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David vs. Goliath
Positive, Solutions Based Campaign Beats Money and Rhetoric
KISSIMMEE, Florida – Long‟s resoundingly decisive 20 point victory was well received last night. Todd Long is very excited about the upcoming General Election which will feature no less than David vs. Goliath in what is sure to be a closely, nationally watch race to fill the newly created ninth Congressional District in Florida. Long credits his victory to a fabulously dedicated hardworking volunteer team as well as voters in District 9 who are looking for common sense solutions that include bold fresh ideas as set forth in his book “The Conservative Comeback” – and when those ideas take hold – word of mouth is very effective. “It was an amazing victory”, Long said. “We the People” have endorsed and chosen Todd Long for U.S. Congress to represent Florida‟s new 9th Congressional District because we know he has the knowledge, ideas and fortitude to go up to Congress not to go along and get along – but to solve the crises our Country faces.” Todd credits his resolve through the personal battle he faced with alcohol almost a decade ago. “It is no secret that many years ago, I made some bad choices in my life regarding alcohol. I also paid dearly for those bad choices. I thank God for my family, friends, supporters and my faith as I was able to recognize and address the problem and resolve my personal issues and move on with my life.” “This Life‟s Lesson”, Long continues, ”has prepared me for the challenges ahead – both while campaigning against Alan Grayson whom we all know will use every dirty „Taliban Dan‟ trick in the book – and also when I arrive on Capitol Hill fully prepared to tackle the Goliaths I will face there. The stage is now set. It will be David vs. Goliath – Good vs. Evil. - 30 Paid and Approved by Todd Long for Congress

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