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List of Hospitals

List of Hospitals

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Published by: Swathi Prasad on Aug 15, 2012
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List of new hospitals empanelled under CGHS, BENGALURU GENERAL PURPOSE HOSPITALS S. No.

Name of the Hospital Approved for Whether accredited by NABH No Whether already on the panel of CGHS No


MS Ramiah Memorial Hospital, MS General Ramaiah Nagar, Msrit Post, New Bel Purpose Road, Bangalore - 560054. Tel. No. 23608888. w.e.f 16th November 2011


Sagar Hospitals ,44/54,30th Cross, Tilak General Nagar, jayanagar extension , Bangalore - Purpose 560041. w.e.f 16th November 2011




K.R Hospital .No-979,25th Main Road General No ,BSK1st stage ,Hanumanthanagar Purpose Bangalore-50 . including Joint Replacement w.e.f 16th November 2011

Yes for General and Specialised purpose (Dialysis, Renal Transplantation, Lithotripsy / TURP, Laproscopic surgery, Joint Replacement, IOL Implant) and Diagnostic Services (Laboratory, CT, USG / Colour Doppler and X – Ray). Yes for General and Specialised purpose (Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Renal Transplantation, Haemodialysis, Laproscopic surgery, Joint Replacement and IOL Implant) and Diagnostic services (Laboratory, MRI, CT, Mammography, USG / Color Doppler and X – Ray). No


Mallya Hospital ,#2,Vittal Mallya Road General NABH ,Bangalore -560001. Purpose w.e.f including 18.7.2011 w.e.f 16th November 2011 Cardiology, Cardio-thoracic Surgery, Joint Replacement


N.U Hospital Pvt Ltd .,CA-6,15th Main 11th General Cross, Padmanabha Nagar Bangalore- Purpose 560070.


IIM-B. 3.e.e.f 16th November 2011 Cardiothoracic surgery. 2011 Apollo Hospital . No. Opp.560099. SPECIALITY (SELECTIVE) HOSPITALS 1.Opp.e. 12th A Cross. Anekal Speciality Taluk.f 16th November .2. # 29/P2. Fortis Hospital-14.f 27th July. Yes for Cardiology. Boomasandra Industrial Area.Cardiology. USG / Color Doppler and X – Ray).f. 05. NABH Orthopedicw. Bannerghatta Road .2010 Including arthroscopic surgery and joint Replacement. Narayana Hrudayalaya Health City. General Nagar.f 16th November 2011 6.e. 8.e. Surgery16. Bengaluru -99 Ph. 080-27835921.2010 Yes Cardiology and Cardio-thoracic Surgery. Dialysis . purpose w. Bangalore . No. No Bangalore.f.No.f 16th November 2011 No No 2. w. Cardiology. 2010 2 Fortis Hospitals . Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic surgery.e.f 16th November 2011 No Yes for General purpose and diagnostic services (Laboratory.154/9.w. PD Hinduja Sindhi Hospital. Bangalore – 560 076 w. SUPER SPECIALITY (HOSPITALS) 1 Narayana Hridayalaya .154/11. Bangalore-560027. No. 7835000 w. Tel.e.IIM SuperBannerghatta Road. Bangalore -76. Speciality Yes (JCI) No Superspeciality Yes(JCI) No NABH w.6. No 258/A Super Bommasandra Industrial Area . Sparsh Hospital as Accidents Orthopaedic Plastic & Maxillo-Facial Surgery. Tel.e. Hosur Road.e.Bangalore-560052. Cardiovascular & w. Yes for OrthopedicSurgery-Including arthroscopic surgery and joint Replacement.Miller”s Road .080-41994444. Cardiovascular and w.f 16th November 2011 Cardiothoracic Surgery and Urology including dialysis and Lithotripsy Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Heart Centre no. Cunningham Road.

Hosur Road.e.& Vitreo-Retinal surgery except corneal transplant surgery.f 16th November . 2010 EYE CARE CENTRES Narayana Netralaya No. No 4 No No . 6th Cross Ashok Nagar. No 258/A Bommasandra. Strabismus.560024.f 16th November 2011 Bangalore Baptist Hospital. SuperBangalore .e. 4. 2010 Eye Care No Yes 1 No 2 Naralaya Netralaya .5 Lions Eye Hospital Road. Lions Super speciality Eye Eye Care Hospital.. 080. Retinal. 89.Speciality 22024700. BSK-I Stage. 2010 Eye Care No 3 Karthik Netralaya Institute of Eye Care Ophthalmology Pvt. No. Hospital Sampangiram Nagar Bengaluru -27 Ph. Tel. Bellary Road. Rajajinagar 1ST R Block.& Vitreo-Retinal surgery except corneal transplant surgery. 4020 6000 w. 8 P. Bengalluru-560 050 Tel 26674399 w. w.e. Occuloplasty.e.3. Adnexa and other specialised treatment].e. Strabismus. No. Yes Eye Care [Cataract / Glaucoma. Narayana Health City. Retinal.f 16th November .e.f 16th November . Occuloplasty. w.f 16th November . Kalinga Rao Road. W. Bengaluru 560 099 Tel 66660658 w.f 16th November . Ltd. 2010 B.e. No.121/C Chord Road.f 16th November 2011 Yes No CANCER HOSPITAL 1 Bangalore Institute of Oncology Cancer No. (off JC Road) Bengaluru 560 002 Ph 22232562 w. 2010 No Yes Eye Care [Cataract / Glaucoma. Bengaluru 560 010 Tel 66660658 w. Adnexa and other specialised treatment].

18th Main. 2010 Netradham Superspeciality Eye Hospital Eye Care No. Opp.98-4 I main . Ring Road. Bengaluru 560 082 Ph 26634202. Adnexa and other specialised treatment] Eye Care [Cataract / Glaucoma.f 27th July 2011 10 Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital (Dr. Eye Care No 633.946.f 16th November 2011 NR Yes Eye Care [Cataract / Glaucoma. Strabismus. w. 7th Block Jayanagar. Eye Care [Cataract / Glaucoma. Banashankari II Stage. Hallmark ). Bengaluru -560 086 Ph 23492233 w.Eye .f 16th November . Bangalore-560 070 w. M. Strabismus..f 16th November . 3rd Phase Bengaluru 560078 Ph 26593210 w. Adnexa and other specialised treatment] NO Care No No 11 Sri Eye care. 434. Adnexa and other specialised treatment].& Vitreo-Retinal surgery except corneal transplant surgery. Occuloplasty. Retinal.e.5 Devi Eye Hospital . No.& Vitreo-Retinal surgery. Retinal. C Modi Eye Hospital. Occuloplasty. Laser &Surgical Centre no. Occuloplasty. Strabismus. Near BDA Complex. Mahalaxmipuram.e. Strabismus.f 16th November . M. 6th Block. JP Nagar. 2010 Shekar Netralaya. 21st Main Eye Care .Ganganagar Bangalore -32 w.Agarwal Eye Health Clinic). 80 Eye Care Feet Road. Adnexa and other specialised treatment] Eye Care [Cataract / Glaucoma.e. Occuloplasty. Dr. Centre.f 16th November . Koramangala Bus Depot Bengaluru 560 095 Ph 255 35514 w.& Vitreo-Retinal surgery.e. Retinal.2567/14 Kanakapura Main Rd. Bangalore. C Eye Care Modi Eye Hospital Road.& Vitreo-Retinal surgery.KHM Block (above Centre.e. Retinal. 2010 No 7 YES 8 No 9 Bangalore Nethralaya.f 16th November 2011 Care No No .e. 2010 No 6 Dr. 100Ft.e. 26633533 w.

080-32988644 w. w.e. 1st Floor. Tel. 2010 Apoorva Dental Care Dental Care HIG # Dollars Colony 1st Floor 80 Feet Double Cross Road. 2nd Main 5th Cross Govindraja Nagar.Empanelment of these dental clinics is provisional and is subject to the recommendation of Quality Council of India after inspection of these dental clinics. No.e.5. Varthur Road.f 5th July. Bengaluru 560 093 w. IInd Stage. 150. 20th Cross. No. V.e.e. No. Nagarabhavi. No: 74/2 above Dental Care Nagendra Medicals. DENTAL CLINIC 1* Divya Dental Clinic New Thippasandra Dental Care Main Road HAL III Stage Bengaluru – 560 075 Tel. Dental Koramangala.Tel. Bangalore-560037 w. C.f.f 16th November 2011 Care No No 13 Sankara Eye Hospital. Bangalore 560095. 2010 2 Chinmayi Dental and Medi Care Dental Care No 28. 5th Block.560 091. Centre. No. 5th Cross.12 Vijaya Nethralaya.e. 9845101056.e. Bengaluru -560 040 Tel 23404380 w.e. Eye Centre Kundalahalli Gate. Under Pass. Raman Nagar. 5th Cross. No No No No 3 No No 4 No No 5 Care No No . 2012 Care No No * .25281559 w.f 16th November 2011 * . Next to Juice Junction. 2010 Smiles Dental Care. Bangalore . RMV II Stage Bengaluru -560 094 Tel 65951922 w. Eye Malagala. Nagavarapalya Main Road.f 16th November .f 16th November .f 16th November .Empanelment of these eye care centres is provisional and is subject to the recommendation of Quality Council of India after inspection of these eye care centers. 17th January. KHB Centre Colony. Ring Road. 2011 Dental Health Clinic.

MRI. Ultra sound. OPG.S.Opp.e. Mammography w. Sri Lakshmi Towers. 5th Cross. 3rd Block.e. Ultra Sound. CT. MSRIT Post. Lab. Mammography . Bangalore . Bone Densitometry No Laboratory Services. X-ray. X-ray. Bellary Laboratory Yes(NABL) Road.560054. Bangalore . Bangalore Baptist Hospital. Tel. New Bel Road. 23608888 w. Whether already on the panel of CGHS No 2. Tel. 2011 Apollo Hospital No-154/11. Tel. Ultra sound. Ultra Sound. No.f 5th July. No 4. Bangalore . Ultra sound.531. Mammography . services and 080-22024700 CT Scan. Color Doppler.f 16th November 2011 No 6. Bone Densitometry and OPG. No.Bangalore -76 MRI. No: 18. Mammography . Jayanagar. X-ray. DIAGNOSTIC AND IMAGING CENTRE Approved for Whether accredited by NABH Supra Diagnostics. No. Bone Densitometry Central Diagnostic Research Foundation pvt Ltd . 9th Main.f 16th November 2011 Lab. Mammography w. 1. MS Ramaiah Nagar.f 16th November 2011 No 5. Color Doppler.f 16th November 2011 .080-40084545.. Services Yes(NABL) MRI. No. OPG. Bengaluru 560 003 Name of the Hospital MRI w. Malleswaram Circle. Lab. 68/150/3.560024. No.f 16th November 2011 . Ltd.2nd Main . No 3.Indirangar 2nd Stage Behind BDA Complex. Color Doppler. CT Scan.560011.e. OPG. Services Yes(NABL) MRI. Clumax Diagnostics and Research Centre Pvt.e. CT. X-ray. CT.Bangalore-38 w.e. Color Doppler. Color Doppler No .IIM. Services Yes (JCI) Bannerghatta Road . w. MS Ramiah Hospitals.e.

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