Cars by RR.

Rolls Royce 10 hp, 15 hp 20 hp and 30 hp. These were produced in 1904 by Royce's company, Royce Ltd., at its factory in Manchester. 10 hp was the first car to be produced and to have a badge of Rolls-Royce after an agreement between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. These were sold exclusively by Rolls' motor dealership, C.S. Rolls & Co. 10 hp was priced at GBP395. The 15 hp was priced at GBP500. The 10 hp, 15 hp, 20 hp and engine for the 30 hp models were exhibited at the Paris Salon in December 1904.

Rolls Royce 10 hp

Rolls Royce 15 hp

Rolls Royce 20 hp

Rolls Royce 30 hp

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