August 16, 2012 1

Illino ois’s 10th Con 0 ngressional D District
Status of the Contest for U.S. Congres s C f C ss
To: Interested Parties d rg From: Greenber Quinlan Rosner Research
A new po 1 shows Fr oll reshman Co ongressman Robert Dold struggling in his campa d aign for reelection in Illinois’s new 10th Con i ngressional District—now the most D D w Democratic d district curre ently held by a Republican Dold runs even with newcomer B n. s n Brad Schneid in an init trial heat, with der tial each can ndidate garnering 46 per rcent of the vote. v Introducing Schneide and provid er ding balance positive d ed, descriptions of the cand s didates bring gs more bad news for Dold, as Schneider quick moves int a 53 to 42 percent lea d D kly to 2 ad. Table 1: Schneid vs. Dold Vote after Positive and N e der V P Neutral Des scriptions


This surve was prepared and supervised by Greenberg Qu ey b uinlan Rosner Re esearch, Inc. Ca alling took place August 8-12, 20 012. These findin ngs, based on a sample size of 40 registered and likely Novembe 2012 voters, a subject to a s s 00 d er are sampling error of ±4.9 f percentage points at a 95 pe ercent confidence level. e
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Illinois CD-10: Status of the Contest


Dold has failed to win over voters in the 10th District, and they respond strongly to Schneider’s common sense agenda for middle class families. Dold is very vulnerable to defeat this November.

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August 2012

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