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YL Publicity

YL Publicity

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Published by: Andréa Paige on Aug 13, 2012
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Have you heard about Kimmie? Or Sandra? Or Joey??

<Fill in names> Youth Leadership: youth taking action to change the world around them. Their impacts are unprecedented in history, for individuals as well as groups. This mind-blowing phenomenon coincides with demand from schools. Teachers want to create a new learning culture, one oriented toward active citizenship, life skills and sustainability. This new release, the classroom upgrade, facilitates the learning culture as a movement. Youth Leader Magazine is the mouthpiece for the new, global movement. It presents the changemakers’ inspirational stories, campaigns and model solutions. It involves and empowers readers to contribute and replicate. On top of this, YL provides the media, methods, status and support for establishing youth leadership in schools. Print+Post wall displays serve as informal learning environments for active youth and progressive teachers. YL also highlights cutting-edge sustainability innovation from adult changemakers, produces a wide range of novel teaching tools and provides pop-up exhibitions for download, which can be printed and posted in schools, at events, in offices and in public. This all comes along with vibrant video clips featuring changemakers, new thinking and solutions. Feedback is outstanding, and it’s pouring in from youth, experts and educators from all continents, cultures and ages. Worldviews on youth and citizen power are indefinitely broadened, inspired and filled with hope. Readers are instantly compelled to get up and take action. Youth Leadership is the most refreshing bud in the arena of global change, and it is also the most promising. The nested potential for student-centered action learning (throughout the education system) sheds prospective on a global young generation’s views, habits and skills for societal sustainability – on all levels. Though, this shift fully depends on the scale, depth, and daily involvement of youth in youth leadership. The required seeds of spirit, vision, tools and integration in everyday life are best planted in the soil that is a school. Youth Leader Magazine is a thriving global media network offering the spirit, empowerment and support structure as well as the content and format to do this.

“Youth Leadership”. In the Spirit of empowerment. We’ve attached an exciting list of evolving Special Editions and teaching tools on crucial global issues. presents a variety of YL media and services and shares feedback from readers. We are looking for financial support for core staff to build upon our achievements and promote YL to youth and practitioners worldwide. introduces the phenomenon. we are looking forward to your response. sets it in historic context.Our handbook. Warm Regards. .

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