In a single moment It was all taken away, My life felt like it was worth a cent As the memories, the

good and the foul, flashed before my eyes, Tears flood my broken screams of help in the depths of my torment For even I know there is nothing I can do to stop it, The brutal and agonizing moments in which you realize what your life truly meant.

A thousand screams are reflected through a distant echo Unifying my distant agony, In a dark room where all was once lost due to a formidable foe My fear crumbles when the name is mentioned, The sorrow obliterates through the memory and transforms into a decapitated call of woe As the sorrow screams "What has caused all of this?!" The murmurs transform into clear speech from a far row

"I am a friend once lost; a friend that you presumed to know Happiness.”

Ecstasy revolves around different occasions Small and large meaningless or worth the world, Yet I do not know where to turn to, I desire the right destination Craving an equality lost in smiles I recall an old friend, A voice that hollers with accurate estimation A brute call that craves to be answered in order to re-gain my sanity, Sorrow.

The flashes come to an end Signifying the conclusion of a brutal conflict, Moments I know I cherish and others I dread But how could I forget? Why must I be remembered of this? That which I already know should not be pictured as a lesson that is destined to be dead.

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