Introduccion: Del Golgota

From Golgotha, for giving us life through your death, sweet Jesus; Crown with thorns, You sprinkled the cross and colored it with your blood..

First Word: Amazed from astonishment it suspends the wind that hears the voice from heaven Suspend the wind in order to hear the firmament; The Divine voice exhausted by the shadow of the wind. Forgive them Father For they ignore their sins, Claiming the sins of God’s Chosen people, Claiming the sins of the fierce people.

Second Word: the two evil men at his side breathe and speak to him and look at him with different face The King of Heavens in erasing the sins, Gives to the contrite his glory and peace Third Word: The queen of the earth, Whose heart pierced with terrible sword, keeping the pain. And Suffering God left His son the evil deeds from the author of evil. Fourth word: In the sea of suffering, The sacred victim, breathes and shouts: My beloved Father, Why have you forsaken me. Fifth Word: Your blood Jesus freed the humanity, in saving them you gave yourself. But even with more torment, you desired suffering for the beloved souls, Shouting: I thirst! I thirst! Sixth Word:

Ya Murio: Already died Already died. My heart breaks with compassion that Jesus died for You. My beloved creator already died on the cross. my father. My God. Death we give to Jesus for our sins. Oh how I mourn. . my redeemer. my beloved.It was pleasing that the eternal fierce was abolished through the light of the world Because it was fulfilled by the prophesy of the coming of the messiah and said it is finished! Seventh Word: Opening the heavens the divine spirit exhaled Jesus. We cry kneeling at the foot of the Cross. oh my soul.

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