning -The meeting started with 45 minutes late due to a logistical problem (the official delegation had some difficulties because of the road); Moderator: Cristina Chert All stakeholders involved gave their opinions on topic. All Mayors took the floor, also his Excellency Mr. Philippe Beke, Ambassador of Belgium in Romania, as well as Mr. Jozef Goebels, President of TON/ADR Vlaanderen/FDAAM.

Primari, reprezentanţi ai comunităţilor învecinate Moldoviţei, oficialităţi / Mayors from the region, officials;  Scurtă introducere şi prezentarea participanţilor/ Short introduction and participants presentation;

 Obiectivele şedinţei şi perspective (Ce putem face…)/ Goals of this The regional cooperation has to grow regionally for a sustainable development and TON will have the mission to invest in and strengthen this meeting and perspectives: What can we do together; cooperation (as part of its mission and vision on community development).  Prezentare TON şi posibilităţile de cooperare regională: sănătate, turism, All proposed discussion points were reached, except the Presentation of TON agricultură, antreprenoriat, dezvoltare comunitară/ Presenting TON and (to be done by Cristina Chert) because of time shortage. possibilities for regional cooperation: health, tourism, agriculture, entrepreneurship, community development; Realizarea unui card social pentru regiune / Making of a social card for the region; Posibilităţi de lucru în echipă pe probleme de sănătate/ Possible workgroup on health and health care issues.

 

 Intenţii de cooperare regională/ Intentions for regional cooperation/ Cristina Chert proposed a draft of “Collaboration protocol” that will be sent also in an electronically version - to all participants, for a better look, more Draft; details and sigils to be added. All participants agreed to cooperate on this and they shall send this information to more local stakeholders that can get involved.

31st of August was proposed for signing the collaboration protocol. 
th Diverse/ Announcing a next meeting for the end of August, beginning Invitations will be sent before 25 of august for this event that will be in Vatra Moldovitei. September, with the occasion of the National Training TON.

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