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A Sweet Dream and That Unforgettable Microscope

A Sweet Dream and That Unforgettable Microscope

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 16, 2012
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“…Differential Interference Contrast Microscope is useful for studying unstained living cells. In these microscopes, the light ray......”our dear Zoology sir droned in the class. I stifled a yawn which reminded me of the lion shown quite frequently in Animal Planet. A laugh bubbled in my throat. Sitting in the open end of the third row, I started dozing. Suddenly I was about to fall down. But my partner caught hold of my arm. I looked around. Some students were giggling at me. Again and again I cursed myself for that stupid habit I had-wherever I am, whatever I do, I start dozing at around 2o‟clock, afternoon. Many a times I had tried to control my addiction but in vain. “…these microscopes are used to find out the dry weight of macromolecules like…”our sir continued. Again I found my eyelids dropping. I started dreaming. The dream goes like this- one morning, when I woke up, my mom came to me with a letter. I opened it and to my surprise, it read that I‟ve won in a contest and I will get a chance to meet my favourite actress. I was so thrilled but my parents were least interested. Moreover, they started scolding me for taking part in such silly contests. I wondered why parents and teachers don‟t find any joy in such things. They are „spoil sports‟… “……my dear child, wake up. The bell will be off in 5mts.” My teacher‟s voice penetrated my consciousness. I rubbed my eyes and once again looked around only to find out that all the students of that class, even the boys, who were sitting in the front rows, were turning around and laughing at me. I found our Zoology sir (he was one of the most handsome teachers we had) standing besides, staring at me. Alas! I was back to the same old Biology class. “After all, our „Sleeping Beauty‟ is back with us now”, the teacher made fun of me. The class again laughed at me. “Which film star were you dreaming of?” “Sir, how did you understand that I was thinking of a film star?” “See children, I too had passed through your age. Moreover I have two younger sisters like you. So I can understand your psychology very quickly.” “Sir, just before you said that Differential Interference Contrast Microscopes are used to find out the dry weight of macromolecules...” “Oh! So you weren‟t entirely asleep” “Can you explain how a mere microscope can be used to measure the dry weight?” Our Zoology sir never liked the students asking doubts to him. He makes fun of them. So nobody in our class except me had guts to ask him doubts. “Hey child, you always ask such tricky doubts. Are you trying to measure the depth of my knowledge in the subject?” “I‟m sorry sir, I didn‟t mean to……I just couldn‟t imagine how a microscope can be used to measure weight......That‟s why……”

“Again onwards don‟t come to me with such stupid doubts. Now sit down and listen to what is being taught.” “But sir ......” “Not another word should pour down from your bloody mouth. The whole class is disturbed just because of your „dry weight‟‟, he roared. “Einstein too had to face such a situation. His tutors tried to suppress his doubts and imaginations, but at last he emerged victorious” I murmured while subsiding. “His teachers couldn‟t suppress Einstein, but I can and I should suppress you, at least for the sake of the entire class…” Then he continued his class. Slowly I sat down, cursing this injustice taking place in this world. “We, students are the future promises of India. If this is the approach of elders to these tender buds, how will our country develop?” I thought to myself. I tried my best to concentrate in the class, but soon I found myself wandering back to my ‟Favourite Actress‟............!!!!

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