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Autumnal view de du lac

The arcaneness encompasses

Putting one foot slowly....
Or was it fastly.... ?


The curved, rocky, earthen path's surroundings are hardly comprehensible

From translucently free to glistening kryptonic to emerald to forest...
The weeds spring from the ground
With tree and grass counterparts
To each Side
Under the fiery trajectories of light spewed forth by that godlike sphere in the heavenlike
Creating beautiful, calm, deep-blue lakes, the angelic clouds, those amorphous blobs
surrounded by white halos with gray centers, block the between moments
It moves into the soul, creating a niche of sensual enlightenment
Forever a monument to human imagination, hope, wonder, and awe
Du lac's waters flutter under the heavens, in their reframed magnifecent tableaux
The liquid flux of waves
Crashing into the hearts and minds of the perceivers,
Going which way?
As the outward eau seems,
Beating upon the rocks
In their "in adament" state, don't change much.
The water-lilies, in their livelyhood, sway with the rhythm of life
The waves continue to move.
Observed by traversing the path.
The interactions are too many to fathom.
The waves relating their being,
Ameliorating the world

The viluptuously lush, forested shore lies after the blue abyss as it seperates earth from
An indefinable line.
How to get there?
What is there?

In this world our hopes, goals, and dreams are existent as long as we do travel under the
heavens and on the earth.
Let them sustain us.
Humans are shortsighted. The world is. The heavens are a hope.