1. Which of the following symptoms is consistent with the diagnosis of Grave’s disease? a. Hypotension b. Tachycardia c. Weight gain d.

Lethargy 2. Which of the following positions is indicated in the post op care of a client who had a thyroidectomy? a. Trendelenburg’s b. Supine c. Sim’s left lateral d. Fowler’s with hands behind head 3. Muscular twitching and cramps in the muscles following thyroidectomy may indicate a. Damage to the parathyroid glands during surgery b. Early signs of epilepsy c. Damage to the cervical nerves d. Potassium depletion’ 4. Of the following symptoms, which might a client newly diagnosed with DM type I complain of? a. Weight gain b. Frequent urination c. Hypertension d. Fluid retention 5. A client with DM who plans to mow his yard should carry an easily absorbable form of_____________ with him. a. Protein b. Carbohydrate

. Thirst d. The nurse is carrying for a client with type I DM. which of the following signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia should be included? a.c. Vegetable 6. In developing a teaching plan. Shakiness b. Fat d. Fever c. Fruity breath 7.

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