OH MY FATHER, COMFORT ME You know what it is I've lost You know how great the cost Where I've been and

where I go When the waters overflow When I feel I've lost the key Oh my Father, comfort me I am Your child, so I come to You Lord, I know You'll see me through When my tears just will not cease When I'm longing for release Let me climb upon Your knee Oh my Father, comfort me When my life is full of aches Hold my heart Lord as it breaks Gather the pieces, make me whole Lord, to You I give control Make all doubt and sadness flee Oh my Father, comfort me When I cannot see the end When I'm alone without a friend As the pain becomes too much Reach down with Your loving touch Make the pain and darkness flee Oh my Father, comfort me Let me cling Lord, to Your frame As I cry out Your holy name When I have nowhere to go I know that you know all my woe How I long Your face to see Oh my Father, comfort me Debbie Preuss 7/19/2006

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