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Neville Goddard PDF - Planting and Pruning - How often should we...

Neville Goddard PDF - Planting and Pruning - How often should we...

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Neville Goddard PDF lesson clears up confusion on how often and exactly how to use the imagination.
Neville Goddard PDF lesson clears up confusion on how often and exactly how to use the imagination.

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Published by: Twenty Twenty on Aug 16, 2012
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Hey mate, Today's Free Neville Goddard Quote and lesson are in reply to a letter from Freya, that

was left in in the comments section of "The Big Things". We share our experience, and a great quote that will help you gain clarity, from the Neville Goddard Lecture - I Am The True Vine below. Enjoy! "I hear in this quote that a seed must be let go, dropped into the ground and I understand that to mean that we should do this imaginal act only once – don’t keep digging it up and examining it, or it will never come to fruition. However, it seems, from my limited understanding, that it conflicts with other Neville teachings which ask us to live constantly in the assumption that the wish is fulfilled. I find it hard to drop the creative act and at the same time live in the wish fulfilled. Can anyone throw light on this? Thanks for your input" - Freya Hi Freya, Our experience here is to plant it ONCE and then Prune The Vine. Planting the seed involves feeling the RELEASE of it from what was - to what is - and what is - is growing. We notice in our IMAGININGS - that they grow and evolve - sort of on their own, when I check back on them in my mind - we are given the task as the Vine Dresser to prune the vine that grows from the seed. So the seed which has been planted - grows invisibly first - in the soil - in the imagination. Taking on new qualities, new aspects, new depth. And it grows in the objective world too at the same time - as we continue to prune. Reminds me of the native healers and shaman that I worked with, they too noticed changes in "the mind" first - and pruned them. They also assumed that they reflected or were actual parts of the objective world - that they were shaping and reshaping into more of their evolving ideal. Hope that helps, and notice how Neville shares this in the quote below. Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria "If I’m to be the vine of eternity and I am the eternal vine, I can only grow what I feed myself mentally. What am I feeding myself morning, noon and night? - - I’ve got to actually put myself on a diet. A mental diet and stick to it. and then I would bear the fruit of that changed diet. It’s entirely up to us. All these little things happen in our life to teach us a lesson. - - And you

say to yourself, I am the true vine and my father is the vinedresser. Every branch in me that bears no fruit he takes away. Every branch that does bear fruit then he prunes it that it may bear more fruit. Now if I am that vine and my imagination is the eternal vine of the world, then I should do something about it. In Morning, noon and night, every moment in fact even in my dreams, I’m pruning. Even in the dream you get to the point you simply start pruning and you prune and prune." Neville Goddard - I Am The True Vine Listen to Part 1 of I Am The True Vine - Our Gift - Click here! Download The Entire "I AM" series of Neville Goddard lectures - including I Am The True Vine - Click here!
Neville Goddard is the man who inspired Wayne Dywer to write Wishes Fulfilled. You can find many more of the best Neville Goddard pdf, text and audio lectures by visiting the links above. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about who and what you are – and access what is truly possible for you.

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