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Geeky Math Genius By Day, Friendly Networker By Night

Geeky Math Genius By Day, Friendly Networker By Night

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Published by Larry Brauner
Professional profile of online social networking expert Larry Brauner.
Professional profile of online social networking expert Larry Brauner.

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Published by: Larry Brauner on Jan 17, 2008
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Geeky Math Genius By Day Friendly Networker By Night Hi! Welcome to my page. I’m Larry Brauner.

I live with my family in the Lower Hudson Valley about 35 miles northwest of New York City. I’m a business analyst. I develop marketing and customer retention models for a Fortune 1000 telecom. More friendly than geeky, I’m a success coach. I build mentor people, especially mothers, teaching them how to succeed in business, networking and marketing. I maintain an audio training site, SocialNetworkingProject.com, and a blog, Online-Social-Networking.com. I was in the Top 200 of Excel Communications when Excel closed in 2004. I’m happy to report that I have since moved on to bigger and better things. From 1978 to 2001 I held a variety of positions at Eric Marder Associates, a prestigious marketing research firm. I computerized the business and refined many research and operational processes. I collaborated with Eric Marder on The Laws of Choice. Mr. Marder wrote in his acknowledgements that I “did the computer work, consolidating studies and generating new analyses as required. He was my severest critic. I felt confident that if I could persuade Larry of something, I would be able to persuade just about anyone else. His contribution was invaluable.” My many non-professional accomplishments include: completed high school math at 15 and began my computer studies (1967), #16 US Junior Chess Player (1971), top US player and teacher of the oriental Go game (1976-1981), New York City Marathon finisher (1984 & 1985). I also achieved a basic level of proficiency in cello (1986) and the ancient Talmud (1992) — undertaking both as an adult. Phone: +1 845-270-5745 Skype: larrybrauner

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