Office Automation System Knowledge Work System and Management Information System

Data workers typically have less formal. filing clerks. or managers whose jobs are principally to use. educational degrees and tend to process rather than create information. accountants.Office Automation System Primarily used by data workers. . or disseminate information. They consist primarily of secretaries. manipulate.

and scheduling system.Office Automation System Computer system. . that is designed to increase the productivity of data workers in the office. electronic mail system. such as word processing.

communication • OUTPUTS: documents. schedules • USERS: clerical workers • EXAMPLE: document imaging system . schedules • PROCESSING: document management.Office Automatic System • TYPE: Knowledge-level • INPUTS: documents. scheduling.

and science. lawyers. Their jobs consist primarily of creating new information and knowledge. doctors. knowledge workers are people who .Knowledge Work System hold formal university degrees like engineers.

professionals • EXAMPLE: Engineering workstations . graphics • USERS: technical staff.Knowledge Work System • TYPE: Knowledge-level • INPUTS: design specifications • PROCESSING: modelling • OUTPUTS: designs.

This system provides information that is needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively .Management Information System Usually involves middle managers.

Management Information System • TYPE: Management-level • INPUTS: high volume data • PROCESSING: simple models • OUTPUTS: summary reports • USERS: middle managers • DECISION-MAKING: structured to semi-structured • EXAMPLE: annual budgeting .