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IBM Storage BP Guidebook v13.0

IBM Storage BP Guidebook v13.0

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Published by: Adrian Tudor on Aug 13, 2012
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The Cisco MDS 9124 Express for IBM System Storage (Figure
S.9) is designed to address the needs of small and mid-size
businesses with a wide range of SAN capabilities. It can be
used as part of SAN solutions from simple single-switch con-
fgurations to larger multi-switch confgurations in support of
fabric connectivity and advanced business continuity capabili-
ties. Fabric connectivity capabilities can be the basis for in-
frastructure simplifcation solutions for IBM System i, System
p, and System x servers and storage consolidation and high-

Figure S.9. Cisco MDS 9124 Express for IBM System Storage (and links to more detail).

• Cisco MDS 9124 info on PartnerWorld
• Cisco MDS 9124 info on IBM.com

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availability server clustering with IBM System Storage disk
storage arrays. Business continuity capabilities can help busi-
nesses protect valuable data with IBM System Storage tape
libraries and devices and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager data
protection software.
Here are some fast Cisco MDS 9124 facts:

• Foundation for new infrastructure simplifcation and business
continuity solutions for servers running Microsoft Windows,
UNIX, Linux, NetWare, and IBM OS/400 operating systems

• High-performance 1, 2, and 4 Gigabit per second links with
pay-as-you-grow scalability enable growth from 8 to 16 to
24 ports

• Designed for high availability with hot-swappable, dual power
supplies and non-disruptive frmware upgrades

• Cisco MDS 9000 family compatibility supports scalability and
consistent service as the SAN grows

• Enterprise Package and Fabric Manager Server Package pro-
vide added intelligence and value.

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