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D.C. Council approves Browns’ Furlough Payment Amendment. Current Government workers to receive all 4 days of pay.
Washington, DCAfter months of negotiations, compromises and refusals, today, the Council of the District of Columbia approved an amendment, offered by Chairman Kwame R. Brown and At-large Councilmember Michael A. Brown, to rebate government workers for the four days they were furloughed in FY2011. Following today’s approval, the furlough rebate shall be given in a onetime lump-sum payment in an amount of the employee’s loss of salary or rate attributable to unpaid furlough days. Councilmember Brown expects current workers should receive the rebate payment before the start of the school year. The decision to make workers whole followed Council approval of the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget. “It is only right that we restore these funds and repay our hardworking civil servants for the work they do on behalf of the residents of the District of Columbia," said Councilmember Brown. The Council also voted to secure funding for affordable housing programs, a top priority of District residents. Following ongoing negotiations, Councilmember Michael A. Brown was able to secure approximately $2 million dollars to be directed to the Housing Production Trust Fund. These funds will be added to the $18 million secured in the FY2013 budget and restores the entire $20 million cut from the proposed budget. This is part of a larger and successful effort to restore funding to similar programs such as the Home Purchase Assistance Program, and the Local Rent Supplement Program. ###

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