ertao GS / Sakar G650GS / D BMW F650 BMW

Andreas Hülsmann / Portugal

Windscreen Adjuster for Original Windscreen BMW G 650 GS The search is over for a windscreen that works! Windscreens are like seats: a whole lot of different factors influence your personal requirements for the product. Your height, the type of helmet you wear, even your seating position – they all determine whether a windscreen works or not. Discover for yourself what best suits your individual needs with our infinitely variable windscreen adjuster. And best of all, you can keep using your bike’s original screen. The windscreen adjuster for the BMW G 650 GS is fully compatible with our GPS mounting adapter above instruments (300-5415). 300-5330

GPS Mounting Adapter above Instruments BMW G 650 GS
Successful rally racers show us how it’s done: they fit their instruments in the central field of vision. And what works for rallies is also a perfect solution for everyday use! Our “mounting adapter above instruments” lets you keep your GPS device or road book firmly in view. No more looking down or distractions to the side – your eyes are always pointed at the road. The mounting plate attaches neatly to the existing mounting points behind the windscreen on the BMW G 650 GS. No drilling or laborious modifications required! Nearly all Touratech GPS mounts can be easily fitted to the mounting adapter’s 12 mm centre strut.

300-5415 Headlight Protector Makrolon / Stainless Steel with Quick Release Fastener BMW G 650 GS Our headlight protector has been thoroughly tried and tested over the years – we’ve sold thousands. Even the biggest stones won’t be able to damage your headlight with this! New durable stainless steel model now available with quick release fastener! Now you can clip on the headlight protector and detach it again as needed. Just bolt the sturdy and secure side struts to the indicator mounting points. And, of course, the protector comes with everything you need to fit it. This headlight protector has been developed for off road use and is not street legal. 300-5090: The Makrolon pane is shatter-proof and virtually indestructible! 300-5090 Makrolon 300-5095 Stainless steel

Windscreen Adjuster, Hand Protectors

BMW F650GS / G650GS
Touratech Hand Protectors GD with Handlebar Risers BMW G 650 GS
These hand protectors are made of virtually indestructible plastic; they are modern in design, offer a high level of protection, and can easily be fitted to the G 650 GS using the fitting sets (included). The hand protector can be combined with various spoilers and then offers optimum protection against wind and weather. A very strong, sturdy construction which has proven itself time and again in many rallies and on other motor cycles. - Many colours available - Includes special adapters and 34 mm handlebar risers for fitting on the G 650 GS Vehicles with ABS have to change the original brakeline with our steel braided brake line (about 3 cm longer than the original one, 040-0338). Handlebar risers 34 mm: - For an upright and relaxed riding position - Less strain on shoulders and wrists - Better handling - Black plastic coating - German TÜV Type Approval


Hand Protectors GD with Handlebar Risers 300-5650 300-5651 300-5652 300-5653 300-5654 black yellow blue red white

Spoiler for Original BMW Hand Protectors BMW F 650 GS / G 650 GS
Optimal hand protection for the original protectors. Very useful and pleasant in rain, snow, hail and cold. Easy to fix by drilling two small holes through the protector. The spoilers are made out of resistant and light synthetic. Very useful accessories for the GS-biker.

040-1711 black Hand Protectors BMW F 650 GS/Dakar - Optimum lever protection (brake and clutch levers) and your hands - Includes all necessary adapters for BMW F650 GS - Good wind deflection (with spoiler) - Hand protector colours: black (0), white (1), red (2), yellow (3), blue (4), orange (7) - Requires handlebar risers, cannot be fitted otherwise When ordering, please substitute the X on the end of the order number for the number in brackets. Vehicles with ABS must change the original brake line with our braided brake line (about 3 cm longer than the original one). 040-160X Hand protectors 040-0570 Spoiler black 040-0338 PTFE steel braided brake line F / G 650 GS

Engine Guard Aluminium, BMW G 650 GS
Our aluminium engine guard did a sterling job on the predecessor model the F 650 GS, which was put to the test in the Paris-Dakar rally. We’ve specially adapted the engine guard for the new G 650 GS. The design incorporates 4 mm aluminium which is significantly sturdier than the original part and will protect the full length of the engine against bottoming out or impacts with solid objects off-road. 300-5135

Engine Guard Extension, BMW G 650 GS The engine guard extension on the G 650 GS also protects your machine against stones and coarse dirt. It closes the gap between the rear wheel and engine guard, and thus increases their efficiency considerably. We deliberately dispensed with recesses to prevent the risk of the motorbike becoming stuck on stones or branches. Fitting it to the main stand using collars with rubber seals is extremely effective at preventing the guard from rattling. 300-5145 Crash Bars BMW G 650 GS / F 650 GS Extremely rugged protection for your G / F 650 GS. Use these crashbars and even major falls will no longer be a horrifying experience. Help avoid expensive repairs. - Produced specifically for the G / F 650 GS - Quick and easy to fit - Made of high grade stainless steel 300-5160 Crash bar stainless steel for engine 300-5161 Crash bar stainless steel for fairing Manifold Heat Shield, Rear BMW G 650 GS Fit this manifold heat shield to stop your pillion’s trousers getting destroyed by the hot manifold pipes! It significantly adds to the functionality of the delicate tubework on the BMW G 650 GS, which provides good protection for the boots but not for the trouser legs above. Our stainless steel heat shield is incredibly easy to fit and puts a stop to singed trousers once and for all! 300-5070 Rear Break Reservoir Cover BMW G 650 GS This beautiful looking, functional cover is simply screwed onto the existing mounting points. This ensures that it is no longer so easy for anyone to remove the brake fluid reservoir cover. It is still very easy to read the level in the reservoir. Made of laser-cut stainless steel. 620-0007

Engine/Chain Guard, Heel Protector

BMW F650GS / G650GS
Handlebar Risers F/G 650 GS Adjusting your handlebars is an easy job that does not require any major modifications to your bike. Advantages of our handlebar risers: - Upright and relaxed riding position - Less strain on shoulders and wrists - Easier handling of the motorbike - Material: anodised aluminium - For sports bikes: better standing position, less tiring - All of our handlebar risers come supplied with all necessary screws. - Handlebar risers come supplied with a German TÜV type approval 040-0269 F 650 GS/Dakar till 2007 300-5255 G 650 GS from 2011 Vehicles with ABS have to change the original brake line with our PTFE steel braided brake line (about 3 cm longer than the original one) 040-0338 F 650 GS / G 650 GS ABS Sensor Protection, BMW G 650 GS ABS cannot function without information about the wheel speed. Proper protection for the sensitive wheel speed sensors is therefore essential, especially on machines that often travel on rough ground. The shapely guard made of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel protects the ABS sensor from coarse dirt and stones. 300-5005 front 300-5010 rear


Heel Protector, Right BMW G 650 GS / F 650 GS A dual-function, two-component part! As well as protecting the brake cylinder and frame from the heel of your boot (and vice versa), the heel protector also guards these sensitive parts against stones or other hazards if the bike falls over when you’re riding off-road. Extremely solid yet light and sporty in design, it’s made from riveted stainless steel and aluminium. 300-5025

Chain Guard BMW G 650 GS / F 650 GS
Our chain guard not only does its job to perfection, it also looks fantastic – the beauty is in the design! The actual chain cover is made from lightweight anodised aluminium, which is supported on indestructible 2 mm thick stainless steel. The chain guard easily fits onto the existing attachment points and is one more add-on that equips the G / F 650 GS for long-distance touring.


Dual Headlights BMW F 650 GS/Dakar (until 2003) - DE projector headlights 2 x 55 W - GFK cover, (ready to be painted) - Mounting frame: CNC milled aluminium - Pre-assembled - An electronic trick makes the dipped light remain on when the main beam is switched on: Power: 110 W - No German TÜV Type Approval required - Comes supplied with fitting instructions - No changes to the motorbike necessary DE Twin headlights F 650 GS 040-1200 (till 2003) Dual Headlight F 650 GS/Dakar (from 2004) DE dipped headlight and Xenon (HID) main beam light. A brilliant combination of style, and high-tech. DE dipped low beam headlight for optimum illumination. Xenon main beam light turns night into day. All parts included, light bezel, and the ballast bracket. The Xenon ballast fits tightly in the space just behind the steering head with our special bracket. 040-1203 (from 2004 - 2007) Xenon Headlight BMW F / G 650 GS State-of-the-art lighting technology for your F / G 650 GS. Very bright Xenon light for considerably safer driving at night. The Xenon light is activated by the high beam. Compared to the Xenon, the contribution of the original beam is barely noticeable. The 20,000 volt transformer uses only 25W to produce double the light. Includes German TÜV Type Approval, special brackets for the light and for the transformer, complete fitting hardware and fitting instructions. 040-1504 (left side) F 650 GS 300-5480 (left side) G 650 GS LED Rear Light F 650 GS / DAKAR / Rallye / Oryx / TT 39 / TB11XX ReVamp White rear light with LED’s that will last forever. Looks great, can be installed quickly and includes approval (does not need to be registered). The LED rear light gives your motorbike a totally new and modern look. In addition, you no longer need to constantly worry about defective rear light bulbs and getting involved in an accident because of this. Increased safety combined with modern technology and good looks - what more could you want? 040-0050 Mini Blinker Set F 650 GS/Dakar When you always damage your indicator when riding offroad, then have a look at this: Mini indicators Come supplied with detailed instructions: The originalholes must be enlarged to mount these indicators. - Flexible mounting - Bulbs included. - One set contains 4 indicators 040-0209

Lighting, Cockpit Conversion

BMW F650GS / G650GS
Fog Headlight BMW F / G 650 GS
The fog headlight can be fitted as a single light, or in a pair. The wide, low fog beam of the 55 W halogen allows much safer driving when it is raining or snowing. The fog light housing matches our Xenon headlight. The headlights include a German TÜV Type Approval and need not be registered.


Fog headlight right 040-2004 F 650 GS 300-5476 G 650 GS Fog headlight left 040-3004 F 650 GS 300-5475 G 650 GS

Cockpit Conversions BMW F 650 GS (also for DAKAR) up to 2003
Roadbook tours, short rallies or just another, more individual design, there are many reasons for our cockpit conversions. The conversion kit includes an adapter plate and all necessary screws to equip your F 650 GS with a motorcylce computer and a roadbook holder. You can decide which IMO to mount: an IMO-100R50 Rallye (version 50), an IMO 100R or 100R300 (version 100). You will always need a sport control lamp kit and the RB-TT roadbook holder. Converting will take some time and you should be experienced. Cockpit conversion 040-4201 F 650 GS Cockpit conversion 040-4202 F 650 GS



Steel Headlight Protector BMW F 650 GS
This very sturdy protector for the expensive glass headlight can withstand even large stones. Steel grating and welded frame is plastic-powder coated gloss black. Mounting is very simple using fastening points directly at the indicator mounts. No effect on the function of the windscreen. The headlight protector does not have German TÜV-type approval and was developed for off-road use.

300-0150 (up to 2003) 300-0151 (from 2004 on)

Tank Conversion Kit BMW F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS
Unfortunately, it is not an easy job to increase the volume of the tank and extend the range of the BMW F / G 650 GS. We decided to increase the total volume to 39 / 37 litres using the tried and tested rallye side tanks. This conversion kits turns the F 650 GS and the new G 650 GS into true touring bikes suitable for long-distance trips. A similar idea which keeps the basic structure of the bike unchanged, with useful additions, you will hardly find anywhere else. The original tank is retained and must be retrofitted with some special parts (i.e. fuel supply connection kit). The fuel pump is retained. All parts are designed to fit. The tanks come from elkamet and are made out of Polyamide 6 which is virtually indestructible. The tanks and all other mounting and fairing components can be painted by any paint shop in the colour of your choice. The kit comes supplied with all parts and certificates needed for registration.

Kit contents: - Tank left + right (11litres each) - Tank holder left + right - Tank cover (joining piece between left and right tank) - Adapter parts (between tanks and fairing) - Petcocks, hoses and tank cap - Seat - Screws and miscellaneous parts Beginning with the 2004 model, you need the front mudguard and the tank emblem from the 2003 model! 100-1100 F 650 GS/Dakar (TT 39) 300-5600 G 650 GS (TT 37)

Headlight Protector, Tank Conversion

BMW F650GS / G650GS
TT39 - F650GS


TT37 - G650GS

TT 39 - F 650 GS/Dakar / TT 37 - G 650 GS
Rally technology for touring. Basis: BMW G / F 650 GS or Dakar. The TT 39 / TT 37 is a sports touring bike that combines our rally experience (including 2 Dakar rallies) with TOURATECH touring expertise. The TT 39 / TT 37 is the ideal motorcycle for challenging long-distance journeys. It remains practical for your daily ride to work or on weekend tours. Excellent ergonomic design, 39 / 37 litres tank capacity (range approx. 800 to 1,000 km), high- quality chassis components, comprehensive, tried and tested luggage system are among the motorcycle’s features. You can order a complete motorcycle from TOURATECH, individual components or a TT 39 / 37 tailored to your individual needs. Beginning with the 2004 model, you need the front mudguard and the tank emblem from the 2003 model! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information: Phone: +49(0)7728/9279-0 eMail: info@touratech.com

WRP Pro Bar Handlebar Kit BMW F 650 GS
For original BMW heated grips Complete kit for installing a WRP handlebar with original BMW heated grips including 60 mm clamping set for the F 650 GS.


Fork Guard F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS
Specially developed for the 650GS models and with the help of a dear customer, a fork guard for the front wheel forks. The guards are fitted on the top to the side of the fender cover with special clamps. The fork protectors are then held in position by guides that are also fitted to the lower cross stabiliser. If low mudguards are used these may have to be cut into a somewhat here. But this isn’t really a problem, especially with Touratech mudguards. But the decisiveadvantage of these fork guards is that unlike traditional rubber gaiter fork guards, these guards do not block cooling air to the radiators and also the cross section of air for the water cooler is not reduced.Unlike rubber gaiter fork boots, these guards do not block cooling air to the radiators. The seals and fork legs remain constantly visible, thus a leak or damage can be easily discovered. Mud is not trapped inside. No more hidden problem areas

300-0145 F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS

Sports Seat BMW F 650 GS / G 650 GS Ideal for long-distance travelling. Perfectly formed seat that turns your F / G 650 GS into a touring motorcycle. Integral bucket shape seat platform, hard padding and beautiful design. Ultimate comfort for rider and passenger. Grey / black finish for a sophisticated look. The seat is available in three different heights: low (about 3 cm lower than the original seat), standard (same height as the original seat), high (3 cm higher than the original seat). 055-2191 (low) 055-2190 (standard) 055-2192 (highly) Manifold Guard, Flexible BMW F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS This heat shield is made from laser-cut stainless steel. Thanks to the special construction, it can easily be adapted to any manifold shape. Not only does it provide heat protection, but it also protects the endangered points of the exhaust system against stone-chipping or in the event of a fall. Length: 28 cm; supplied with: 1 pce., including 2 collars. 370-1538 Fork Springs from Wirth - Progressive and harder than the original springs - No bottoming - Better action - Easy to fit - With homologation ABE - Improves chassis considerably - 2 different versions: for F 650 GS and F 650 GS Dakar 040-0457 Fork Springs F 650 GS Dakar (2000-07) 040-0458 Fork Springs F 650 GS standard (2000-07)

Fork Guard, Sports Seat, Shock Absorber

BMW F650GS / G650GS
Touratech Suspension BMW F 650 GS/Dakar


Many Advantages to other high-end brands! Touratech Suspension has been designed by Tractive Suspension. Tractive has specific, profound expertise of the Touratech type of motorbike models. As an example, the people at Tractive designed most of the shocks used by BMW Motorrad since the last 10 years.
Information on Touratech suspension and the available versions can be found starting on page 1221 !
Illustration similar

300-5860 Touratech Suspension Level 1

Öhlins Shock Absorbers BMW F 650 GS/Dakar from 2000
Length 316 mm Stroke 50 mm Emulsion-type shock absorber with rebound adjuster. Fits bikes where there is no room for an external reservoir. Hose mounted adjuster knob, easy to fit where it is easy to reach. 12 mm adjustment range to compensate for extra luggage and/or a passenger.

040-0422 F 650 GS 040-0423 F 650 GS Dakar

Shock Guard BMW F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS This shock guard has been developed for the F 650 GS/Dakar and the G 650 GS. As a result the shock absorber rod with the sensitive sealing elements is protected from stones and mud being thrown up constantly. The shock guard is screwed onto the lower shock absorber mounting and remains stable. 300-0147 F 650 GS/Dakar till 2007 300-5545 G 650 GS 2011 onw.

Stainless Steel Heel Guard F 650 GS from 2004 onw / G 650 GS Durable heel guard made from V2A stainless steel. Protects your rear master cylinder from your motocross boots. Large holes for light weight and trick appearance. 044-0640

Sebring Exhaust System
We added this exhaust system to our range because we are long- distance travellers... You can use the exhaust with or without a catalytic converter. This exhaust is a clever alternative, especially when travelling to countries where you cannot get lead free fuel. - Ideal for travelling - Same performance - Comes with Type Approval - Made from stainless steel - Made in Europe - Same width as original - Symmetrical - There are additional connection tubes available which allow for flexible exhaust use.

F 650 GS up to model 2003: 040-3250 Exhaust F 650 GS w. catalytic converter 040-3251 Exhaust F 650 GS w/o catalytic converter 040-3252 Connection tube w/o catalytic converter 040-3253 Connection tube w. catalytic converter F 650 GS from model 2004: 040-3257 Exhaust F 650 GS w. catalytic converter 040-3258 Exhaust w/o catalytic converter

Brake Stop BMW F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS
The brake stop (welded to the chassis) on your F 650 GS / G 650 GS can break off, even in a minor fall. Our additional stop avoids this effectively and you can also adjust your foot brake pedal.

300-0125 Locking Oil Filler Cap BMW F 650 GS (from 2000 onw) / G 650 GS Ingenious and high quality - fantastic protection against foreign bodies in the oil circuit of your F / G 650 GS. Stolen oil filler caps are a thing of the past. No special tool required: easy to operate using a small unobtrusive key. - High-quality workmanship - High-quality brand lock - Can be keyed to match our integral pannier locks 300-0225 Oil Filler Cap with Hexagonal Screw BMW F 650 GS (from 2000 onw)/G 650 GS Valuable tamper protection for your F 650 GS / G 650 GS oil filler that requires an unusual 7mm hexagonal allen wrench for access. The perfectly machined cap is anodised aluminium of course, a 7mm Allen key is included and can be attached to your key ring. 300-0210

Exhaust System, Radiator Guard, Mudguard

BMW F650GS / G650GS
Oil Filler Cap for Torx 45 BMW F 650 GS (from 2000 on) / G 650 GS Ingenious and high quality - fantastic protection against foreign bodies in the oil circuit of your F / G 650 GS. Made of aluminium, CNC turned (anodised) and with integral TORX to open it. The cap is simply used instead of the original plastic part and can then only be opened with a TORX 45 key. Thus it is difficult just to remove it but all the same a quick maintenance unit is no problem. 300-0200


Radiator Guard BMW F 650 GS / G 650 GS Effective protection for the radiator. The guard consists of two anodised aluminium grills (for left and right sides of the radiator). 300-0130

BMW F 650 GS Mudguard (incl. DAKAR) Additional mudguard. True protection from mud and water! With the standard version water sprays from the ground in front of the cockpit when it is raining ... covering the rider´s face with mud. This mudguard works very well! This mudguard is very effective when it comes to avoiding a cold and dirty shower. It is lightweight, easy to fit and it is hardly noticeable because of it´s black colour ... it’s perfect! 040-0235 Mudguard Flap F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS - Effective mudguard flap for the rear wheel - Even without the standard mudguard flap your back and your luggage stay clean - Also serves as a number plate reinforcement - Powder- coated aluminium - Black plastic coating 040-0281 Kaoko Cruise Control, Mechanical Cruise Control, BMW F 650 GS / Dakar until 2007 The Cruise Control replaces the original handlebar end weights. The anti-slip knurled screw secures the accelerator in position. This significantly reduces the strain on the right hand during long journeys. This item is illegal in road traffic in Germany and could be dangerous if used incorrectly. We are unable to accept any responsibility for it. Use at the owner’s/ rider’s own risk. 330-0003 330-0002 for original BMW heated grips

Kick Stand Support Extension BMW F 650 GS until 2007
The F 650 GS stands much more firmly even on quite a soft surface with this kick stand support extension. Even if you park the motor bike in a meadow you do not always have to look for a small plank of wood or another base. This practical part is made of a combination of stainless steel laser parts and anodised aluminium. Quick and easy to fit.

300-0134 Side Stand Base Extension G 650 GS Loose gravel, deep sand, hot tarmac, wet grass or even the forest floor – there are so many places where a parked motorbike might fall over. Well, not any more! The side stand base extension for the BMW G 650 GS doubles the surface area of the side stand base, so even heavily laden motorbikes will stay safely standing on soft ground.And not least, this neat little stainless steel and aluminium part gives a perfect finish to the side stand! 300-5275 Centre Stand BMW F 650 GS/Dakar
Now your F 650 GS Dakar will sit more securely on its stand. Easy chain maintenance. Safely load your BMW. The motorcycle can be easily put on its stand even when loaded. Easy to fit. High quality part from Touratech. Engine Guard Extension: 040-1256.


Gear Lever BMW F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS Beautiful and light- weight folding aluminium gear lever, specially designed for the F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS. 041-0702

Folding Brake Lever BMWF 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS
The brake lever can break even if you just fall. This will make it very difficult, if not impossible, to go any further. With our brake lever you can reduce this risk easily and effectively because of the folding front lever. Should the brake lever get a little bent out of shape it can be straightened again very easily.


Gear/Brake Lever, Engine Guard

BMW F650GS / G650GS
Engine and Fairing Crash Bars BMW F 650 GS/Dakar
Extremely rugged crashbars for your F 650 GS / Dakar. Use these crashbars and even major falls will no longer be a horrifying experience. Help avoid expensive repairs.


051-0523 engine crashbar 051-0524 fairing crashbar

Engine Guard BMW F G50 GS Much stronger and more protective than the the original F 650 GS engine guard. The laser-cut, welded guard is made from Aluminium 4 mm thick. Protects the engine against flying stones and serious damage when hitting the ground. 040-1249

Rally Engine Guard BMW F 650 GS Here our engineers have turned their experience from the last Paris-Dakar rallies into reality. Made from 4mm welded aluminium plate. The Rally engine guard protects the motor against flying stones and any serious damage when hitting the ground. Storage compartment for oil, water or tools with quick fasteners. Extensive kit includes engine underbars. 040-1248 Engine Guard Kit BMW F 650 GS/Dakar The engine guard extension and intermediate plate give optimum protection against stones protruding from the ground or bumps when riding off road. Both guard plates were deliberately manufactured with no holes to prevent the bike getting caught on stones or branches. The engine guard extension is fixed to the centre stand using 4 clamps with rubber inserts to prevent the plate from clattering. The engine guard intermediate plate is an effective extension to the existing engine guard and is fixed to the frame with two clamps. Engine Guard Extension 040-1253 BMW F 650 GS
Engine Guard Extension for Touratech centrestand 040-1256 BMW F 650 GS/Dakar Engine Guard Intermediate 040-1254 BMW F 650 GS/Dakar

F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS Stand (also fits Rallye/Oryx/TT 39) All work on the motorbike can now be carried out using one stand! No more tiresome messing around when carrying out maintenance or repair work. Tried and tested at the Arras-Dakar rally. Now available in stylish round tubing for your workshop or garage. 300-0140

Long-Distance Relocated Rear Footpegs BMW F 650 GS / G 650 GS We have always wanted these footpegs for our longdistance journeys. Everyone knows the problem: If you are wearing enduro boots there is not enough space between them and the brake lever or gear lever. The long-distance footpegs are fitted further back thus providing optimum space for enduro boots. The wider foot base also allows longer distances to be covered comfortably while standing on the footpegs. Material: high-quality stainless steel. 041-0626 Long-Distance Relocated Front Footpegs BMW F 650 GS / G 650 GS For anyone who wears touring boots on long journeys. The footpegs are fitting further forward thus providing optimum distance between the touring boots and the brake lever or gear lever. The wider foot base also allows longer distances to be covered comfortably while standing on the footpegs. Material: high-quality stainless steel. 041-0625 Height Adjustable Footpegs BMW F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS Now finally these extra-large, four way adjustable footpegs enable you to position them according to your needs and to the driver’s body height. Especially on long-distance trips, the lowest position improves riding comfort considerably as it enables a relaxed riding position. 041-0631 Footpeg System / Footpegs BMW F 650 GS/Dakar Very rugged F 650 GS/Dakar footpeg system, comfortable knee angle and extremely durable fitting. The Rally footpegs provide safer standing. We also fit this product to our Dakar motorcycles. Colour: white plastic coated, complete kit includes gear and brake levers. 300-0040 (kit) 300-0041 (rally footpegs only)

Footpegs, Chain/Pinion Gear Guard

BMW F650GS / G650GS
Chain Wheel with 49 Teeth, F 650 Rally Chain wheel with 49 teeth, aluminium gold-anodised. 310-0110 Chain Pinion with 15 Teeth, F 650 GS/Rally Chain pinion steel with 15 teeth. 330-0332 Compared with the original ratio with 16 teeth at the front and 47 at the back, the ratio of 15 teeth at the front and 49 at the back has the effect of reducing the overall multiplication factor. As a result there is less wear on the clutch when you are going slowly. Chain Guard / Wheel Sensor Cover BMW F 650 GS/Dakar This lightweight chain guard and wheel sensor cover is lasercut from aluminium. Provides protection where needed while reducing unsprung weight. The original plastic chain guard and rear wheel cover is removed completely. The lightweight guard comes with all mounting hardware. Fitting is quick and easy. What you get: a stylish guard that protects the fuel injection speed sensor on one side and a lightweight and functional chain guard on the other side. 300-0100 Rally Pinion Gear Guard BMW F 650 GS / G 650 GS This Rally pinion guard was designed for the most demanding rally in the world. You know the problem if you had to repair a broken engine housing using cold metal. Even long stages on extreme trails, where the chain is being worn out almost completely, will no longer damage the engine housing. 300-0115 Sprocket Cover BMW F 650 GS/Dakar - Milled and soldered aluminium - Prevents mud build up - Lightweight - Robust - Looks nice 300-0110 Brake Cylinder Cover BMW F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS The rear brake cylinder of the F650GS / G650GS is not protected. Therefore it is very likely to be damaged during a fall and also gets dirty very quickly. When riding off- road, you can easily catch your boots. Our extremely durable brake cylinder cover made out of Kevlar/Carbon fibre protects the brake cylinder and your boots. 300-0120 Carbon Kevlar 300-0121 Carbon fibre


Chain Tensioner F 650 GS / Dakar / G 650 GS
A durable replacement for the original chain tensioner stop plates. It is also possible to screw the chain tensioner to the swing arm so that parts can not fall off when working on the rear wheel.


Chain Guide F 650G S/Dakar / G 650G S In extreme off-road conditions, or when the chain is loose or worn out, a chain guide becomes very important for the bike and for the safety of the rider. Prevent the chain from coming off, ever. Very important for long-distance travels where it may be required to use a very worn chain beyond normal service limits. Increases safety of the chain drive system by blocking entry of a foot or Hand into the sprocket in event of a crash. This doesn’t fit the original chain guard! It only fits the Touratech chain guard! 051-1205 Supermoto Kit / F 650 GS/Dakar Use the Touratech Supermoto-Kit to discover your F 650 GS/Dakar’s hidden strengths. For extra fun when riding. We believe it has a very attractive and elegant look. Complete wheel with polished Excell rim, including hub. Just fit brake discs and sprocket. (Delivery schedule: tyres not included) Front wheel: 8.89 x 43.18 cm / 3.50 x 17” (120 / 70 / 17). Rear wheel: 10.8 x 43.18 cm / 4.25 x 17” (160 / 60 / 17) Without German TÜV type approval. 310-0212 Super Moto front 310-0213 Super Moto rear Steel Braided Brake Lines - PTFE steel braided brake lines - Better brake efficiency - More precise biting point - For front brake system of F 650 GS or Dakar - For rear brake system of both models - German TÜV type approval included - Includes seals - More robust, especially when used under the most demanding off-road conditions - Durable, hose protected against ultraviolet radiation 040-0332 040-0333 040-0334 040-0338 Steel braided brake lines BMW F 650 GS/Dakar, 2 cm longer than the original Steel braided brake lines BMW F 650 GS standard Steel braided brake lines BMW F 650 GS/Dakar rear Steel braided brake lines BMW F / G 650 GS with ABS, 3 cm longer than the original

Supermoto Kit, Tank Bag

BMW F650GS / G650GS
Universal Travel Bag for Pillion Seat A unique solution for all luggage issues! Specially developed to suit almost any motorbike and designed for multi-purpose use. Because it is easy to attach and remove, our Universal Travel Bag is a flexible and ingenious alternative to fixed pannier systems, even for longer trips. You will find more information on the Universal Travel Bag and the accessories on page 1152 ! 055-1461


Water protected

Tail Trunk Reinforcement BMW F 650 GS/Daka Small, invisible laser-cut aluminium piece: Reinforces the standard plastic tail trunk locking. Our aluminium reinforcement holds the locking mechanism in place so that the tail trunk is securely locked... Up to model 2003! 051-1201

JM Luggage Rack BMW F 650 GS/Dakar Sturdy luggage rack for the F 650 GS/Dakar. - 4 mm anodised aluminium - Useful for storing your luggage securely - Functional slots for fixing securing straps. Up to model 2003! 051-1200

Number Plate Reinforcement F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS Reinforces the original plastic holder. Our aluminium number plate reinforcement is supplied with fixing screws. Changes to the motorbike are not necessary. 051-1202

VP 45 Tank Bag BMW F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS The proven VP 45 tank bag, now with a new top section! Along with a volume of about 25 litres (reducable to about 18 litres), it features reinforced sides and two outer pockets toward the back with two-way zips. The ergonomically designed side pockets provide an additional 10 litres of storage capacity for a total volume of 45 litres. You will find more information on page 1159! Colour: black. Size (l x w x h): approx. 31 x 29 x 22/32 cm. 055-1082 VP 45 tank bag 055-0069 Rain hood

Water protected

Tank Bag for BMW F650GS / Dakar and TT 39 / G 650 GS
- Base plate adapted to the shape of the tank - Reinforced side panels for optimal stability - Approx. 18 litres volume, expandable to approx. 25 litres - Lateral, reflecting elastic strap, for example for gloves - Two external pockets on the side with 2-way zips - Large, removable A4 map pocket (28 x 32 cm) with Velcro fasteners - Sturdy carrying handle - Two straps included to enable use as a knapsack or shoulder bag

Water protected

Size: (l x w x h): approx. 31 x 29 x 22/32 cm Colour: black Made from Teflon-coated CORDURA which is both water-repellent and dirt-resistant.

300-5801 Tank bag 055-0069 Rain Cover Luggage Rack BMW G 650 GS
Whether for a short break with a small luggage roll or an extended tour with a packsack and panniers, our luggage rack makes it easy to secure your luggage. This sturdy luggage rack offers many ways to attach your gear, giving you the extra room you need to carry your luggage on your bike.


ZEGA Pro Topcase Rack BMW F 650 GS / G 650 GS The special carrier for our ZEGA Pro topcases. Made entirely of stainless steel and specifically designed for the BMW attachment points, the topcase rack is the perfect way to attach ZEGA Pro topcases to your bike. The topcase rack can be used on its own or in conjunction with our pannier system. 300-5455

Stainless Steel Pannier Rack BMW G 650 GS The pannier rack is made from robust 18 mm stainless steel and is electropolished. It is attached using the existing attachment points. The robust construction is located as close as possible to the rear frame and can be used with the original silencers or aftermarket silencers. This does not affect the ability to carry a pillion passenger. This pannier system turns the G 650 GS into a real adventure bike. 300-5555

Tank Bag, Aluminium Pannier system

BMW F650GS / G650GS



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Winner in the category luggage systems/panniers

98,0 cm


106,0 cm


ZEGA Pannier System BMW F 650 GS/Dakar
- Rugged steel pannier rack including mounting Hardware - Aluminium ZEGA pannier 35 litres - Aluminium ZEGA PannierS 41 litres - Two mounting kits - Enhances the enduro design - Pillion comfort not restricted - Also available premounted - Approx. same width on both sides - Panniers can be mounted at different heights and angels - Suitable for track and off-road use

ZEGA Pro Pannier System BMW F 650 GS /Dakar
The aluminium pannier system again has a very robust construction. We have tried to bring the pannier racks and the panniers as close as possible to the motorcycle. Numerous tests have already been performed in order to ensure that the entire development satisfies the required demands. The rack is made of 18mm steel tubing and is attached to existing mounting points. Pillion comfort not restricted in any way. Enhances the enduro and touring appearance of the F 650 GS Zega Pro Aluminium pannier system pannier rack including mounting hardware, premounted.

Zega Aluminium Pannier System BMW F 650GS/Dakar ZEGA 35/35 litres ZEGA 41/41 litres ZEGA 35/35 litres pre-assembled ZEGA 41/41 litres pre-assembled 052-0031 052-0032 052-2031 052-2032

ZEGA Pro Aluminium Pannier System BMW F 650GS / Dakar ZEGA Pro 31/31 litres ZEGA Pro AND-S 31/31 litres ZEGA Pro 38/38 litres ZEGA Pro AND-S 38/38 litres ZEGA Pro 45/45 litres ZEGA Pro AND-S 45/45 litres 052-3155 052-3156 052-3151 052-3153 052-3152 052-3154




110,0 cm


94,0 cm

102,0 cm

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Winner in the category luggage systems/panniers




ZEGA Pro Pannier System G 650 GS/Sertao / F 650 GS/Dakar with Stainless Steel Rack
The aluminium pannier system again has a very robust construction. We have tried to bring the pannier racks and the panniers as close as possible to the motorcycle. Numerous tests have already been performed in order to ensure that the entire development satisfies the required demands. The rack is made of 18 mm stainless steel tubing and is attached to existing mounting points. Pillion comfort not restricted in any way. Aluminium pannier system, premounted. Delivery schedule of the system: - 2 aluminium panniers ZEGA Pro, with pre-fitted 18 mm fixing kit - 1 stainless steel pannier rack including mounting hardware For more details on the ZEGA Pro panniers and ZEGA Pro accessories see page 1067 and the following.

ZEGA Pro pannier system BMW G 650 GS/Sertao / F 650 GS/Dakar ZEGA Pro 31/31 litres ZEGA Pro AND-S 31/31 litres ZEGA Pro AND-Black 31/31 litres ZEGA Pro 38/38 litres ZEGA Pro AND-S 38/38 litres ZEGA Pro AND-Black 38/38 litres ZEGA Pro 45/45 litres ZEGA Pro AND-S 45/45 litres ZEGA Pro AND-Black 45/45 litres 300-5700 300-5701 300-5702 300-5710 300-5711 300-5712 300-5720 300-5721 300-5722

BMW F650GS / G650GS


Text: Andreas Hülsmann

READY for the
As part of their “Eurasia Project“, Claudia and Andreas Hülsmann covered a distance of 25,000 kilometres. Most of the route took them over demanding tracks through Sibiria and Mongolia. Part of the team: a BMW G 650 GS. »Why not«?
This was the motto given by BMW to the new G 650 GS to underline its purpose as an “Allrounder”. Among motorcyclists the Bavarian single is regarded as being more of an entry level model. On their Eurasia

tour, Claudia Hülsmann demonstrated that one can most certainly conquer the whole wide world with the G 650. However, the single cylinder machine does need to be pepped up

Luggage rack ZEGA Pro: base plate

Item No. 300-5450

Luggage rack

42 Item No. 050-08

and holder with Ortlieb additional bag size L

30 Item No. 050-08

page 356

w. from page 1078 on

: ZEGA Pro pannier system x ZEGA Pro 38 l Pannier rack, 2
Item No. 300-5711

page 358
(incl. oil canister Holder for r2l ps) / caniste lashing stra 858

Holder for fuel canister (incl. lashing straps) / canister 3 l:
Item No. 050-0859 Item No. 070-0573

from page 1078 onw.

-0 o. 050 Item N 0-0520 o. 07 Item N 1078

page from


Hand guards with handlebar risers:
Item No. 300-5650

page 339

Item No. 300-5330

Windscreen adjuster for original windscreen:

page 338
Headlight protector:
Item No. 300-5095

page 338

Crash bar for fairing
1 Item No. 300-516

page 340

: Aluminium engine guard
5 Item No. 300-513

page 340

Long distance foot pegs
Item No. 041-0626

page 352

a bit for really demanding ventures. Touratech has developed a wide array of accessories for long distance use of the G 650 GS. The most important modification in terms of cross-country capabilities was the conversion to spoked wheels (front from 19’’ to 21’’). Of course, a luggage system suitable for offroad use and a robust engine guard were also required. To provide greater comfort on long distances, the long distance foot pegs and the windscreen adjuster for the original windscreen were added. And there are plenty more accessories to increase safety or just to make life more pleasant when travelling by motorcycle. We can certainly sign off on that after our 25,000 kilometres on the Eurasia tour.

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