PE/Health Syllabus

Mr. Christer Sonheim
PE/Health is a combined course designed to enable you to make informed decisions about your well-being and develop your intrinsic desire to play and exercise in and out of school settings. We will investigate a range of health subjects and games while working on the tools needed for lifetime fitness. Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays we will be meeting in the gym for PE sessions. Tuesdays and Wednesdays we will meet in the classroom for Health classes.

As a Christian educator I hold myself and each of you to very high expectations. This class will be fun, but not easy. Be prepared with the appropriate materials and for the exciting undertaking of active learning every day. Proper PE attire includes good running shoes, shorts, athletic pants, and t-shirts. For safety reasons you will not be able to participate if you are in jeans, sandals, etc.

Assessment and Grading
Learning is assessed using a combination of methods including classroom participation, projects, writing, group activities, and tests. Homework assignments are an important component of this class, but will be limited in number. The emphasis of this class is on student improvement and learning rather than evaluation by points or letters. Studies have consistently shown that extrinsic motivators such as grades obstruct longterm learning and intrinsic motivation. Because of this, grades are not the focus of this course. Assignments are considered either complete (X) or incomplete (I). In the event of an incomplete you must resubmit within an appropriate time we are both agreed upon. Late work is worth 50%. Incomplete assignments are worth 0%. Letter grades will be given in compliance with Seattle Lutheran’s policy based on the averages of completed assignments. Grades are not intended to be mysterious, they are simply not the primary concern in my class.

Health Units
1. Responsibility for Health 2. The Human Body 3. Fitness Basics 4. Training Principles 5. Sexual Health 6. Communicable Diseases 7. Nutrition 8. Drugs 9. Mental/Emotional Health 10. Family/Social Health - - 1.707.456.7859

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