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IBM Storage BP Guidebook v13.0

IBM Storage BP Guidebook v13.0

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Published by Adrian Tudor

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Published by: Adrian Tudor on Aug 13, 2012
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• Are your data storage needs growing?

• How will this growth impact your ability to adequately protect
critical data? With the data growth you are experiencing, what
impact have you seen in your backup and recovery?

• Can you electronically locate critical business information,
documents, email, attachments, and messages when re-

80 IBM Storage Business Partner Guidebook

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• Are you looking for help to improve your company’s backup
and recovery time and reliability?

• Do you need to store all types of information (structured and
unstructured) in a single repository which can be confgured
to archive information with compliance and non-compliance
retention needs?

• Do you have needs to keep data for long periods of time?

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