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(Midterms) 90 Questions I 164 Attempts I Created By ed_pascasio 744 days ago This is a comprehensive practice exam for Chapters 6-10 of the Philippine Histor y boo . This test DOES NOT include the enumeration lists such as "Aims of La Li ga Filipina" or "Important Provisions of the Pact of Bia -na-Bato." Please ma e sure to learn these enumeration lists on your own. This exam is EXTREMELY HARD . It should show you the areas that you need to study more on. Ta e your time and good luc ! Name

Embed Remove Question Excerpt Question Excerpt From Philippine History 101 Practice Exam (Midterms) Q.1) Their death signaled the beginning of the Propaganda Movement. ( or 3 words ) Q.2) Which of the following was not a reform sought from the Spanish governme nt by the propagandists? A. B. C. D. Q.3) basic human rights for the Filipinos change of government from absolute to limited monarch equality of the Filipinos and Spaniards before the law restoration of Filipino representation in the Cortes The first editor of La Solidaridad (The Sol).

( or 3 words or 2 words ) Q.4) Which of the following is not true of the La Solidaridad? A. B. C. D. ers. Q.5) A. B. C. D. Q.6) It It It It was a forum for discussion of the issues concerning the Philippines. was the official organ of the reform movement. featured articles about the good deeds of the friars. was a vehicle for the expression of the political views of the reform

Diariong Tagalog was founded by Marcelo del Pilar Juan Luna Pedro La taw Gregorio Sanciano Rizal's anatomy of a revolution that failed was the

( 2 words ) Q.7) Who was the president of the Associacion La Solidaridad? A. Jose Ma. Panganiban B. Mariano Ponce C. Manuel Sta. Maria D. Galiciano Apacible Q.8) The political section of the Asociacion Hispano-Filipino was under the c harge of A. B. Jose Rizal Marcelo del Pilar









9) Dominador Gomez Tomas Arejola The first Masonic lodge in the Philippines was Lodge ( or 2 words ) Q. B. C.C. C. D. Q. Sangguniang Bayan C. Which is the exception? A.17) Q. D.15) Q. Q. D. of the unpreparedness of the Katipuneros for an armed struggle willingness to the wealthy Filipinos to support the struggle absence of a military tactician who will direct the military operations KKK           . Q. C. C.11) ry from A. Sangguniang Hu uman B. B. Panganiban Juan Luna The central leadership of the KKK was the A. Q.18) A. Q. Q.10) The rightist wing of La Liga came to be called A. B.19) petty quarrels among reformists Spain's preoccupation with her own internal problems lac of finances to support propaganda activities failure of the friars to counter attac s on the clergy The highest grade of membership in the Katipunan was called What was the alleged cause of the discovery of the Katipunan? Discovery of Katipunan paraphernalia at the Diario de Manila Discovery of the list of Katipunan members Patino's disclosure of the secrets of the society A quarrel between Patino and De La Cruz The password used by a KAWAL in the Katipunan The pen name Taga-Ilog was associated with Antonio Luna Mariano Ponce Jose Ma. B. B. C. D. D. Sangguniang Barangay D.12) Cuerpos de Propagandistas Cuerpos de Compromisarios Cuerpos de Militantes Cuerpos de la Revolucionarios Katipunan was anchored on the political platform of separating the count Spain True False The newspaper of the Katipunan was nown as ( or 2 words ) Q. B.14) All of the following are reasons behind the failure of the reform moveme nt. except one.16) A.20) Rizal was not in favor of the revolution planned by the Katipunan becaus e of the A.13) The fundamental teachings of the Katipunan were embodied in the document written by Emilio Jacinto nown as ( or 2 words or 4 words ) Q. Kataastaasang Sanggunian Q.

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