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Advanced Freshmen English Eastern High School 2012-2013 Instructor: Ms. Smith E-Mail: Tiffany.Smith@jefferson.kyschools.

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Objective: The objective of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to further develop their language abilities through the study of literature, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. Reading comprehension and writing strategies are stressed. Students will have many opportunities to respond critically, reflectively, and creatively to literature. Books and other materials The Odyssey 9th Grade Literature Textbook Romeo and Juliet Of Mice and Men Lord of the Flies Man’s Search for Meaning Various poems, informational works, and writing examples Independent Reading (two projects per semester) Independent Reading During the school year, students will self-select books to be read as part of their homework. Students are to read a minimum of one book per six weeks. The book must be approved by Ms. Smith and cannot be a book read previously or a book common to English Language Arts instruction. Twice during each semester, students will present digital projects on their independent reading books. Binders Students will keep a binder in this class. The binder will include these five tabs in this order: 1. Classwork 2. Notes (grammar, literary devices, vocabulary, writing, etc.) 3. Writing 4. Quizzes and Exams 5. Handouts. All assignments will be kept in the binder. The binder will be graded for completeness, neatness, and organization. Materials required but are not limited to: Binder, Highlighter, Paper, Pens (blue or black only!), and Pencil Expectations Be in seats and ready to learn when the bell rings. Be on time and be prepared. Treat yourself and others with respect. Believe in yourself and try your best. Be responsible for your learning/education. Demonstrate character. Ask for help when you need it. The dress code will be enforced strongly in this class and school. Absolutely NO cell phones are to be seen or heard in the classroom or anywhere else in the building during the academic school day. IPods and other electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom. Staff will collect these items and turn them into the front office, where they will need to be retrieved by YOUR PARENT/GUARDIAN after 24 hours for processing. Use of laptops and A10s are only allowed in the classroom at teacher discretion and are YOUR responsibility. Rewards for meeting expectations The joy of learning A future full of promise Discovery!

Attendance, Tardiness, Disruption, and Cheating The policies that have been established by Eastern High School for attendance, tardiness, and cheating will be closely followed in this class. Excused Absences If you have no other choice but to be absent and it is excused, choose an appropriate time during class to ask for make-up work. You must first consult our class website at for make-up work. Please note that no time will be taken during the first or last ten minutes of class for makeup work! Other Notes I will do everything to make sure you learn and do your best in this class. For this reason, when we are learning: 1. Be ready to begin your posted assignment when the bell rings. This will be collected when asked for and will count toward the final grade. 2. Keep our classroom clean. You are always responsible for your desk and area. 3. Hall passes: You will have 3 hall passes total per semester to use in this class and you may use the pass only in emergencies. No passes will be given during the first or last ten minutes of class. 4. Bring all materials to class each day. 5. All written essays must be handed in with ALL previous pre-writing activities, drafts, peerediting sheets, and self-evaluation forms attached. 6. Work must be written in pencil, or blue or black ink. No exceptions. 7. You may drink water. However, no other eating or drinking is allowed in the classroom. 8. Raise your hand to ask a question. 9. Stay focused on the given assignment. 10. Work that is messy or is improperly headed will not be accepted. 11. Late work is not accepted under any circumstances. 12. When you are in this classroom, it is your time to learn English. You are not allowed to work on assignments for other classes while we are having class. 13. Record your homework and assignments daily. 14. Cheating: First Offense=3 hours detention and no credit for assignment/ parent conference.2nd Offense=Suspension Grade Percentages Reading 20% Writing 20% Journals/Logs/Reading/Writing/Homework 20% Discussion/Problem solving/Speaking and Listening, Language and Conventions 20% EOC/Final/Projects 20% Infinite Campus An assignment recorded as a zero in Infinite Campus denotes a failed attempt to turn in the assignment or possible failure to include his/her name on the assignment. Students who have a zero recorded in Infinite Campus due to an excused absence have the allotted time as determined by the student handbook to turn in the assignment, and this grade will be recorded at a later date. If a recording error is made on Infinite Campus, students are expected to bring in the graded assignments to the teacher for correction. All graded assignments are to be stored under the correct tab in his/her binder. Deadlines Assignments turned in after the deadline will not receive credit. Extra Credit With the rare exception, extra credit will not be given. Students are expected to master the skills and learning objectives presented in class. His/her grade is a reflection of his/her mastery of these skills and learning objectives. On the rare occasion extra credit is offered, it will be offered to the entire class. Class Website www.SmithEnglish18.weebly. Our class website will be required for some assignments. Students will have the opportunity to view class deadlines, announcements, obtain assignments, and review the day’s lessons, see examples of excellent

work, and respond critically to reading assignments on our class website. We will review the procedures related to our class website in class. The library will be open before and after school for students without home internet access. Important Notes With a good attitude, cooperation, and lots of effort, you will succeed! If at anytime you need help or have questions, feel free to ask. I am here for you! I want to make sure you become the best person and student you can be! Welcome to class! I look forward to working with you!