Science Lesson Plan Template

Teacher Name: Topic: Date:


Grade Level:

Bloom’s Taxonomy Level (Main level - should be based upon where the students spend the bulk/majority of their time during the lesson): Bloom’s Taxonomy Questions (List at least 3 prospective questions that you will ask throughout the lesson. Indicate where each question will be asked – ex. Question 1 at the beginning, etc.): Core Knowledge Standard(s): MD Common Core Science Content Standard(s): Stem Project (What aspect of the project are your students working on today? All science lessons should be leaning toward this project): Gap: (How will you fill the gap to reflect the standards if the current module does not suffice? What module/aspect(s) of that module will you be using)?: Vocabulary Words: Manipulative(s) Needed: Materials Needed: CK Science Read-Aloud (5 minutes. Text must be science related ex. Delta Science Readers/Grader Books):

Science Objective: (Use this format – Students will; ________________________ to _________________ (Bloom’s Verb +what they will be doing) (Why they will
be doing it)

Warm Up (Background Knowledge): Engagement (Get students interested in what you are going to do): Exploration (Students should spend time looking at, asking questions about, making predictions and/or participating with instruments, manipulatives, specimens, objects…): Explanation (This is a time of discussion; it may involve students with students, students with the teacher, students with the Internet, students with writing): Elaboration (At this stage you want your students to take the information they have gained and use it in another way; they may create an illustration, a project, or a connection to self, the world, other subjects): Evaluation (This can be done by the teacher with discussions, in test or quiz format, using rubrics to analyze understanding; it may be in portfolio format, or production): Science Journal Extension: Lesson Summary - What did we learn today? How did we learn it? How do we use it? (list some expected responses), review lesson objectives: Homework: Special Education Modification(s) (List each child’s initials and modifications per IEP/504):

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