Dear Senator Carper: I am writing to you about two major injuries that the Veterans Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware

has not yet cured in a time period of two years. This happens to be unbecoming of the GU and GI clinics. In regards to the GU clinic I was there for two year after I was referred to them by the Surgical Clinic. Disappointingly, the matters have not been resolved to effective to this date. I want the four problems fixed therapy for the low levels of testosterone but most importantly the incontence resolved. The physical issues are: 1) Pain in the lower abdominal wall. 2) Groin Pull and stretch 3) Absent of sexual arousal and stimulation of the penis and sadly I am on the lower third tier of testosterone. 4) An overactive bladder and incontinence worse than what I had it ever before. I refuse to stand accept bandages and lip service from them. I request that the doctors and nurses of that clinic come up with a plan to cure the problems. I do want to note that Friday, March 9, 2012 I did receive a telephone call from a GU tech. I came in and he tested my bladder and found that it was empty. I refute that the bladder was empty because I was able to urinate in the cup for testing. I was informed that the note from the on call nurse was put into my chart. I respectfully request to see a specialist for this matter immediately because the injuries have not gotten better but worse. In regards to the GI clinic I was there since November 2011. Dr. Abu who sent me there told me that he will not reschedule me at all. I was appalled. I continue to have issues with my stomach. These are my problems that I want to have fixed: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Digestion of my food. There is no reason that my food should take 8 hours to digest. The pain in the right side of my stomach to be resolved. The upchucking of food and acid reflux. I want reasons why I was asked about cancer in my family tree? I want to know my my feet hurt when I release a bowl. Why is my stool sometimes black? What actions are going to be taken on the information I gave to the GU clinic.

All of these matters are very serious issues that the VA Hospital has been jerking me around with and I demand to be sent to specialists in the field to have this matters corrected once in for all. I want action, I want treatment, and I want an explanation also to be relieved from the symptoms.

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