Headline summary SC: Robert T Craig breaks his silence about the framing communication theory PB: signs come to represent

object based on semiotic tradition ET: experience: a basic data of reality SC: systems of connect in communication PB: science of communication explained by ms. Santos ET: social actions affect communication SC: critical tradition: significant in the field of communication PB: Arts of constructing arguments and speechmaking ---- OBB----SC: Robert T. Craig’s metamodels give a coherent pattern that helps the communication students to define issues and talk about the assumptions that govern their approaches to theory. -post of the quation- Craig devides the world of communication theory onto seven traditions: the semiotic, phenomenological, cybernetic, sociopsychological , sociocultural, the critical and the rhetorical. Some of these traditions stand in opposition to one another while others have a good deal of overlap. PB: signs come to represent object based on semiotic tradition news will be delivered by _________ FR: Good afternoon. Signs are represent the object or the referant or the mind of the interpreter. The semiotic thinking involves the basic idea of the triad of meaning in which asserts that meaning arise from a relationship among three things. PB: and what is this three things ________? FR: these are the object referant the person or the interpreter and the signs. the semiotic theory is also divided in to three these are the semantics on how the signs relate to their referent , the syntactic this are a group of signs that are organized in particular ways lastly is the pragmatics and this is how signs make difference in people’s live. That is the lates news back to the studio. ET: experience is the basic data of reality according to phenomenological tradition. we have __________ for the full report. FR; yes Erwin we are here now with MS. Dimalanta to gives us idea what phenomenological tradition is. MSD: phenomenological tradition is the way in which human beings come to understand the world through direct experience according to Sir.husserl : truth can only be ascertained through direct experience but we must be discipline in how we experience things. Only through conscious attention can truth be known. Phenomenology of perception by marleu ponty defined it as we affected by the world but we also affect the world by how we experience it. Hermeneutic phenomenology associated with martin Heidegger the reality of something is not known by careful analysis or reduction but by natural experience. What is real is what is experience throught the use of language context. FR: she also mentioned that communication is the vehicle by which meaning is assigned to experience. and that’s all back to you Erwin . ET: thank you ___________.systems connect in communication news will be given by Sheryl cosim.