Prince George’s County Imagine Schools

MAP Benchmark Assessment Scores Season/Year ________________________

Date: ____________________________ Greetings Parent(s): Attached are your child’sStudent Goal Setting Worksheetsfor our ________________________________ MAP Benchmark Assessment. The worksheets include our 4 focused areas that students were tested in: Reading, Mathematics, Language Usage, and General Science. Please see at the top of the front page of theGoal Setting Worksheetshow your child did per (focused) subject, in the RITcolumn. The proficient (on grade level) RITscores at this point in the school year are: Mathematics: ____________________ Language Usage (Language Arts): ____________________ General Science: ____________________ Reading: ____________________ Well done! Your child scored above grade level, in all areas, for this point in the school year! Please note: All score ranges will increase with each subsequent assessment. Please take note of how your child scored in the aforementioned subtests, and support your child, for homework tonight in writing a specific “Student Action Plan” in the noted areas for each of the 4 subtests for how they plan to succeed, even more,on the next assessment. To ensure support of your child as they create these essential “action plans” there is a spot for you to sign on the last page, as well as your child. Upon return of the document, a teacher signature will be provided as well. These worksheets will be kept at school in your child’s homeroom portfolio. Looking forward to continued success on your child’s MAP Benchmark scores! Educationally Yours, _______________________________

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