Hi (Customers Name) ***If not customer pitch spouse or ask for person handling the electric bill*** This is (Your

Name) I'm a Energy Consultant with XXX Energy. I'm following up on the notifications sent to you from PECO(or DQE) regarding the rate reduction. It looks like you never responded so I was giving you a call today to apply the lower rate to your account, and this call is recorded for quality and training. Your currently paying 8.64 cents per kwh (or 9.89 cents per kwh with DQE). Due to energy deregulation in your area, your ability to choose who the energy you receive comes from and we're going to reduce that rate down to a much lower VARIABLE rate of 7.99 cents per kwh, dropping your rate almost 2 cents, saving you up to 25% on your electric bill. To make sure you’re still eligible, do you currently receive government assistance under the CAP program? **IF YES PLEASE TELL THE CUSTOMER THEY ARE RECIEVEING THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF SAVINGS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME AND CODE AS NOT INTERESTED***** Ok, so your still eligible to receive the rate reduction. PECO/DQE still sends your bill every month with this VARIABLE rate reduction and your new supplier appears as XXX, an independent supplier for PECO/DQE

I have your address as it appears on your bill as ****verify customer’s correct information*** * And your name as it appears on the account is (customers first and last name) or does it appear as another name? Alright (Cusotomer First Name) all I need from you in order to apply the lower rate to your account is your 10 digit PECO account # (or your 13 digit DQE account #), go ahead and grab your bill and let me know when you have that available. (If necessary..I have PECO's 1-800- number for you to call for your account #. It's 1-800-494-4000. Or for DQE 412-3937100.) ***When Customer Comes Back**** Ok, go ahead with the 10 (or 13) digit account number at the top of your bill…. I would like to give you my own information for your records now, you have a pen? If you have any questions or concerns simply call XXX Energy at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Again my name is (Agent Name)

Now I will take you through a brief recorded verification for your protection to make sure I explained the program correctly and get your rate reduction processed. Please hold a moment while I connect us.

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