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IBM Storage BP Guidebook v13.0

IBM Storage BP Guidebook v13.0

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Published by Adrian Tudor

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Published by: Adrian Tudor on Aug 13, 2012
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Here are questions you can use to gauge a possible sales op-

• Are you under pressure to control costs and IT expenditures?

• How many servers and what operating systems do you have?

• What are the key applications that drive your storage de-


• Can your storage scale easily to meet growth and new ap-
plication needs?

• Are you unable to add additional storage capacity because
of budget constraints?

• Are you concerned that you can’t predict future growth? Do
you need a storage system that can be upgraded to higher
capacity and performance without losing your initial invest-

• Do you often fnd that you are adding additional servers and
associated storage to keep pace with your growth?

• Do you need more capacity and performance—at a better


• Does storage management cost you money for staffng, edu-
cation, and time?

• How much beneft would you see from having a single inter-
face—fewer tools to learn and use—for server and storage

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• Are your storage needs satisfed by the internal storage in
the server?

• Do you need to lower IT costs and complexity while still pro-
viding a computing infrastructure with high levels of server
and storage performance typical for database and online
transaction processing?

• Do you have a large number of server/storage platforms and/
or operating environments?

• What competitive storage or server hardware is installed and
which competitor(s) are bidding for the business (EMC, HP,
Dell, Sun)?

• Do you need to run test applications against live data?

• Do you need the ability to set up a disaster recovery plan?

• Do you understand the risks and costs associated with data
access delay or data unavailability? Do you have the skills to
complete an analysis? (IBM does—storage study.)

• Are your backup windows getting shorter?

• Are you confronted with signifcant complexities of storage
management and looking to simplify the environment?

• Do you need to improve the security of your information?

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