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adaptive. but keep it simple!! 8/19/12 committed. creative and Vision Think See Highly . sustainable and scalable SMB enterprises as outsider and act as insider approach with utmost sense of urgency the unseen. Channel Development & IT Enablement consultants since 2010 to build dynamic. Sales. Marketing. hear the unheard and think the never thought.WHO ARE WE  Full service Strategy.

socio-economic and macroeconomic factors. processes and business models and re-align the same to evolving industry trends. market needs.Founder Profile Urge to build disruptive and scalable business models and innovative thinking to question the age-old systems. energetic individual with an eye to detail and speedy execution capabilities leadership and team building skills 8/19/12 Creative Highly Sound .

CAPABILITY MATRIX 1. 5. 1. 4. 6. 2. IT Consumer Services Education & Training Healthcare & Start-ups Wellness Early Stage E-Commerce Growth Clean Stage Technologies Demand Generation (Marketing. Sales & 8/19/12 BD) . 3. 3. Identity & Marcom (Branding & Marcom) ◦ Corporate Identity ◦ Marketing Communications Framework 2.

Incubation .PORTFOLIO Positive months) Life Sciences Pvt Ltd (6 ◦ Healthcare & Wellness ◦ Homeopathy ◦ Alternate Demand Generation Reasoning Global eApplications Ltd (30 months..) ◦ IT ◦ Ecommerce on SaaS Marcom.8/19/12 Development. Channel ◦ Sales & Marketing. Business Strategy.

com T: @urmaverick .Nutakki Principal Consultant Affiliate Member – IMCI Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Professional M: 9618181966 8/19/12 E: ram@urmaverick.CONTACTS Dashradh Ram.

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