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As a boy, Neil and his five brothers and sisters were taught the importance of helping others and serving their community. Today, Neil is still guided by those early lessons. He has served as vice president of the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless and as president of the board of Arbor House, a residence facility for women in need. And he has provided years of free legal service to organizations helping the less fortunate. As a State Senator, Neil has championed legislation that makes a difference in people’s lives, helping to make health care more affordable, improving our schools, creating jobs, and bringing real reform to state government.

Making Health Care More Affordable
• Protected families and small businesses from unnecessary increases in health insurance costs • Expanded health insurance coverage to include Autism treatments

Improving Education
• Advocated for NY SUNY 2020, which will stimulate the local economy and provide the necessary support as SUNY Albany grows as a world-class institution. • Continue to fight for additional funding for high need school districts in the Capital District

Fighting for Job Creation, Equality, and Working Families
• Delivered income and property tax relief to New York’s working families • Stood for the rights of public workers on pension reforms • Co-sponsored Marriage Equality Act

Bringing Real Reform to State Government
• Leading Democratic advocate for the removal of unfit members of the Senate • Co-Sponsor of the Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011 designed to bring accountability and transparency to State government

Our Community, Our Values Our Voice, Our Senator
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