Colossians 1:1 1 Πα ῦ ἀ λος πόστολοςΧριστοῦ ῦ ησο ῦ ῦ δι θελήματος θεοῦ κα ῦ Τιμόθεος ὁῦ δελφ ῦ ς

Πα ῦ - noun Nom sing. masc. "Paul" (nominative absolute aka. λος Independent Nominative) ἀ πόστολος-noun nom sing. masc. (simple apposition) "an apostle" Χριστοῦ ῦ ησο ῦnoun Genitive sing. masc. 2x "of Christ Jesus" (genitive of possession)

③ marker of instrumentality or circumstance whereby someth. is accomplished or effected, by, via, through ⓓ of efficient cause
δι ῦ- prep. with the genative via, "through" θελήματος - noun Genitive sing. neuter "desire, wish" (genitive after the prep.) θεοῦ- noun genitive sing. masc. "of God" (subjective genitive) κα ῦ conj. "and" (copulative) Τιμόθεος - Noun nom. sing. masc. "Timothy" (nominative absolute) ὁῦ ελφ ῦ - noun nom. sing. masc. with the direct object "the brother" δ ς (simple apposition) Translation- "Paul an apostle of Christ Jesus through the will of God and Timothy the brother."

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