INT. MUSEUM - ANTIQUITIES ROOM. DAY Chinese music. Plucked strings, a bamboo flute - delicate; serene. A woman’s hand. She pours green tea from a Chinese tea set.


The woman is SOO LIN YAO. Pale, young, beautiful - a fragile little doll. Her security badge says ‘BRITISH MUSEUM’. The Chinese Antiquities Room in the museum. Glass cabinets bursting with Oriental artefacts. The sun streams through the high windows. A demonstration. SOO LIN exhibits the tea ceremony to the tourists that pass by. People chatter and take photographs. SOO LIN The great artisans say - the more the tea pot is used, the more beautiful it becomes. (Pours the tea) The pot is seasoned by repeatedly pouring tea over the surface. Wipes the surface of the clay. It gleams. SOO LIN The deposit left on the clay creates this beautiful patina, over time. Some pots - the clay has been burnished by tea made over four hundred years ago. A party of school children watching her. She offers the cup to a BOY. He takes it nervously and sips. SOO LIN You drink from the pot that served Tan Lun himself. Great General of the Ming Dynasty. 2 INT. MUSEUM - ANTIQUITIES ROOM. DAY The day ending. POV security camera. Tourists flock towards the exit. ANDY GALBRAITH. Museum staff - mid 20s. An archeology graduate. Sexy in a geeky way. ANDY watches SOO LIN meticulously pack away her tea set. He is enchanted by this exquisite but remote girl. Clumsily he tries to flirt. 2





ANDY Four hundred years old. And they’re letting you use it to make yourself a cuppa. SOO LIN Some things aren’t supposed to sit behind glass. They’re made to be touched - to be handled. She turns. He is looking straight at her. ANDY (Softly) Some things. Embarrassed, she looks away. SOO LIN These pots need attention. The clay is cracking. ANDY I can’t see how a tiny splash of tea is gonna help. SOO LIN Sometimes you have to look hard at something - to see its value. She holds up the pot. It shines in the light. SOO LIN See. This one shines a little brighter. Why won’t she look a him? She only has eyes for the artefacts; caresses them gently. ANDY I don’t suppose... I mean, er... I don’t suppose you want to have a drink, perhaps. Not tea! I mean a pub. With me. Tonight. Um. SOO LIN smiles softly. SOO LIN You wouldn’t like me all that much. ANDY Couldn’t I, maybe, decide that for myself?





SOO LIN (Shakes her head, sadly) I can’t. I’m sorry. Please stop asking. CUT TO: Clang! Museum doors are shut and bolted. Clang! The upper galleries are locked tight. Electrical switches. A security man flicks them off one by one. Lights go out through the upper floors. 3 INT. MUSEUM - ANTIQUITIES ROOM. DUSK SOO LIN alone in the gallery. Stoneware busts of Emperors and Guardians stare down. In the gallery’s centre is a mannequin - an Empress in black and gold dragon robes. Silently she dominates the room. On an adjacent wall - chiselled into the stone - are the names of all the museum’s benefactors... People who have given money to the Chinese Exhibition. (Titled people and corporate donations). SOO LIN opens the glass cabinet to replace the tea pot... There are five pots in a row. A label reads ‘ZISHA CEREMONIAL TEA POTS. HANG ZHOU c1640’. Gingerly she rests the pot on its little stand, locks the cabinet and trots away with the tray. 4 INT. MUSUEM - STORE ROOM. DUSK Blackness. A door opens. A crack of light. Twisted human shapes - limbs and torsos - broken statues. SOO LIN enters, switches on the light. A store room - where the antiquities are kept prior to restoration. Egyptian and Hellenic figures, wrapped in cloth and bound with cord. No windows. SOO LIN trots over to a tall Chinese cabinet and tidies away the tea cloth and the tray. Bang! A footfall from the shadows make her turn. She looks round - noone. Just row after row of faceless antiquities, all bound. 4 3


. Something about the figure terrifies her. A taxi pulls up outside an apartment block.. A small gust of air makes the dust covers billow. Plush city flats. She calls into the empty space.. red braces. (Nothing) Just another couple of minutes.. He can only be a banker. .. then. SOO LIN freezes in horror. chalk pin-stripe. TITLES 5 EXT. SOO LIN Is that security? (No answer) I’m still in here. Two pale arms poke out from beneath the cloth.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 She continues. He rushes up to the apartments. He bolts inside. drenched in sweat.. 1am. The cloth billows about . He’s is a blind panic. A man jumps out . Bang! She isn’t alone in there. Hello? SOO LIN In the corner: a statue covered loosely with a dust cloth.. POV the statue.someone has untied it. each with a private balcony. Why has the statue been untied? SOO LIN reaches out and pulls the cloth away.. She opens her mouth and screams.. TAXI DRIVER You wanna receipt? But EDDIE doesn’t stop to reply. NIGHT Isle of Dogs. Throws a twenty at the DRIVER. Doors open. As if someone has opened a door somewhere. and punches the key pad. 5 4.EDDIE . EDDIE'S FLAT. but the scream becomes..early 30’s.

Just a mattress.bathed in relief. Gets to the checkout. Come on. . Blind terror.. JUMP CUT TO: No bed. Dashes around his flat. DAY JOHN in Tesco Extra buying groceries. The electronic voice takes him step-by-step through the process. fumbles for his key and jams it in the lock.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 6 INT. The window is open. Menacing. breathing fast. EDDIE rushes out. In the kitchen drawer he finds it! A gun . The sterile lifestyle of a City trader. And then he hears something terrifying. Tribal. A large pile of books stacked in the corner. He kisses it . His flat is sparse . No furniture.. Pale muslin curtains billow. searching for something. EDDIE Come on.parchment-coloured walls. He collapses on the bed. 7 INT. 7 5. JUMP CUT TO: Bolts the door and puts the chain on. Dashes into the bedroom. EDDIE jams a chair against the door. JUMP CUT TO: Slams the door behind him. And a suitcase. In the distance .. He runs his shopping through the self-service scanner. semiautomatic. The drum still echoes out in the street.. 6th floor. NIGHT 6 Ping! The elevator doors slide open. The sound of the drum bores into his brain. LOCAL SUPERMARKET. a pristine kitchen. A single rhythmic monotone.9mm. EDDIE'S FLAT.a drum.

Please try again. (He does. The SIKH WARRIOR lunges at him with a lethal-looking blade. JUMP CUT TO: 11 INT. LOCAL SUPERMARKET. Please seek alternative methods of payment. But no good) Item not scanned. ELECTRONIC VOICE Item not scanned. ELECTRONIC VOICE (Very loud) Card not authorised. JUMP CUT TO: 8 INT. SHERLOCK rolls away just in time before the knife lands gashing MRS. JOHN You think maybe you could keep your voice down? JUMP CUT TO: 10 INT. 221B BAKER STREET. JOHN suddenly self-conscious. 6. DAY JOHN in Tesco. LOCAL SUPERMARKET. 221B BAKER STREET. DAY 10 9 8 The SIKH WARRIOR kicks out and knocks SHERLOCK back on to the table. The voice is rather too loud. HUDSON’S finest teak. He is locked in hand to hand combat with a six-foot SIKH WARRIOR in a turban and full traditional battle dress. DAY SHERLOCK in the flat. SHERLOCK jumps back to avoid the blow. JUMP CUT TO: 9 INT.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 ELECTRONIC VOICE Please place your items in the bag provided. DAY JOHN plugs his card in and types the PIN number. 11 .

THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 Everyone in the queue behind sighs. Alright! JUMP CUT TO: 14 INT. 15 7. SHERLOCK sits in the armchair. DAY JOHN enters. No evidence that any fight has happened. reading. turns round to look. LOCAL SUPERMARKET. clearly hassled by his shopping experience. JUMP CUT TO: 13 INT. ELECTRONIC VOICE Card not authorised. SHERLOCK brings his fist up and lands a punch that knocks his assailant out. DAY JOHN rummaging for change. 221B BAKER STREET. He tries a variation on the old ‘Watch Out!’ routine: he points into the corner of the room and pulls a face. Doesn’t look up. . The place is back to ‘normal’. DAY SHERLOCK and the SIKH WARRIOR rolling around the carpet aiming bitter blows. 221B BAKER STREET. 15 INT. The man collapses in the armchair. SHERLOCK 14 13 12 The SIKH WARRIOR falls for it. JUMP CUT TO: 12 INT. 221B BAKER STREET. Hey. DAY SHERLOCK dodges another thrust from the SIKH WARRIOR. JOHN (Finally losing it) Yeah. I’ve got it.

SHERLOCK kicks the blade under the sofa. He dumps the bags on the counter with a bang. 15A INT. SHERLOCK spies the SIKH’S blade on the carpet. JOHN What happened about that case you were offered? The Jaria diamond. It sat there and I shouted abuse. I didn’t get the shopping.rubs it .you haven’t moved since I went out. laden with groceries. With the chip and pin machine. You’ve been sitting there all morning .tuts to himself as he goes out of the door. Have you got cash? SHERLOCK (Nods at the table) Take my card. you know. JOHN Er . What? SHERLOCK Why not? JOHN I had a row in the shop. 15A 8. JOHN digs in SHERLOCK’S wallet and finds his debit card. I sent them a message. SHERLOCK You had a row with a machine? JOHN Well.. JOHN You could always go yourself.. sort of. JOHN spots the scratch on the table . 221B BAKER STREET. SHERLOCK totally blanks him. .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK You took your time. DAY Five minutes later JOHN enters again. SHERLOCK Not interested.

JOHN recognises his computer. .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK is surfing the internet . SHERLOCK JOHN (Taken aback) What? SHERLOCK Mine is in the bedroom. JOHN Is that my computer? Of course. 8A.

I suppose.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN And you couldn’t be bothered to get up. Took me less than a minute to guess yours. What? JOHN SHERLOCK Types of password. SHERLOCK There’s no point.. That people like you commonly use.. you read it? SHERLOCK ‘Imperious’. JOHN (Suddenly wary) You. JOHN You guessed my password!? SHERLOCK There are forty-three. SHERLOCK I see you’ve started a blog.. .. Better change it. SHERLOCK clicking on JOHN’S Blog page. 9. Ordinary. JOHN What does that mean? ‘People like me’. Not a word I’ve ever been called before. Not exactly Fort Knox... SHERLOCK can’t even be bothered to answer. JOHN No. JOHN It’s password protected. SHERLOCK In a manner of speaking. SHERLOCK JOHN Stupid.

17 16 10.. SHAD SANDERSON. in front of them.. Oh. The biggest banks in the land. JOHN I need to get a job. are the spires of the City of London. Thank you. SHERLOCK ‘Pompous’ has a ‘U’ in it. There.. DAY On the corner of Bishopsgate... JOHN Right. JOHN snatches the computer away and snaps it shut. 17 EXT. 16 EXT. . The Gherkin and Tower 42. LONDON STREET. No response) Sherlock? Did you hear what I said? SHERLOCK jumps up. JOHN (This is difficult to say) If you could see your way to lending me some. But necessary.. (Beat. Dull! SHERLOCK JOHN Yeah. DAY JOHN and SHERLOCK on a busy London street.. CUT TO: JOHN collapses in the chair and examines today’s mail. I said you knew some good restaurants. If we want to eat actual food this month. He thumbs through a whole stack of red bills.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN I said some nice stuff about you too. discards them. Plenty of bills.. SHERLOCK I need go to the bank.




A gigantic cathedral of steel and glass - the most hightech, swanky new building in the city. SHERLOCK and JOHN enter. A gleaming sign reads: ‘SHAD SANDERSON’. Investment Bank.






INT. SHAD SANDERSON. DAY SHERLOCK and JOHN inside. A vast high-tech atrium.


Glass lifts; internal windows; multiple trading floors. All illuminated in bold colours - reds and blues. (Like Bloomberg’s New York HQ - more like a nightclub than a bank). Banks of digital clocks herald the time in New York, London and Tokyo. London hits 12pm; Hong Kong hits 8pm; New York hits 7am. Simultaneously. Employees wave their badges at electronic eyes. Security doors swing open. (You can’t get to the lavatory here without a pass.) JOHN When you said we were going to the bank... 19 INT. SHAD SANDERSON - SEB'S OFFICE. DAY A corner office. Corporate art and chrome. In walks SEBASTIAN (SEB) WILKES, the Director of the Trading Floor. He has that floppy hair that bellows ‘Eton’. SEB Sherlock Holmes! Sebastian. SHERLOCK 19

SEB How are you, buddy? How long’s it been? Eight years since I last clapped eyes on you? SHERLOCK This is my friend John Watson. SEB (A twitch at the corner of his mouth) ‘Friend’? JOHN (Lighting fast) Colleague. SEB has a grip like a machine vice. JOHN grimaces as they shake. SEB Grab a pew.




A PA appears at the door. SEB Need something? Coffee? Water? No? (To his PA) We’re all sorted here thanks. They sit. SHERLOCK You’re doing well. Spending lots of time abroad. SEB Well, some... SHERLOCK (Studies him carefully) Flying all the way round the world. Twice a month! SEB smiles - he remembers this from the old days. SEB You’re doing that thing. (To John) We were at Uni together, and this guy here - he had this trick he used to do. SHERLOCK It’s not a trick. SEB He could look at you and tell your whole life story. JOHN Yes, I’ve seen him do it. SEB Put the wind up everyone. We hated him. JOHN quietly delighted with this. SEB (Amused) You’d come to breakfast in the formal hall and this freak - he would know who you’d been shagging the previous night. SHERLOCK I simply observed.


Enlighten me. 20 INT... You’re quite right. but .. Telephones buzz and squawk boxes chatter. Yen. SEB Someone broke in here late last night. We’ve had a break in. SEB I’m glad you could make it over. SHERLOCK I was chatting to your Secretary outside..TRADING FLOOR. SEB opens it with a swipe card.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SEB (Laughs) Go on. Metal signs suspended from the ceiling delineate the trading groups . She told me. The bank’s former chairman. ‘Two trips a month. . SEB Sir William’s Office. flying all round the world’. 20 13.from a type of ketchup you can only buy in Manhattan? No. DAY Across the busy trading floor.... SEBASTIAN’S arrogant smile fades.Sterling. But how could you tell? SHERLOCK opens his mouth to speak.. SHERLOCK SEB Or maybe it’s the mud on my shoes . His room has been left here . An electronic key pad on the door. SEB Gonna tell ‘em there’s a stain on my tie . Dollars. SHAD SANDERSON . They reach a darkened corner office with a glass front. I .like a sort of memorial. Each trader has a personalised name plate.

21 INT. Inside. Noone comes in here any more. SHAD SANDERSON . An air of sterility. 21 13A.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN What did they steal? SEB Nothing. DAY Flicks on the lights. They just left a little message... .SIR WILLIAM’S OFFICE.

22 INT. SEB Sixty seconds apart. The plaque reads: ‘SIR WILLIAM SHAD. . SEB freezes the picture: ‘11. The man who sat here has passed away .SEB’S OFFICE.. the paint suddenly appears. The footage shows the office late last night. Forward again. A computer screen. 23 INT. splashed paint around then left within a minute. The paint has dripped leaving a row of yellow tentacles. brass lamp. An illegible scrawl. miraculously. SEB Every door that opens in this bank it gets logged right here. A gilt-framed oil painting: a portrait of a grim-faced banker. 1944-2009. ‘11. SHAD SANDERSON . CHAIRMAN. On the wall below the artist has left his tag.’ But the picture has been vandalised. No paint. It lurches from one grainy shot to the next . So someone came up here in the middle of the night. DAY Reception.33pm’. Paint.34pm’. He flicks back to the previous still: ‘11. SHERLOCK How many ways into that office? SEB That’s where this gets really interesting. Someone has drawn a thick line across Sir William’s eyes using bright yellow aerosol.blotter.34pm’. pen. like a museum.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 An old a leather-top desk . 23 22 14. Then.the portrait just visible in the gloom. SHERLOCK and JOHN watching CCTV footage.RECEPTION DESK. Every walk-in cupboard. Every toilet. DAY SEB..but the place has been left. SHAD SANDERSON . A still frame every 60 seconds.

Five floors up . Photographs the tag on the adjacent wall. A sign outside it: ‘HONG KONG DESK HEAD’. SHAD SANDERSON .SHERLOCK not. SHERLOCK explores Sir William’s office. Reaches into his pocket.. Five figures.TRADING FLOOR/HONG KONG OFFICE. . 15.? Tentatively takes the cheque. SHAD SANDERSON .a vertiginous drop. DAY 25 SHERLOCK is dancing. SHERLOCK That door didn’t open last night? SEB (Shakes his head) There’s a hole in our security. SHERLOCK will not even look at it .breezes off to begin work. SHERLOCK I don’t need incentives. SEB This is only an advance. He appears to be studying the graffiti from all sorts of different angles. People stop work and stare.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK studies the digital display . JOHN He’s kidding you. He darts into the office next door to the Sir William’s. Sebastian. Moving around the trading floor. 25 INT. A camera on a mobile phone. There is access out onto a tiny private balcony/terrace.. DAY 24 Click.. Tell me how he got in . SEB about to put the cheque away.SIR WILLIAM’S OFFICE. obviously. Shall I look after that for him. brandishes a cheque.. JOHN clearly impressed by the amount . Find it and we’ll pay you. SHERLOCK photographs the vandalised portrait. Click.lines and lines of recorded times.there’s a bigger one on its way. dodging and weaving in and out of the pillars. 24 INT.

00. 15A. .. The New York market is now opening. plain view of the painted graffiti from in here..THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 The walls are glass. A bell rings.there is a full. PUBLIC ADDRESS The New York market is opening..59 to 13.. The LONDON clock goes from 12. He turns .

He crossed the date line twice.’ You didn’t ask his Secretary.? SHERLOCK Did you look at his watch? His watch? JOHN 26 SHERLOCK The hands on his watch were correct but the date was wrong. DAY SHERLOCK and JOHN descend in the glass lift. SHERLOCK (V. 27 EXT.SEB’S office .. JOHN You think we should sniff around here a bit longer? 27 16.) It actually said the day before yesterday. Back to the lift. DAY SHERLOCK and JOHN exit the building. You said that just to irritate him.ELEVATOR. SHAD SANDERSON .. A shared smile. Only came out in February.the detail of his wrist watch. . JOHN How did you. JOHN Within a month? How d’you know that part? SHERLOCK New Rolex. The lift reaches the bottom and opens. Whoosh! Back to the previous scene .O. and didn’t alter his watch.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 26 INT. SHAD SANDERSON. JOHN ‘Two trips around the world this month.

THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK Got everything I need to know already. thanks. 16A. .

Whoosh! The time zone clocks.the message was left at 11. Some people trade with Hong Kong in the middle of the night. We find the intended recipient and.SHERLOCK dancing between the pillars. looking for a clear view.) Very few places where you could see the graffiti. What? SHERLOCK JOHN SHERLOCK The pillars. Does it? JOHN SHERLOCK Traders come to work at all hours. And the screens.. 17. John. Who was it meant for? Pillars. And whoosh! We’re on the trading floor . SHERLOCK (V. Yen. Obvious.O. Back on the street. SHERLOCK JOHN Three hundred people up there..34 last night. Whoosh! The suspended metal signs .Sterling. SHERLOCK That graffiti is a message. JOHN He’ll to lead us to the person who sent it.working on the trading floor. JOHN scuttling after. Dollars. SHERLOCK And of course . changing in unison. For someone at the bank . . That narrows the field considerably. That tells us a lot.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK strides off up the street.

. New label. JOHN What are we gonna do now.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK (V. No answer. They hail a cab and climb in. 18. Focus on the sign: ‘HONG KONG DESK HEAD’. SHERLOCK Not many Van Coon’s in the phone book. A set of buzzers outside. What? JOHN SHERLOCK Floor above. SHERLOCK reaches into his jacket. EDDIE VAN COON lived on the sixth floor. labelled with the names of the tenants. then? Sit here and wait for him to come back? SHERLOCK checks the buzzers. DAY Establishing shot. 29 labelled ‘WINTLE’. Rings again. SHERLOCK rings. SHERLOCK Just moved in. JOHN Could have just replaced it. JOHN observes the pristine label on the buzzer. A clear view of the graffiti. EDDIE'S FLAT. He has stolen the name sign off the desk: ‘VAN COON’. 28 EXT.O. SHERLOCK standing in the glass-walled office next door to Sir William’s. Back on the street. The one directly above EDDIE’S seventh floor . The label is brand new.) That message was intended for someone who came in at midnight. Still no answer. EDDIE’S FLAT. DAY 29 28 EDDIE VAN COON’S apartment block.

I live in the flat just below you. DAY 30 SHERLOCK is on the WOMAN’S 7th floor balcony .he climbs over the edge so he can lower himself down on to VAN COON’S. He slips and almost plummets to his death.) Hello? WOMAN SHERLOCK (Speaking into the buzzer) Hi. (O.) No.seventh floor. The WOMAN gasps.I’ve just moved in. He rings the buzzer . A WOMAN’S VOICE answers. but he carries on with an elegant smile and lowers himself down. . What? 30 WOMAN EXT. WOMAN’S FLAT . I don’t think we’ve met.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK Noone ever does that.S. VAN COON’S patio door slides open when he pushes it.BALCONY. Well . WOMAN You want me to buzz you in? SHERLOCK I want to use your balcony. 18A. WOMAN (O.S. SHERLOCK I’ve actually locked my keys in my flat. SHERLOCK casts a victorious glance at JOHN.

31 No furniture.beside EDDIE VAN COON’S outstretched hand.pale and sterile. DAY 32 The police have arrived. pristine bathroom . Next to it is phone book and an A to Z of London.) Sherlock? You OK? Pokes his head inside a tiny. The gun is on the bedroom floor . More knocking from JOHN. It’s JOHN waiting outside.) The front door is bolted and the chain pulled across.. Inside.. 19. JOHN You think maybe he’d lost a lot of money? Suicide rate is pretty high amongst these city types..a small stone Buddha. JOHN watches them search about for forensic evidence. The telephone lies on the laminate floor because there is no table.. Very little there. SHERLOCK rifles through the kitchen.he has to force the door. The chair is still jammed against it. EDDIE VAN COON lies on his bed. JOHN (O. . Just as it was when we saw it at 1am.S.S. He’s been shot through the head. A fridge full of champagne.a single toothbrush and a dispenser of liquid soap. Sherlock? JOHN (O. 32 INT. JOHN Any time you feel like letting me in. A knock at the door. EDDIE'S FLAT. EDDIE'S FLAT. exactly where he was at 1am. DAY SHERLOCK explores the empty flat .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 31 INT. Just as EDDIE left it at 1am. The only ornament . SHERLOCK goes to the bedroom .

No. You had to climb across the balcony. It is stuffed full of underwear and socks but there is a hole in the middle . JOHN 20.. You follow. SHERLOCK What’s the matter? JOHN I’m not desperate to root around some bloke’s dirty underwear.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK We don’t know that it was suicide.. JOHN Thanks . Look . Something else was packed in there.I’ll take your word for it.. SHERLOCK studies the corpse.something was packed tightly inside this case. SHERLOCK Been away.. Why was it put there? JOHN You think it was some sort of code? SHERLOCK Obviously. But I’m saying why paint it? Why not use email if you want to make contact? Or the phone? It takes JOHN a moment. JOHN Come on! His door was locked from the inside.a large impression left in all the clothes..that graffiti. JOHN Maybe he wasn’t answering. SHERLOCK Good. Three days. Then. SHERLOCK observes the dead man’s suitcase. SHERLOCK Those symbols at the bank . . judging by the laundry. A long cylindrical shape..

? DIMMOCK He’s busy. He stretches it open . Sweeps out again. SHERLOCK and JOHN follow him. SHERLOCK puts on his gloves and delicately pokes inside. EDDIE'S FLAT .. fresh-faced. A newly promoted graduate. 33 INT. And it’s not Sergeant. Just that moment a police Inspector enters .it’s simply blank.moist with saliva. Small..DI DIMMOCK. We haven’t met.. It’s Detective Inspector. I’m in charge.. DAY As they sweep through the door into the lounge. SHERLOCK What about this morning? Those letters you were looking at. 33 21. Dimmock. DIMMOCK (Without joy) I know who you are. From the dead man’s mouth SHERLOCK retrieves. Sergeant. SHERLOCK Ah. SHERLOCK I phoned Lestrade.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK What sort of message would everyone try to avoid? There is something in the dead man’s mouth. He was being threatened.. JOHN Not by the gas board.LOUNGE .. . Bills!? JOHN SHERLOCK Yes. SHERLOCK puts the soggy ball of black paper into an evidence bag and hands it over.. Is he on his way.. A small screwed up ball of black paper . And I’d prefer it if you didn’t tamper with any of the evidence.

.O. Like? DIMMOCK SHERLOCK The wound is on the right side of his head. The left arm.) . but you’re just choosing to ignore anything you see that doesn’t comply with it. DIMMOCK Left-handed? SHERLOCK I’m amazed you didn’t notice. And Whoosh! SHERLOCK (V. .... favourite suits on the left side of his wardrobe. because he’d open the left-hand door.... Mimes shooting himself in the right temple with his left hand. where he’s been resting them on the arm of that chair. means he could hold it in his right hand and take messages with his left. All his expensive. 22.tea stains from the bottom of mugs.. It’s one possible explanation of some of the facts.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 DIMMOCK We’re obviously looking at a suicide. Pad and paper on the left side of his phone. SHERLOCK Requires a bit of contortion. You’ve got a solution that you like.. And? DIMMOCK SHERLOCK Van Coon was left-handed.. JOHN It does seem the only explanation of the facts.. SHERLOCK Wrong. All you have to do is look around this flat..

A sort of a warning. DIMMOCK Oh. DIMMOCK And the bullet.? SHERLOCK Went out the window.. Unlikely that a left-handed man would shoot himself in the right side of the head. What? DIMMOCK JOHN Today at the bank..THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 Back to the flat.. Conclusion: someone broke in and murdered him. come on! What are the chances of that? 23.. I think you’ve covered it. He’d been threatened.the other officers are gossiping about SHERLOCK. JOHN Er. no. SHERLOCK He was waiting for the killer. SHERLOCK He fired when his attacker came in. SHERLOCK Want me to go on? JOHN sensing DIMMOCK’S irritation. DIMMOCK But the gun. SHERLOCK I might as well actually.O. . And Whoosh! SHERLOCK (V. Only explanation of all of the facts. DIMMOCK observes . There’s only one left on the list. smirking.) The butter knife on the kitchen surface has butter on the right side of the blade because he used it with his left.

I guarantee. 34 INT.the end of a long lunch. SHERLOCK It was a threat. . RESTAURANT. Sorry. DAY 34 SEB is entertaining clients . You’re finally asking the right questions. Killed? SEB 24. Seb. DIMMOCK But if his door was locked from the inside. They roar heartily at his jokes. That’s what the graffiti meant.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK Wait for the pathologist’s report. What!? SEB JOHN Van Coon. A stylish classical building (probably an old converted bank in the city). One of your traders someone in your office was killed. SEB I’m kind of in a meeting. how did the killer get in? SHERLOCK Good. And SHERLOCK is off. helps himself to someone’s glass of water. Can you make an appointment with my secretary? SHERLOCK sits... The table silenced by this odd intrusion. SHERLOCK I don’t think this can wait. The bullet in his brain wasn’t fired from his gun. SHERLOCK and JOHN stride over to the table. The police are at his flat.

. SHERLOCK They’ve got it wrong. 35 25. And neither does my boss. Sebastian. JOHN You don’t all end up with a bullet through your temple. Made it all back a week later. Eddie did. SEB’S mobile buzzes . JOHN You gave him the Hong Kong accounts.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK (With a mouthful) Sorry to interfere with everyone’s digestion. Very bright guy.stares at the mirror. SEB Not usually. He was murdered. DAY SHERLOCK. The police have been on to him. Apparently they’re telling him it was suicide. SEB I’m afraid they don’t see it that way. Worked in Asia for a while so. Still want me to make an appointment? OK. He is rather relieved by the contents. SEB splashes water on his face . .a text message.TOILET. RESTAURANT . Had nerves of steel.. Would maybe nine o’clock at Scotland Yard suit? And embarrassed hush. Oxford. SEB Harrow. SEB My Chairman. JOHN Who’d want to kill him? SEB We all makes enemies. 35 INT. SEB Lost five mil in a single morning. SEB and JOHN in the restaurant toilet.

39 INT.high ceilings. Opens the door to his top-floor flat. He’s BRIAN LUKIS. LUKIS' FLAT . meticulous folds.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 Seb.. Unwraps the bundle . Bookshelves crammed with books. NIGHT Two pale hands. Scruffy. Cars swerve to avoid him .. She opens a white box . unshaven. Anorak and jeans. A woman’s hands.inside a bundle of tissue paper. Slams the door behind him. terrified. SHERLOCK SEB I hired you to do a job .a dead bolt top and bottom and a chain. Precise. NIGHT LUKIS running up the stairs .beeping. JOHN I thought bankers were all supposed to be heartless bastards. 38 EXT. piles of paper stuffed in every crevice. 40 untidy studio flat . LUKIS' FLAT .. 26. A DARKENED ROOM.STREET... Black paper. . And he exits. 36 INT. NIGHT 38 LUKIS arrives at a front door and jams his key in the lock a converted Victorian house. 40’s.STAIRCASE. LUKIS’ FLAT.desperate. a skylight.runs across a busy London street at night. 37 EXT. LUKIS’ FLAT.. NIGHT 40 39 Inside . Four floors.don’t get side-tracked. NIGHT 37 36 A man in a wild panic . LUKIS bolts the door behind him .inside a ream of paper. Peeling paint. She takes one sheet and begins to fold it up.

A guided tour has stopped beside the jade exhibition. . A drum beat.. The MUSEUM DIRECTOR trots through the gallery. ANDY GALBRAITH is cleaning pottery. Soo Lin should go.a picture of the vases.. Out on SOO LIN’S empty desk. A sea of antiquities in various stages of disrepair.. TOUR GUIDE Jade . DIRECTOR Soo Lin has resigned her job. TOUR GUIDE Here we have Empress Wu. ANDY Er. MUSEUM .or ‘Yu’ in Chinese . Someone daubing dirt off the surface of a painting . 41 INT.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 And then he hears it! In the street somewhere. Precious jade in raw mineral form. I need you. Chenghua.RESTORATION ROOM. MUSEUM .up for auction. ‘The sacred and divine Wu’. Two Ming vases . a thousand years ago. She’s the expert.. DIRECTOR I need you to get over to Crispian’s.a substance associated with great power and wealth.more precious in the ancient world than gold or gems. DAY 42 41 THE MUSEUM DIRECTOR enters. The tour moves on to the Empress mannequin. ANDY shocked by this revelation.. 27. Seen here in a replica outfit to the one worn at her wedding..someone else polishing antique armour. Will you appraise them? She shows him a brochure . The only woman ever to rule Imperial China. These trinkets are carved from mineral jadeite . The Chinese Room at the National Antiquities Museum.ANTIQUITIES ROOM. DAY Early morning sunlight. 42 INT.

44 28. Mundane works. Early morning. practice manager. . Establishing shot. GP’S SURGERY . We can see their mutual attraction coming a mile away. DAY JOHN sits across the table from SARAH. JOHN No... SARAH (Reads more) Says here that you’re a soldier. intelligent.SARAH’S ROOM. SARAH You’re a bit . Smiles. DAY A grim Doctor’s surgery. sometimes.well. 43 44 INT. SARAH We’ve got two off on holiday this week and another one just left to have a baby. GP’S SURGERY. JOHN And a Doctor. SARAH Anything else you can do? JOHN I learned the clarinet in school.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 43 EXT. It might be a bit. SARAH Look forward to it. JOHN Could always do with the money. SARAH Just locum work. That’s fine. She’s reading his CV. JOHN (Smiles) Mundane is good. mundane for you. A flirty moment. overqualified. about his age. She’s pretty.

JOHN I went to see about a job at that surgery. DAY SHERLOCK has printed off his photos of the graffiti . 45 He sprawls in the armchair and stares at them in a trance hoping their meaning will suddenly leap out at him.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 45 INT. SHERLOCK How was it? JOHN Great.the blindfold and the tag. .TIMESONLINE. Door slams. SHERLOCK points to the open laptop . Have a look. SHERLOCK I said could you pass me a pen? JOHN (Taken aback) What? When? SHERLOCK About an hour and cheerful.the webpage is a news story . He’s stuck them to the mirror above the fireplace. 221B BAKER STREET. then? JOHN’S good mood will not be shattered. ‘She’? It. Who? The job. 29. She’s great. SHERLOCK JOHN SHERLOCK JOHN SHERLOCK Here. He tosses SHERLOCK a pen. JOHN Didn’t notice I’d gone out. JOHN back from interview .

SHERLOCK Inspector? Do you seriously believe that Eddie Van Coon was just another city suicide? (No response) You checked with ballistics.? SHERLOCK He’s killed another one.. No. . SHERLOCK Happened last night. Door locked.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN (Reads) ‘The intruder who can walk through walls’. Journalist.. I suppose? (Dimmock nods) And? The shot that killed him wasn’t from his own gun. The door locked from the inside. A sea of paperwork blown by whirring fans. POLICE STATION. Exactly the same as Van Coon. DIMMOCK at his tiny desk. So. SHERLOCK uses his computer to find the TIMESONLINE headline. Freelance. smirking. Windows bolted from the inside. SHERLOCK Brian Lukis. 30.won’t budge. Journalist shot dead in his apartment. JOHN God. gossiping . You think. Both men killed by someone who can walk through solid walls! DIMMOCK suspects all the other police are looking. DAY Police office . JOHN You’ve got admit it’s similar. DIMMOCK 46 SHERLOCK No. This investigation might move a bit quicker if you took my word as plan. 46 INT. Murdered in his flat.




DIMMOCK can’t believe the arrogance - looks at JOHN. JOHN He makes everyone feel like that. SHERLOCK I’ve just handed you a murder enquiry. We might have a serial killer. Five minutes in that flat. 47 INT. LUKIS' FLAT. DAY Earl’s Court. BRIAN LUKIS’ flat. Dusty, dirty chaos. tape across the door. 47 Police

There are mountains of books - some travel books - time spent in south-east Asia. Tucked beside them is an A to Z of London. In the corner of the room - an open suitcase - empty. Unzipped - recently used. JOHN casts an eye over the dead man’s desk... Pages and pages of handwritten notes. Books on South-East Asian politics. LUKIS was clearly researching an article. SHERLOCK looks out of the window. SHERLOCK Fourth floor. That’s why they think they’re safe. Put the chain on the door, bolt it shut. They think they’re impregnable. He tries the windows - all bolted shut; looks up at the skylight. SHERLOCK They never consider for a moment there’s another way in here. DIMMOCK I don’t understand. SHERLOCK sees a broom. He grabs a table, balances a chair on it and climbs up on the structure, broom in hand. DIMMOCK What are you doing? SHERLOCK We’re dealing with a killer who can climb.







SHERLOCK He can cling to walls like an insect. That’s how he gets in. Balancing on the chair atop the table - he lifts the broom up high and nudges the skylight. It opens. SHERLOCK He climbed up the side of this building, ran across the roof and dropped in through the skylight. DIMMOCK You’re not serious? Whoosh! We’re in EDDIE’S flat, looking at the vertiginous drop from the balcony. SHERLOCK (V.O.) Scaled a sixth floor balcony in Docklands to kill Van Coon. DIMMOCK (V.O.) (Scathing) Hold on... SHERLOCK (V.O.) Of course he got into the bank the same way... Whoosh! We’re in the bank, the private terrace of SIR WILLIAM’S office. SHERLOCK (V.O.) Across the window ledge and on to the terrace. Back to the flat. SHERLOCK jumps down from the table and chair. SHERLOCK We have to find out what connects these two men. Thumbs through the books on the desk. The top one is marked with the words ‘WEST KENSINGTON LIBRARY’, a stamped date and a little crest. JOHN stares at the detritus on the floor. Sees a small scrunched up ball of black paper - trodden into the carpet. It has been meticulously folded up.






EXT. LIBRARY. DAY Establishing shot.



INT. LIBRARY. DAY Inside the library, a LIBRARIAN pushing books through the electronic scanning device. Each of them marked with the little crest. CUT TO: JOHN and SHERLOCK, zig zag through row after row of books.


SHERLOCK has the book he took from LUKIS’S desk - South-East Asian politics. SHERLOCK Lukis was working here. The date stamped in this book is the same day he died. The books are on sliding racks. One rack is labelled ‘POLITICAL SCIENCE - SOUTH EAST ASIA’. The serial number on the book matches the numbers on this rack. JOHN tugs it and it slides out - examines the spines. He freezes. Sherlock. JOHN

Scrawled across the book spines are two massive graffiti symbols written in bright yellow aerosol. Same as at the bank - a horizontal line and a scrawled tag. 50 INT. 221B BAKER STREET. DAY 50

SHERLOCK has photographed the new graffiti (from the library) and stuck it to the mirror. He stares hard at four yellow symbols: two from the bank and two from the library. Same pattern. SHERLOCK So. The killer goes to the bank leaves the threatening cipher for Van Coon. Van Coon panics, goes back to his flat and locks himself inside. Just hours later... he dies.


.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN The killer finds Lukis at the library. cryptography inhabits our every waking moment... ringing on a door bell... Tries again.. Beat.. There is a new phone book on the doorstep . But. SOO LIN’S flat is in London’s Chinatown.four yellow images. DAY ANDY GALBRAITH in his coat. No response. SHERLOCK The world runs on codes and ciphers. TRAFALGAR SQUARE. above a shop . They stare at the display . scribbles a short message and stuffs it through the letter box.THE LUCKY CAT.. John.. DAY SHERLOCK and JOHN crossing Trafalgar Square. SHERLOCK But it’s all computer generated. (MORE) 34. and that night he dies too. OK.. SHERLOCK . The camera pulls out.. Lukis goes old Chinese emporium: ‘THE LUCKY CAT’. the pin machine you took exception to.. Sherlock? SHERLOCK Only the cipher can tell us. ANDY finds an old envelope in his pocket.electronic ciphering methods. Electronic codes .recently delivered but not collected... that million pound security system at the bank. 52 EXT. SHAFTESBURY AVENUE . 51 52 . JOHN Yes. JOHN Why did they die. The name on the doorbell says ‘SOO LIN YAO’.. SHERLOCK is on a roll. 51 EXT. he writes the cipher on the books where the guy will see it..

RAZ I call it ‘Urbanbloodlustfrenzy.’ JOHN Mm. I need to talk to an expert. . JOHN (A broad smile) You need advice. Catchy. RAZ knows SHERLOCK is there without even turning. They make for the National Gallery.. where are you going? Sherlock? 53 EXT. 53 35. But then SHERLOCK cuts down a side alley..a policeman with a pig’s face. He sprays a stencil on to the rear wall of the gallery . SHERLOCK Interesting. I’m not saying it again. Yes. GRAFFITI ALLEY.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK (cont'd) This is different: it’s an ancient device. He has a kit bag at his feet and an aerosol can in hand. Modern code-breaking methods can’t unravel it. RAZ Part of my new exhibition. JOHN What? Sorry? SHERLOCK You heard me perfectly. SHERLOCK On alleyway. JOHN Where we headed? SHERLOCK I need some advice. baseball cap and over-sized jeans. DAY The back of the National Gallery . RAZ is a nineteen year-old skateboard punk: hoody. JOHN Where.

Deciphering this . The OFFICERS come running. Two COMMUNITY SUPPORT OFFICERS appear around the corner. SHERLOCK Know the author? RAZ I know the paint. OFFICER JOHN forgets he is holding the paint can. It is now at JOHN’S feet. Looks like Michigan. Flicks through the photographs.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 RAZ I’ve got two minutes before a Community Support Officer comes round that corner. The images from the bank and the library. SHERLOCK Someone must recognise it. Oi. . RAZ surreptitiously kicks the kit bag along the floor. SHERLOCK You think you could help out? RAZ I can ask around. RAZ This is all you got? Not much to go on. SHERLOCK And what about the symbols? Do you recognise them? RAZ It’s not a tag. I’d say zinc.’s the key to finding who killed them. SHERLOCK Two men have been murdered. Raz. hardcore propellant. Can we maybe talk whilst I’m working? SHERLOCK offers him the phone. RAZ hands the spray can to JOHN so he can look. I’m not even sure it’s a proper language.

ANDY She doesn’t have a family. are we? 54 INT. that wasn’t me who painted it.RESTORATION ROOM. 54 37.. The rebuke is clear. ANDY Those teapots . I was just.. . DAY Staff Office.. JOHN turns to. She said so in her letter.... The OFFICER sees the fresh art . RAZ and SHERLOCK have both run away.. Stares meaningfully.. She came to this country on her own. MUSEUM DIRECTOR Perhaps she was getting a bit of unwanted attention.the pig-faced policeman. ANDY remonstrating with the MUSEUM DIRECTOR.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 OFFICER (To John) What the hell do you think you’re doing? This gallery is a listed public building. Just holding this for. Why would she suddenly resign? MUSEUM DIRECTOR ‘Family problems’. MUSEUM DIRECTOR (Exasperated) Andy. The OFFICER opens the kit bag.. I can’t believe she would just abandon them. She’s been working on restoring them for weeks. MUSEUM .those ceramics they’ve become her obsession. OFFICER Bit of an enthusiast. JOHN Oh no. Inside is a whole stash of paint.. ANDY She was right in the middle of an important piece of restoration.

SHERLOCK This symbol . quietly furious... Fine. SHERLOCK has his head in a book of runes. the Greek alphabet.. Hebrew letters. People have been gossiping. Egyptian hieroglyphics. And I’ll have to be in Magistrates Court on Tuesday. DAY 55 SHERLOCK has made a collage . SHERLOCK (Still not listening) Good. Arabic defies interpretation. anytime.a few of the staff glance at him and then glance away. In court on Tuesday... JOHN Yeah. They’re giving me an ASBO.. I want you to go to the police station.. 55 INT. Ask about the journalist. The scribbled tag is too messy .language systems and archaic symbols. . a charge sheet.. SHERLOCK (Without looking up) You’ve been a while.SHERLOCK won’t let him.I still can’t place it. Chinese words.. well you know how it is. do they? Just formalities. Nothing fits. Custody Sergeants don’t like to be hurried.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 ANDY looks up . SHERLOCK (Not interested) What? JOHN Me.. Criminal damage. JOHN is trying to take off his coat . Finger prints.. 38.. Trying to find a match for the strange yellow squiggle. Sherlock. 221B BAKER STREET. JOHN opens the door.pages and pages printed off the internet . JOHN You want to tell your little pal: he’s welcome to go and own up.. He’s stuck them all around the edge of the mirror.

watching him. DAY SHERLOCK in VAN COON’S office. 39.EDDIE'S OFFICE. Sighs.. 221B BAKER STREET. 56 EXT. AMANDA Flew back from Dalian. SHERLOCK I’ll go and see Van Coon’s personal items. Instead he pushes him out of the door. His calendar pops up.a fleeting image as the cab races away. A WOMAN dressed all in black? She holds up her phone . Looks like he had back to back meetings with the sales team. She leans over and punches passwords into EDDIE’S computer. EDDIE’S PA. SHERLOCK runs off up the street.or something that will tell us his movements. 57 . He climbs in then glances round...JOHN still only half-wearing his coat. A note in it says ‘DALIAN’ . EDDIE’S desk is as sparse as his flat . The cab draws up. Get hold of a diary .prints out a copy of the diary for SHERLOCK. AMANDA is with him . Friday.. If we can retrace their steps somewhere they’re going to coincide. She presses ‘Print’ she photographing JOHN? The cab pulls away. Acquiesces. DAY 56 JOHN and SHERLOCK coming out the front door . We only get the tiniest glimpse . someone is on the pavement opposite. JOHN is left alone. SHAD SANDERSON .a trip lasting three days. Just a few magazines.her hair fastened back with a little green hair pin. Hails a cab. And a London A to Z. 57 INT..THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK All his personal effects will be impounded.


JOHN Hey . Taxis. isn’t it? The journalist’s diary. That was mild. meals. . 59 INT. DIMMOCK rooting through a file of evidence. SHAD SANDERSON .a large blank space in an otherwise crowded suits.countless expensive bar bills . DAY SHERLOCK and AMANDA.. DIMMOCK offers JOHN an item .AMANDA'S DESK. DIMMOCK This is what you wanted. SHERLOCK stares .a pocket idea! AMANDA I’ve got all his receipts! 58 INT. Posh restaurants .I’m a hundred per cent behind you.trying to get a sense of the man’s life. DIMMOCK Your friend. JOHN takes it .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK What about the day he died? Can you tell me where he was? AMANDA Sorry. 59 58 40. On the computer screen .opens it. Tucked inside is an aeroplane ticket. buses. There’s a bit of a gap.a fat personal organiser . And then her face lights up ..whatever you say . DAY The police station. JOHN (Genuinely surprised) Oh. We see the airport name printed: ‘DALIAN’. DIMMOCK He’s an arrogant sod. EDDIE’S receipts for the week are spread across her desk. trains. POLICE STATION. People say a lot worse than that.

SHERLOCK shuffles the receipts around like a card game trying to get them in order. I don’t think that’s the word I would use. Mid morning. The bank..THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK What sort of boss was he.pins it back again. Amanda? Appreciative? AMANDA (A wry smile) Er. He bought that for you. Checks the dates. . AMANDA That would get him into the office. Eighteen would get him as far as. AMANDA (Recalls) The West End! I remember him saying.. Eighteen pounds fifty. Check the time. AMANDA So he took a tube back to the office. SHERLOCK Like that hand cream. FLASHBACK EDDIE VAN COON climbs out of a cab in Central London. The only things that Eddie appreciated had a big price tag. AMANDA brushes hair from her eyes ... SHERLOCK finds a train ticket amongst the receipts. no. He took a cab from home the day he died. There is hand-cream on her desk. (Reads the small print) Printed at one. 41. SHERLOCK Look there. In Piccadilly. didn’t he? AMANDA utterly disconcerted by this. SHERLOCK Underground. SHERLOCK It wasn’t rush hour.

DAY A road sign. SHERLOCK (Excited) Van Coon brought a package here the day he died. SHERLOCK So. coming in the opposite direction. SHERLOCK outside the sandwich shop. Look at this one.O. Checks VAN COON’S receipt .a sandwich shop.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 Beat.) To somewhere near Piccadilly station. SHERLOCK spots something. He got peckish. Where were you headed from? Where did the cab drop you off? Turns 180 degrees and walks away from Piccadilly. It’s JOHN. FLASHBACK The TAXI DRIVER taking a suitcase out of the back of his cab. He stopped on his way.O. 60 EXT. He is so busy looking at the shops on this street he collides with someone on the pavement. Left his package and walked back to the tube. SHERLOCK (V.) Don’t want to lug a package up the escalators. AMANDA Why would he take a cab into town and then the tube back? SHERLOCK He was delivering something heavy.) ‘Delivering’? SHERLOCK (V. They ponder. (MORE) 42. SHERLOCK Hang on. EDDIE VAN COON pays him and wheels the case away. AMANDA (V. He picks up a receipt from the pile . Bought your lunch. ‘SHAFTESBURY AVENUE’. En route to the station.matches the name. 60 .O. SHAFTESBURY AVENUE.

Paper lanterns.. 61 62 . Somewhere close. SHERLOCK Somewhere in this street. He flew back from China and came here. A layer of dust over everything. Classical ceramic figures on display.... They go in.. I’ve managed to piece together his movements using scraps of information.THE LUCKY CAT. DAY An old Chinese Emporium .. dingy.. SHERLOCK .. Tiny.LUCKY CAT.. JOHN (Points) That shop over there.THE LUCKY CAT... 43.. DAY Inside the shop. Noone has bought anything here for years.. 61 EXT. SHERLOCK JOHN rather pleased with himself at having found the answer so easily. Chinese fans and sashes are strung around the door. SHAFTESBURY AVENUE . He wrote down the address. JOHN Sherlock. dirty. credit card bills and receipts.. He was here. SHAFTESBURY AVENUE .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK (cont'd) Whatever was hidden inside that suitcase.. Oh. JOHN Sherlock. The golden cat in the window waves at SHERLOCK and JOHN. They cross the street to the shop.. SHERLOCK How can you tell? JOHN holds up the journalist’s diary JOHN Lukis’ diary. I don’t know where. A fluorescent glow. 62 INT.

. 43A. a few coins in the bottom. No notes.just an old metal cash box.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 No till .

a man trims bok choy with a machete. SHERLOCK He’s staring at the prices scrawled on the little tickets. The SHOPKEEPER decides that JOHN is an eager customer. Row after row of statuettes . A handwritten price tag . I think your wife she will like. the Crispy Duck... Market stalls selling vegetables ... SHAFTESBURY AVENUE/CHINATOWN. Incense burning. Ten pound. On the shelves. A dish of oranges (also covered in dust). Look. The Chinese gate.exposes a small square in the thick layer of dust. She lifts a lucky cat from the stoneware with green and ochre glaze. Chinatown.. No. Row after row of restaurants . I see it. 63 . All the items are labelled with prices in Chinese. JOHN Sherlock.Buddhas and geishas and classical warriors . An altar with miniature figures . It’s exactly the same as the cipher. CHINESE SHOPKEEPER Ten pound. The radio plays a Chinese news station. Everywhere there are lucky Chinese cats with waving paws moving in hypnotic unison. DAY Outside the shop. And SHERLOCK’S too. no thanks. Plum Valley. JOHN The symbol. SHERLOCK lifts a small stone figurine . 44... 63 EXT.. On the label there.the symbol on it is identical to the ‘tag’ found at the library and the bank.Gods and Guardians. CHINESE SHOPKEEPER You want Lucky Cat. And then something catches JOHN’S eye.? JOHN Er.the Golden Pagoda.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 A CHINESE SHOPKEEPER (old lady in dark glasses) sits on a stool behind the counter. look.

so JOHN and SHERLOCK can translate on the spot. The horizontal line. Grabs them back. ... In the melee JOHN glances up . It’s the Chinese number ‘1’... The Chinese grocer also displays the prices in ‘regular’ numerals. These days only street traders use it. But she has gone. JOHN and SHERLOCK peruse the shop windows .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 A girl working in a Chinese herbalist throws a bucket of water out on to the pavement and starts to sweep. All similar to the tag. Just here! What we thought was the artist’s tag it’s a number ‘15’... John! JOHN We’ve found it.something familiar catches his eye. 45. black coat. SHERLOCK slaps his head . Numbers numbers numbers. SHERLOCK They were numbers! Written on the wall at the bank and at the library! Numbers in an ancient Chinese dialect! JOHN It’s a ‘15’.how did he miss this!? SHERLOCK It’s an ancient number system Hang Zhou.find a match. It’s a number as well. Everywhere Chinese numbers. The CHINESE GROCER appears from his shop door .the same symbols appear again and again: price tags at the deli. They examine his price tags . SHERLOCK And the blindfold.. Taking a photograph with her mobile? A double-take. the blackboard outside the grocers.angry that they’re swapping all the labels from his food. Look. black headscarf.. A WOMAN: black sunglasses.

a sausage sandwich for JOHN. tantalisingly. . Plastic chairs. JOHN (Remembers) Lost five million.takes his suitcase inside. SHERLOCK (V. About Van Coon. FLASHBACK VAN COON wheels his suitcase into the LUCKY CAT EMPORIUM. It’s what they brought with them in those suitcases. about how he kept afloat in the market. What did they see? SHERLOCK It’s not what they saw. 46. JOHN follows his line of reasoning perfectly. JOHN follows his line of reasoning perfectly.. This is how he made such easy money.he would have been perfect. JOHN He was a smuggler. The WAITER brings food . The steam from a coffee machine. DAY Across the road from THE LUCKY CAT .CAFE...THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 64 INT. They both come straight to the Lucky Cat Emporium. A businessman. SHERLOCK Made it back a week later. taking regular trips to Asia...a dingy cafe. JOHN Two men travel back from China. SHERLOCK Think about what Sebastian told us. They wait for him to go. SHAFTESBURY AVENUE .. FLASHBACK LUKIS does the same . 64 SHERLOCK scribbles ‘1’ and ‘15’ on the back of a serviette..) A guy like him . We see him open it.O. JOHN You don’t mean duty free..

65 . The bell says ‘SOO LIN YAO’. SHAFTESBURY AVENUE . SHERLOCK ponders. JOHN (Realises. JOHN Why did they die? It doesn’t make sense. The bag torn at the corner. 47.. He is staring out of the window across the street. Cut back to the cafe... The Lucky Cat was the drop off.. SHERLOCK What if one of them was lightfingered? JOHN How d’you mean? SHERLOCK One of them stole something something from the hoard. A telephone directory on the doorstep. The directory is standing on end.O..) And Lukis too . if someone had opened the door it would have moved. writing about China.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK (V...a journalist... We have seen the door before. gets excited) The killer doesn’t know which one of them took it! So he threatens them both. We can almost glimpse what’s inside the suitcase. but then. still in its little plastic bag.. why would someone threaten them and kill them after the event? After they’d finished the job? Silence. leaning against the door. SHERLOCK Remind me: when was the last time it rained? 65 EXT.THE LUCKY CAT. If they both turned up at the shop and delivered the goods. DAY SHERLOCK and JOHN outside THE LUCKY CAT. They smuggled something out. But SHERLOCK is no longer listening. SHERLOCK examines the door to the flat above.

the pages are swollen with rain water. .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK rips the bag open . 47A.

The washing is damp and it smells. Everywhere there are feminine touches . Reaches the windows of the first floor flat. SHERLOCK rings. one plate.a side alley JOHN scuttling after. JOHN They’re away on holiday. SHERLOCK darts down the side of the building . He almost knocks it over just manages to catch it. He opens the fridge and sniffs the milk . The flowers in the vase are sagging. On the window ledge is a vase. DAY SHERLOCK lands inside. There is scaffolding at the back of the flats. one pair of chopsticks. SHERLOCK jumps up on a dustbin. No response. A fastidiously clean little studio flat.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK That’s been on the step since Monday.gone sour. One of them is wide open. But the place is cold . Good taste.dried flowers. SHAFTESBURY AVENUE . but no money to indulge it.noone has been here for days. The window of the flat is gaping wide.all of it bone dry. . In the corner is a clothes horse hung with laundry . SHERLOCK opens it. One cup. A Chinese screen. Washing up drained dry on the draining board. 66 48. one bowl. So what? SHERLOCK Do you leave your windows open when you go away? Looks up. embroidered cushions. The washing machine light says ‘End’. SHERLOCK Noone’s been in this flat for at least three days. JOHN (Hisses) Sherlock! 66 INT/EXT. hauling himself up on the scaffolding. He jumps inside.SOO LIN'S FLAT.

SHERLOCK Size eleven. There are fingerprints on the glossy surface. JOHN (O. He was tall.) Oh for heaven’s sake. Our acrobat. Goes to the mantelpiece. A small puddle of water on the floor beside it.S. Can you not keep doing this.) You think maybe you could let me in this time? SHERLOCK ignores JOHN. The intruder held it.S. Someone broke into this flat. JOHN (O.looking for depressions in the pile. Touches the puddle of water.the fingerprints on it. SHERLOCK Long.) What are you saying? Looks back at the window. An old photo of a Chinese baby girl and baby boy hugging each other.S. SHERLOCK He knocked that vase. thin fingers. JOHN (O. SHERLOCK (Shouting downstairs) I’m not the first. What? JOHN SHERLOCK Someone else has been here. please? SHERLOCK turns back to the window. Looks back at the photo . SHERLOCK Why didn’t he close it when he left? (MORE) 49. just like I did. He follows the footprints to the mantelpiece. He starts to hunt around eagerly on the carpet . Finds the hazy impressions of shoes.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 The doorbell rings again. JOHN is outside the front again.. . He shouts through the letterbox. But not heavy..

. CUT TO: JOHN on the pavement outside the front door. Sherlock! A shadow moving out from behind the clothes horse . Look behind you. Stupid. CUT TO: SHERLOCK is still clutching at his throat.. SHERLOCK tugs it quickly to one side.. It bites into his neck. Just a pile of cuddly toys. It’s obvious! Because he’s still in here. tries to reply . and I always work alone because no one else can compete with my massive intellect!’ CUT TO: SHERLOCK inside. But.. JOHN Any time you want to include me that would be great.drags him to the carpet. JOHN ‘I’m Sherlock. Noone there. JOHN I’m obviously wasting my breath.. Pavement. 50. SHERLOCK (Half-strangled) John.the mountain of laundry. The only place the intruder can be. John. Someone slips a piece of the laundry around his neck and pulls hard .. His legs flailing all the time. CUT TO: . strangling him.. Looks at the Chinese screen.a bad impression of SHERLOCK.can’t speak. It’s ZHI ZHU . He peers through half-closed eyes but ZHI ZHU is just a blurred silhouette... Shouts through the letterbox .the spider..THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK (cont'd) (Slaps his head) Stupid. SHERLOCK tears at the cloth.




Tighter and tighter the cord is pulled. And then, just as SHERLOCK is about to black out the assailant mysteriously lets go... His assailant pushes something into SHERLOCK’S top pocket and scurries away through the open window. SHERLOCK is too weak to pursue. He glances up to see a shadowy figure leaping through the frame. Why didn’t he kill him? He coughs - regains his breath...





Reaches in his pocket, finds a tiny black flower made of folded paper. 67 EXT. SHAFTESBURY AVENUE - SOO LIN'S FLAT. DAY JOHN on the pavement. The door opens suddenly. SHERLOCK is very hoarse. SHERLOCK The milk’s out of date. And the washing - it’s started to smell. Someone left here in a hurry. Three days ago. Someone? JOHN 67

SHERLOCK points to the name on the bell. SHERLOCK Soo Lin Yao. We need to find her. JOHN How exactly? SHERLOCK Start with this. He has picked a note up off the doormat. It is the note that ANDY GALBRAITH pushed through the door: ‘SOO LIN. PLEASE RING ME, TELL ME YOU’RE OK. ANDY.’ SHERLOCK turns the paper over - an old envelope. It says NATIONAL ANTIQUITIES MUSEUM. Off they go - to the museum. As an aside JOHN You sound croaky. a cold? SHERLOCK It’s nothing. 68 INT. MUSEUM - ANTIQUITIES ROOM. DAY 68 Are you getting

Museum. Chinese Antiquities Room. JOHN and SHERLOCK with ANDY GALBRAITH. SHERLOCK When was the last time you saw her?





ANDY Three days ago. Here, at the museum. This morning - they told me she’d resigned. Just like that. Left her work unfinished. Beat. SHERLOCK looks around him -


the Jade exhibition. 52. Written on the body of the statue ..dirty hoody and trainers. Broken head. A Greek marble . ANDY There. NIGHT Coming out of the museum. MUSEUM . SHERLOCK We have to get to Soo Lin Yao. Statues wrapped in dust sheets. Sherlock! RAZ 70 69 They turn. SHERLOCK What was the last thing she did on her final afternoon? 69 INT. One of the statues is untied . JOHN If she’s still alive! That cipher it means he’s planning to kill her next.. . And then a crack of light. ANDY points to the Chinese cabinet in the corner. DAY Blackness.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 The Empress’ mannequin.. ANDY opens the door.. Switches on the main light. the wall of Benefactors’ names. He strides over to the statue... POV yellow paint.a tea ceremony. She’d have packed her things away and put them there. A voice behind. Limbs and torsos.he was waiting for her.SHERLOCK sees the rope coiled on the floor and the dust cover removed. the same Chinese death cipher. SHERLOCK That’s why I found him in that flat . She does this demonstration for the tourists .STORE ROOM. 70 EXT. RAZ is there . MUSEUM.

reflections in her glasses.. Underneath. not knowing .just a few tantalising splashes left exposed. remnants of the yellow zinc paint . SHERLOCK They’ve been here. SHERLOCK stares at the myriad colours. NIGHT 73 72 71 They arrive on the South Bank. The walls are thick with graffiti . NIGHT SHERLOCK. RAZ I’ve found something you’ll like. All you’ve got to do is turn up and say the bag was yours. THE WOMAN IN BLACK.. SHERLOCK If you wanted to hide a tree then the best place to do it is a forest.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN Well.. 73 EXT.lips hands .details . . JOHN Tuesday morning. The exact same paint.street art from hundreds of different authors.watching them cross the bridge. look who it is. Just tiny glimpses . go up on to the railway line. HUNGERFORD BRIDGE. (MORE) 53. SOUTH BANK. NIGHT On the river bank . wouldn’t you say? People would just walk past it. John. SHERLOCK Can we forget about your court date? 72 EXT. RAZ Raz points.. JOHN and RAZ on the South Bank. Underneath the Hayward gallery.. Twinkling lights reflect in the Thames. 71 EXT.not able to decipher the message. Someone has painted a huge tag. There.. SOUTH BANK.

looks threatening. JOHN left alone. Picks it up. JOHN Could have predicted that.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK (cont'd) Look for that same colour. bright yellow drips around the nozzle. Can you move a little bit? HOMELESS GUY Five pound. running south.? Turns to RAZ . . There are a few homeless people on cardboard beds. CUT TO: JOHN exploring the railway tracks to the north. If we’re going to decipher this language we’re going to need more evidence.... Sniffs the paint. JOHN Where are you gonna g. He shines his torch about. Lying in the gutter is an empty aerosol can.. HOMELESS GUY This is my place. trying not to look awkward.. Five pound. can I squeeze past you? A HOMELESS GUY grunts . What? JOHN 74 HOMELESS GUY You want me to move. JOHN I just want to look at that wall. SHERLOCK skips away.. SOUTH BANK.but the lad has gone again. ‘Scuse. JOHN Er. 74 EXT. JOHN picks his way past them in the gloom. OK. JOHN 54. NIGHT SHERLOCK on the railway line.

SHERLOCK stares hard . JOHN makes his way along the tracks. Ten. HOMELESS GUY JOHN What happened to five? HOMELESS GUY Too quick to say ‘Yes’.a thin line. the wall here is thick with ciphers: eighteen of the yellow symbols. He studies them closely .. He looks north along the tracks. JOHN is running. 55. . The line snakes away into the dark. Chinese numbers..THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN digs into his pocket. He reaches an area that is thick with fly-posters . And then he hears a shout. He turns a corner and his eyes light up. And then he sees it! A tiny drip of the yellow paint on the railway line . JOHN CUT TO: South. CUT TO: SHERLOCK continues south. Bingo! Illuminated only by the dull bulb of a street-lamp. He tears at the of the posters has caught his eye. SHERLOCK searching.. grouped in nine pairs. The moon illuminates graffiti grey in the light.. Dammit.runs his hand over them all . No reception in the no man’s land of the railway tracks. like a trail of bread crumbs. CUT TO: JOHN uses his phone to illuminate the area.gigs and club events. He gets out his phone to phone SHERLOCK. A small shred of it comes mystic ancient runes. POV the wall.

SHERLOCK I need you to maximise your visual memory. SHERLOCK Someone didn’t want me to see it. SHERLOCK How much can you remember? 56. trying to induce a trance-like state. 75 .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN (Shouts) Sherlock! Sherlock! I found it. Grabs JOHN by the head .planting both his hands on his friend’s skull. Reaches out. SHERLOCK You can remember the pattern? JOHN Yes. Painted over? JOHN Twenty minutes ago.Sherlock! What you doing? SHERLOCK Shush. NIGHT A blank wall. 75 EXT. The wall is wet. Try to picture it. A whole load of graffiti. Yeah.) I don’t understand. definitely. Shut your eyes! JOHN What? What for? What you doing? He clamps JOHN’S arms to his sides . SOUTH BANK. Picture what you saw.S. The camera pans out. I need you to concentrate. Now the wall is blank.spins round with him. Painted black. JOHN (O. Black paint. JOHN Hey . JOHN has brought SHERLOCK back to the place where he found the eighteen symbols. Can you remember it? JOHN Sure. It was here. I saw it. John.

The new cipher. John. JOHN Oh.. ‘12’ and ‘43’ etc. Dawn peeping through the curtains.. 221B BAKER STREET.. I need to sleep. SHERLOCK lets go.a print out of the eighteen Chinese symbols now has pride of place. SHERLOCK Why paint it next to the tracks? No idea. SHERLOCK stares at the collage on the wall . well I remember all of it.‘3’ and ‘19’.. SHERLOCK Because the average visual memory is only sixty-two per cent accurate. SHERLOCK Always in pairs. Really? SHERLOCK JOHN At least I will if I can get to my pockets. . JOHN God. JOHN (Barely conscious) 76 Mm? SHERLOCK Every number comes with a partner. 76 INT. DAY Early morning.. JOHN SHERLOCK Thousands of people pass by there every day.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN Look.. Look.. 57. I took a photograph. don’t worry. JOHN pulls his phone out.. He has scribbled the number translation underneath each . Shows a picture to SHERLOCK..

And it’s somewhere here .. SHERLOCK Of course! He wants information.. ANDY I’ve tried everywhere.written in the Hang Zhou numerals. Her friends. DAY The facade of the museum.. He is staring at the Zisha pots in their glass case. SHERLOCK isn’t listening. That cipher. SHERLOCK Two men died after visiting China. MUSEUM . I don’t know where she’s gone.. Whatever was stolen . her colleagues. JOHN Soo Lin Yao is in code. .ANTIQUITIES ROOM. Sherlock? What are you looking at? SHERLOCK Tell me more about those tea pots. He’s staring into the distance.he wants it back. He’s contacting all his people in the underworld. in that case. CUT TO: 77 58. We can’t crack this without Soo Lin Yao. 77 EXT/INT. He means to kill her as well. She could be a thousand miles away. JOHN What’s the matter. CUT TO: JOHN and SHERLOCK with ANDY. it was just the same pattern as the others.. The killer left them messages ..THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN Just twenty minutes.

who’s been in and out of the staff entrance. The GUARD hands ANDY a complete written log . Apparently you have to keep making tea in them. 59. NIGHT The galleries are dark. 79 INT. DAY The security desk. electrical access panel pushed out of its place.SECURITY DESK. 78 79 . MUSEUM . From one gallery to another. If they dry out the clay can start to crumble. I know it’s antiquated. Two of the tea pots are now gleaming . Look at the log! Beat. SHERLOCK Maybe she never went away. SHERLOCK Last time we came here . But everyone who comes in here has to enter their name. MUSEUM..the museum is a warren of doors and cupboards and electrical access tunnels. The Empress mannequin stares into the shadows. From one wire-mesh panel to another. She enters the Chinese Antiquities Room... This whole museum is a maze of entrances and exits. And then a scratching noise .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 ANDY opens the cabinet. She hasn’t been back to the museum.. SHERLOCK looks about him . 78 INT.only one of those pots was shining. Statues in the moonlight. ANDY I mean.. A woman squeezes out from the tunnel. Two pale hands grasp the metal grille and lower it to the floor.. Her feet pad on the marble floors.newly seasoned.. ANDY Those pots were her obsession. They need urgent work. JUMP CUT from one door to another.

But it is only a matter of time. And an A to Z of London. It’s SHERLOCK. drops the pot in surprise . And he turns on the light. 80 INT. Opens it and lifts down a third pot ready for nearly rolls off the desk.S. Books about ceramics and antiquities. 81 INT.) Fancy a biscuit with it? She turns. Carefully she takes the Zisha pot and brews the tea sprinkling the leaves and delicately pouring in water.RESTORATION ROOM. He rescues the pot. SHERLOCK Who is he? You’ve met him before? 81 60. I know he will find me. NIGHT SHERLOCK and JOHN with SOO LIN. For the first time we see her face . SOO LIN You saw the cipher? You know that he is coming for me. She is nervous.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 The woman takes out a bunch of keys and goes to the case containing the Zisha. We see the detail of her desk . SOO LIN I had to finish. SHERLOCK Centuries old. So far you’ve managed to avoid him. agitated. SHERLOCK (O. MUSEUM . . SHERLOCK You’ve been clever. A voice startles her. She sloshes the tea around inside . Don’t want to break it.SOO LIN. NIGHT 80 The woman sits at her desk in the restoration room.RESTORATION ROOM.coating the pot with the glaze. To finish this work.catalogues and papers. She has a small brass kettle of hot water and some green tea leaves. MUSEUM .

.. living back in China. . I recognise his. 60A. ‘signature’.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SOO LIN (Nods) When I was a girl.

No way to survive day to day. JOHN quizzical.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK The cipher? SOO LIN Only he would do this. Zhi Zhu. SHERLOCK An ancient crime syndicate. (MORE) 61. Based in China. She takes off her sock.a black lotus flower inscribed in a circle. There. lifts her foot. JOHN Hauls? You mean.. They smuggle alcohol . is a small circular tattoo . CUT TO: SOO LIN unlacing her shoe. Noone thinks of searching the pockets of a school girl. I had no livelihood. . you were a smuggler? SOO LIN I was fifteen. living back in China. SOO LIN You know this mark? SHERLOCK It’s the mark of a Tong. on her heel.. SHERLOCK Who are they? SOO LIN They are called the ‘Black Lotus’. in the Yellow Dragon City. My parents were dead. SOO LIN Every foot soldier bears the mark every one who hauls for them. except to work for the cigarettes. What? JOHN SHERLOCK It means ‘The spider’.

A small community like ours they are never very far away. 82 INT/EXT. JOHN You knew him well? When you were living back in China? SOO LIN Oh yes. night school. He asked me to help him .. SOO LIN He is ruthless. Even family if they betrayed him. Is someone watching from up there? 82 62. A fanatic. I managed to leave that life behind me. A new life. . I hoped after five years. Beat. He is my brother. JOHN You’ve no idea what it was? SOO LIN (Shakes her head) I refused to help. MUSEUM. But they never really let you leave. I’m ashamed of how I lived.we glimpse them from up above . maybe they would have forgotten me. SHERLOCK And then he caught up with you? SOO LIN Yes. Everything was good. I’m not track down something that was stolen. He would strike down anyone. But I managed to get out.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SOO LIN (cont'd) By the time I was sixteen I was taking thousands of pounds worth of drugs across the border into Hong Kong. SHERLOCK So he sent you the cipher as a punishment. She nods gravely. I came to England studied. NIGHT JOHN and SHERLOCK with SOO LIN . He came to my flat three days ago.. They gave me a job here.through the patterned glass roof.


A distant drum beat. It’s based upon a book. 1989. Liang a little older. They look around in horror . SHERLOCK SOO LIN Here. Next day I came to work and the cipher was waiting. Zhi Zhu. Drawn across the man’s eyes. Just shadows. SOO LIN SHERLOCK So. . This is a Chinese number ‘1’. ‘1’ and ‘15’. 63. We could work for the Black Lotus or starve on the streets like beggars. Two orphans.. He has found me. Someone has thrown all the electrical switches. My brother has become their puppet in the power of the one they call Shan .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SOO LIN Our parents died in the demonstrations. We had no choice.the ciphers from the bank. What’s the code? SOO LIN All the smugglers know it.. the library and the railway. SHERLOCK reaches into his jacket pocket and produces print outs . SHERLOCK Can you decipher this? SOO LIN They’re numbers. A Chinese Dagu drum. SHERLOCK And this? ‘15’? Yes. I was four years old.noone visible. And then the sound begins . He said I had betrayed him. Yes. SOO LIN He’s here. The line. I turned him away. The lights go out.Black Lotus General.

ATRIUM/GALLERIES. Bang! Bang! He can hear softly running feet ahead of him. SHERLOCK seizes his chance. whispers to SOO LIN. CUT TO: JOHN hears the shot. CUT TO: The main atrium. A third shot sounds. No bullet hole. MUSEUM . jumps up and ascends the central staircase. The sound of the drum.Egyptian. Everywhere dark. 64. Looks at the wall behind him. Babylonian. He stares up at the towering marble walls and the grand circular staircase. JOHN Sherlock. Where did the bullet hit? JOHN sprints into the atrium. Gunshot! Someone firing from an upper balcony. wait! 84 INT. He dives behind the marble railing. JOHN I’ve got to go and help him. . SHERLOCK lying on his stomach in the darkness. Only the sound of the drum. Moonlight pours through the glass roof throwing webbed shadows on to the floor.a second shot rings out. SHERLOCK jumps to his feet and sprints towards the sound. Peers over the railing . NIGHT 84 SHERLOCK runs out into the main atrium. Bolt the door after me. JOHN darts up the opposite staircase.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN pulls SOO LIN down on to the floor. And he scampers away. CUT TO: Galleries go whizzing past . He arrives in the ‘ANTHROPOLOGY’ gallery.

He’s dressed all in black and wears bulbous sunglasses that give him an insect-like appearance in the gloom. MUSEUM . Liang.a long thin face and a tall wiry body . He darts back the way he came. He examines the display. terrified) Pin yin. We see him ..gaunt and angular. Have a bit of respect for archeology! Then suddenly the bullets stop. She stands abruptly and turns. SHERLOCK Silence. The paper on her desk is being blown about by a gentle breeze. Thank you. Skin a ghastly grey in the moonlight.. She crawls out from under a desk. No drum any more. Bang! Bang! Bang! SHERLOCK That skull is two hundred thousand years old. And then it dawns on him.. Qing! 65.RESTORATION ROOM.searches amongst the shadows. He ducks and dives between the artefacts. CUT TO: JOHN in a different gallery . Cautiously SHERLOCK peers out.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 More gunshots. Not a single bullet hole in it? What are the chances of that? He realises that the drum has stopped beating.. she realises that someone has opened a window in this room. NIGHT 85 SOO LIN in the darkened office. 85 INT. The killer has gone. my God. Liang. . ZHI ZHU is right behind her. Finds a hiding place behind a display of skulls. SOO LIN (Breathless. JOHN Oh.

Runs at lighting speed back to the staff office . JOHN’S face says everything. CUT TO: SHERLOCK running back through the galleries.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 She stretches out a trembling hand to touch his face. You’re supposed to be finding him. DIMMOCK Can you prove that? The light in SHERLOCK’S eyes says he can. SHERLOCK Brian Lukis and Eddie Van Coon were working for a gang of international smugglers. HOSPITAL . A shot rings out.JOHN’S emotional tirade is not helping. 87 INT. SHERLOCK fired up after his encounter at the museum . 86 87 . The little Zisha pot has rolled on to the floor and smashed.just a dead hand poking out from behind the desk. 66. POLICE STATION.the place is still dark. NIGHT DIMMOCK.. JOHN How many murders is it going to take before you start believing this maniac is out there? A young girl was gunned down tonight three victims in three days. Under your nose.JOHN angry and bewildered. A gang called ‘The Black Lotus’. He stops dead in his tracks. Operating right here in London. NIGHT Hospital canteen. He hears it too. SHERLOCK raises a hand to stop him ranting . And a black paper lotus flower resting in her palm.. SHERLOCK. We do not see much . JOHN. 86 INT.CANTEEN. CUT TO: JOHN running back through the main atrium. We do not need to see more.

Makes you tired. SHERLOCK Could you wheel them out again? MISS HOOPER Well. right. Some? MISS HOOPER SHERLOCK Eddie Van Coon and Brian Lukis. . SHERLOCK What are you thinking? The pork or the pasta? MISS HOOPER (Pleasant) Oh. Not if you’re slicing up human cadavers..clipboard and lab coat.ought to say ‘no’ .wants to say ‘yes’ because it’s him. 67. SHERLOCK This place is never going to trouble Egon Ronay. MISS HOOPER Er. SHERLOCK joins the queue behind her. checks her clipboard. SHERLOCK decides to apply a little pressure.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 MOLLY HOOPER on a break . Probably ought to stick with the pasta . They’re on my list. when you digest.don’t want to do roast pork. She recognises the names. MISS HOOPER Er. MISS HOOPER Oh. what are you having? SHERLOCK Don’t do food when I’m working... It’s you. She dithers . the paperwork’s already gone in.. (Reads) I did the post-mortems.. You’re working here tonight? SHERLOCK Got some bodies I need to examine. She queues at the self-service cafe with a plastic tray..

NIGHT The mortuary. JOHN. And he’s got her. SHERLOCK We’re just interested in the feet. SHERLOCK Suits you better this way. 88 INT. SHERLOCK. DIMMOCK and MISS HOOPER. You used to part it in the middle.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK You’ve changed your hair.MORTUARY. MISS HOOPER Oh. 67A. Yes. What? MISS HOOPER SHERLOCK The style. HOSPITAL . The feet? MISS HOOPER 88 SHERLOCK Do you mind if we just take a look at them? MISS HOOPER unzips the body bag. . Well. LUKIS has the Black Lotus tattoo on his heel.

a victorious smile.. CUT TO: Another slab.. . In Chinese it means ‘The mountain’. 221B BAKER STREET. DIMMOCK Their books? 89 INT.same tattoo on the heel. Her brother’s been corrupted by one of its leaders. So? DIMMOCK SHERLOCK So either these two men happened to visit the same Chinese tattoo parlour. JOHN visibly shaken by the death of SOO LIN. SHERLOCK turns to DIMMOCK .walk through the door collapse. And Van Coon’s. JOHN We’re still no closer to finding them. flops down in a chair. VAN COON lies underneath.despondent. ‘General Shan’.. SHERLOCK Yes. JOHN flops down in the chair . NIGHT SHERLOCK and JOHN arrive home . SHERLOCK It’s not just a criminal network it’s a cult. takes off the cloth. 89 68.. Same routine . JOHN Soo Lin said the name. ‘Shan’. DIMMOCK (Sighs) What do you want? SHERLOCK I want every book from Lukis’ apartment.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK Now Van Coon. Or I’m telling the truth.

SHERLOCK JOHN An expert in antiquities.hidden after Mau’s revolution. JOHN The Black Lotus is selling them. Ancient relics of China..THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK Wrong! We know almost all there is to know. She gave us most of the missing pieces. John.‘CRISPIAN’S AUCTIONEERS. Settles on a picture . Of course. We have seen the picture before .the MUSEUM DIRECTOR showed it to ANDY. ceramics. CUT TO: Image on a computer screen. Baker Street. (And then it dawns) Ah.screens. SHERLOCK Valuable antiquities. He grabs JOHN’S laptop. SHERLOCK Why would he go and see his sister? Why would he need her expertise? JOHN She worked at the museum.valuable antiquities up for auction.two Ming Vases. JUMP CUT through a series of pictures .. 1750-2010’. The exact same impression that was in VAN COON’S suitcase. SHERLOCK pauses on anything oriental . . A logo . FLASHBACK. This time JOHN does not protest. Their shape is unusual.. I see. 69. purchased on the black market... China’s home to a thousand treasures . Exactly. SOO LIN He asked me to help him track down something that was stolen.

Two undiscovered treasures from the East. Anonymous..Chinese antiquities sold at auction. Arrived from China a week ago. Focus tight on the words on the screen: ‘Source: Anonymous’ ‘Source: Anonymous’ ‘Source: Anonymous’ SHERLOCK Here’s another one. Their eyes meet. SHERLOCK studying the suitcase in VAN COON’s apartment The impression left in the clothes is the same size and shape as the Ming Vase.. (Turns to John) (MORE) 70. A month before that. Look.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK Check the dates. He’s making a hand-written list of objects. The vendor doesn’t give his name. Writing the date next to each one.. JOHN One in Lukis’ suitcase and one in Van Coon’s. SHERLOCK All of them from an anonymous source. They know they have found the answer.. Chinese painting. Anything brought into the country by an anonymous vendor. CUT TO: SHERLOCK continues to surf the net . JOHN (Surfs) Look. Half a Million.more Chinese antiquities. FLASHBACK. Chinese ceramic statue. Baker Street. Surfing again . . A month ago. Sold for four hundred thousand.

. HUDSON Are we collecting for by one . Everywhere they are piled high! A couple of CONSTABLES are bringing in more. 70A. JOHN Every single auction coincides with Eddie or Brian Lukis travelling to China. HUDSON A young man’s outside with a crate of books. JOHN is flicking through BRIAN LUKIS’ pocket diary and the print-out of EDDIE VAN COON’S computer diary. Sherlock? What? SHERLOCK MRS.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK (cont'd) They’re stealing them back in China and .... some are labelled LUKIS. NIGHT 90 The Baker Street flat filled with boxes and boxes of books. The numbers . A knock. JOHN That’s why he’s come. 221B BAKER STREET. He circles some of the dates in fluorescent pen and writes them on a second list. .if they stole something .. SHERLOCK So. Some boxes are labelled VAN COON.. It’s MRS.they’re feeding them into Britain. 90 INT. They tally precisely . He compares his list to SHERLOCK’S.same pattern on the page. SHERLOCK and JOHN sit amidst a huge stack of them. when they were in China . HUDSON.they’re references. The dates the Chinese items were sold at auction. compared to the dates that VAN COON or LUKIS went to China. if one of those men was greedy. SHERLOCK So. MRS.

THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 To books? JOHN SHERLOCK To specific pages. That means. 70B. So... And specific words on those pages... JOHN Right. ... ‘15’ and ‘1’.

SHERLOCK It’s got to be something they both own.he’s carrying a stack of papers sealed in an evidence bag. He wants to be part of the gang now. It’s the pages of scribbled ciphers that he asked her to translate. So? What’s the message? SHERLOCK Depends on the book. fine. JOHN OK. Neither SHERLOCK nor JOHN examine it. The bag has a white label stuck over the seal . JOHN (Dry) OK.amidst the jumble. SHERLOCK grabs the bundle of evidence and slings it on his desk . Is this your writing? Puts them under SHERLOCK’S nose. should it? JOHN starts to make a painstaking list of all the books and then attempts to cross-reference them. 71. That’s the cunning of a book code. . DIMMOCK Anything else I can do? (Pause. At the museum. It would never be the same book twice.trying to see what they are doing. No response) To assist you. Well this shouldn’t take too long.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK You turn to page fifteen and it’s the first word that you read. DIMMOCK enters next . JOHN We hoped maybe she could decipher it. DIMMOCK hovers for a moment . DIMMOCK We found these.‘POLICE EVIDENCE’. I mean. Stares at the burgeoning piles.

Always the fifteenth page and the first word written there. CUT TO: JOHN locating identical pairs of books and handing them to SHERLOCK: two copies of every best seller. Not one of the gang. Nothing significant.two copies of a trashy thriller . CUT TO: SHERLOCK The thing about a book code .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK (Without looking up) Some silence would be marvellous.. Page 15. The word is always something innocuous like ‘and’ or ‘the’. Or occasionally something saucy like ‘bum’. JUMP CUT through a series of attempts to match the numbers to words in different books. He opens one and examines it.something that everyone has to be a book that all of the gang members own. DIMMOCK slopes out. . SHERLOCK takes the first pair . And one that they all have access to. 71A. ‘is’ No use. First word.

No answer. John? SARAH In she goes. bleary-eyed. SARAH Let me go and have a word. He hasn’t buzzed the intercom for ages. JOHN is asleep.RECEPTION. GP’S SURGERY .RECEPTION/JOHN'S ROOM. 92 INT. GP'S SURGERY . SARAH What’s going on? RECEPTIONIST That locum you hired. 91 INT. leaning on his fists. Knocks on a door. JOHN One or two? 92 72. SARAH I did one or two of yours. The waiting room is empty. Thought I had more to see. John? SARAH 91 A little light snoring.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN Can’t run around town with the works of Shakespeare in your pocket. They have worked through the night. Goes over to the RECEPTIONIST. JOHN appears from his shift. JOHN Looks like I’m done. She walks into Reception. filing a stack of notes. DAY The Doctor’s Surgery. . DAY SARAH’S in Reception. There is a huge queue of patients. SARAH has finished her morning appointments. An alarm clock rings.

SARAH He drifts away. JOHN Bit of a late one. JOHN (Reading things perfectly) It wasn’t a date. SARAH (Affectionate) No.. SARAH She likes books.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SARAH Well. 221B BAKER STREET. does she? Your girlfriend.. Ah. 93 INT... (Breath. event. DAY SHERLOCK still flicking through book after book . JOHN And I don’t have one tonight. JOHN I’m sorry.. Not very professional.. maybe five or six. OK.. SARAH Good.. Realises her admission) I mean. I was attending a sort of. Not very.calls after him. A little smile. . a book.. SARAH What were you doing? Keep you up so late? JOHN Er. SHERLOCK A book that everyone would own. She can’t hide her curiosity .. Goes to his own bookshelves. 93 73.he can’t find the one that unlocks the code.

suited and booted. JUMP CUT through another series of attempts: The Bible. Dan Brown. . 73A. Jamie Oliver. No result. In a bit of a panic. CUT TO: JOHN enters . JOHN Actually . SHERLOCK I need to get some air to the brain.I’ve got a date. We’re going out tonight. Nigella Lawson. The OED.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 Takes down all the classic books and examines them one by one to see if they unlock the code.

What about this? He digs into his wallet .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 What? SHERLOCK JOHN It’s where two people who like each other go out and have fun. SHERLOCK In London for one night only.. It is the tiny shred of a poster that he peeled off the wall from the railway arches. (Breath) At least I hope not. JOHN looks at the paper . 94 74.takes out a scrap of paper.. SHERLOCK That’s what I was suggesting. JOHN SHERLOCK Hardly original. but I don’t come to you for dating advice. SHERLOCK Where you taking her? Cinema. 94 EXT. Just a scrap that says ‘CIRCUS’ and has the box office phone picture. . JOHN Thanks. NIGHT JOHN and SARAH hurry along an East End Street. JOHN No it wasn’t. SHERLOCK finds his wallet. THEATRE.

75.. The front facade is decorated in a hundred Chinese lanterns. SARAH I think it’s probably from China. SARAH Is it a touring company or something? JOHN I don’t know much about it.S. They have come to a theatre. JOHN I’ve got two reserved for tonight. NIGHT JOHN and SARAH in the box office queue.) And then I phoned back and got one for me as well. no. I think that’s an error. SARAH sees the venue.FOYER. SHERLOCK (O. BOX OFFICE MANAGER What name is it? JOHN Er. 95 . JOHN looks entirely suspicious.the bottom corner of it matches his tiny scrap. They turn the corner. Hands him an envelope with the name ‘SHERLOCK HOLMES’ on it. I have three in that name. He booked two. Holmes. He phoned up. There is a poster: ‘The Yellow Dragon Circus’. POV SARAH and JOHN.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SARAH It’s years since anyone took me to the circus. JOHN Oh. JOHN A friend recommended it to me. THEATRE . The same poster that SHERLOCK saw .. 95 INT. BOX OFFICE MANAGER Actually.

I do have one or two other things on my mind this evening. The Tong sent an assassin to England. NIGHT SHERLOCK and JOHN arguing outside the ladies’ loo. They’d need some reason to get out of the country. You go ahead. JOHN You couldn’t let me have one night off? SHERLOCK The Yellow Dragon Circus! One day they’re in London... JOHN You are kidding? 76.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN doesn’t need to turn around to know his date has been crashed... JOHN Fine. 96 INT. SARAH turns and sees SHERLOCK behind them in the queue. JOHN Dressed up as a tight rope walker! Come on. Like what? SHERLOCK 96 Beat. SHERLOCK I’m Sherlock. wouldn’t they? I just need to have a little look round the place. It fits. JOHN Look. Behave! SHERLOCK A killer who can climb! Who can shin up a rope! Where else would you find that level of dexterity? Exit visas are scarce in China.FOYER. Sherlock. . THEATRE . JOHN disbelieving. SHERLOCK I need your help. I’ll take Sarah off for a pint.

THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK What’s so important? JOHN Sherlock ... What? SHERLOCK JOHN (Can’t think of a delicate word. . You want me to accost some killer whilst I’m trying to..) Whilst I’m trying to get off with Sarah! SARAH comes out of the toilet. JOHN forces a smile. Ready? JOHN 76A. so..I’m right in the middle of a date.

THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 97 INT. The audience stands in the empty space. Gasps. LUKIS both heard. A female performer enters. THEATRE . At the other end hangs a metal bowl on a chain. ready to fire. JOHN I think I know what’s coming. NIGHT 97 No seats in the derelict music hall. Then drum roll. Music... A big crash from the drummer. The mechanism is so sensitive that the weight of the feather pulls the trigger down and releases the spring. The OPERA SINGER retrieves the dart from the plank and replaces it in the ballista. A ring of ancient Chinese crossbow. At one end is the long metal shaft. Gently she drops the feather into the metal bowl. Hush. dressed all in black short and muscular. She extracts a white feather from her head-dress. The deadly dart fires straight into the plank. A masked warrior (WARLORD) enters. A sound that is eerily familiar.. Same drum VAN COON and The OPERA SINGER pulls off the cloth. From her robes the OPERA SINGER produces a lethal-looking crossbow bolt. In the centre is a tall tripod covered with a black cloth. The ballista points straight at its imaginary heart. Balanced on the tripod is an evil-looking ballista . The OPERA SINGER ties him with thick cords so he is unable to move. She puts it in the ballista mechanism and cocks the spring. dressed in the make up and robes of the Chinese opera (rouged face and gold head-dress). . 77. A wooden plank (cut into the shape of a man) is strapped to the apron of the stage. He stands against the plank. dangling from the trigger. Same drum they heard at the museum.AUDITORIUM. The OPERA SINGER raises her hands for silence.. A drummer bangs out a monotonous beat on the Dagu drum.

Attached to the bottom end is a sandbag. Attached to the end in the roof is a metal weight. cuts a gash in the sandbag. SARAH is terrified and JOHN is visibly tense. On the other end of the rope the metal weight is gradually lowered towards the waiting bowl. strapped to the plank. JOHN Well.. . Classic Chinese circus act. Slowly. that sounds like ideal entertainment for a Friday night. The weight is gradually lowered on to the bowl. The rope runs up and over a beam. The masked warrior is in place. The drummer begins his crescendo. The ballista spring is pulled back. spinning all the while. What are they going to do now? SHERLOCK Ancient Chinese escapology act. JOHN I would have been happy with a bit of juggling and a couple of clowns. 78. The sand starts to pour out. shaped like a teardrop. A long golden rope is lowered from the ceiling.. The OPERA SINGER takes out a knife. JOHN (Under his breath) Then again. Crash! SARAH jumps again and clutches JOHN for comfort. The warrior in black struggles in his bonds.. SHERLOCK They split the sandbag so the sand pours out. slowly it rises to the ceiling.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SARAH Dear God. The crossbow is on a delicate spring. The cords that bind him do not seem to budge. Then. SARAH hugs tighter to JOHN. The warrior has to escape his bonds before it fires. Crash on the drums..

angular man enters. Applause in the distance. the warrior seems to be loosening some of his bonds. But maybe it’s too late.. he steps aside and it misses him by a whisker. NIGHT SHERLOCK tiptoes around backstage. Recorded music plays . He climbs the rope. after struggling for an eternity. the weight lands in the bowl.AUDITORIUM. 99 INT. JOHN How about that. the dart fires into the plank.. The crowd breaks into spontaneous applause.. In the corner is a mannequin dressed in green. THEATRE .a tall. glittering designs. the deadly Chinese bird spider. A head-dress rests on the top . Then. 98 99 . The light is dim . Replaces the head-dress on the mannequin and leaves.BACKSTAGE. From the ceiling drops a large length of grey silk..just a few candles. we present for your pleasure. 79.grey leotard and grey mask .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 The sandbag is almost bereft of sand . almost touching the bowl.the face of a Chinese WARLORD. The ballista is triggered.? JOHN turns to SHERLOCK. 98 INT. SHERLOCK takes the head-dress off and examines it intricate workmanship.. NIGHT A new circus act beginning: OPERA SINGER Ladies and gentlemen. Chinese costumes litter the tables and chairs.empty. But SHERLOCK is not there. the warrior pulls away and ducks. The sand runs out.ambient. from the distant moonlit shores of the Yangtze river. Sticks of greasepaint and abandoned opera masks.higher and higher it rises. Dressed from head to foot in grey . He finds a dressing room area .. THEATRE . The metal weight drops down.

She is entranced. There are tiny dabs of yellow paint on the handle.. SARAH (Awed whisper) Were you expecting anything like this? JOHN Actually yes. well. THEATRE . Focus on SARAH’S face. SHERLOCK He makes for the door. SHERLOCK jumps to his feet and sprays the can at the mirror. he gently abseils down the silken train and hovers just above the heads of the audience. And he retrieves. He bobs down low behind a hamper.. an aerosol can! The footsteps have gone. glancing at the mannequin . Found you. NIGHT 100 SHERLOCK peers through a crack in the curtain and witnesses the human spider act.BACKSTAGE. troubled. SHERLOCK darts back along the narrow wing space and into the deserted dressing room area. Did it have hands? 80. Is something different? Has the mannequin changed from when he clapped eyes on it three minutes ago? He scans the figure from head to toe. Someone is coming . He climbs thirty feet in the air and winds himself into the silken banner. using fluid and balletic movements.the green robes and the WARLORD head-dress. 100 INT. And then he sees it! A small black kit bag lying on the floor. Focus on JOHN’S face. waiting for the footsteps to die. leaving the stage. Footsteps. He unzips it and reaches inside. Then. It’s yellow paint.the OPERA SINGER.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 His movements are swift and effortless. SHERLOCK Well. .

Someone is wearing the WARLORD costume now. CUT TO: JOHN and SARAH stare in wonder at ZHI ZHU as he effortlessly scales the huge skein of silk.. A full-throated war-cry. The WARLORD lands one blow after another. He grabs the paint can and uses it as a weapon . And then the face opens its mouth and screams. SHERLOCK seizes the moment. John! SHERLOCK JOHN dives on him. The audience scatter.spraying it into the WARLORD’S eyes. He dashes at his assailant with a mighty force. 81. masking any sound from. SHERLOCK ducks and the sword embeds itself in the plaster wall. screaming. The accompanying music plays at full volume. And he attacks SHERLOCK. brandishing the sword.. The WARLORD lands a punch on JOHN . Hey. He points into the corner. The man is squat and bulky but immensely strong. Together they go crashing through the door. straight through the blacks and into the auditorium space. SHERLOCK narrowly managing to dodge them and to keep his footing. CUT TO: SHERLOCK and the CHINESE WARLORD are locked in hand to hand combat. SHERLOCK This time the trick fails miserably . The crowd are momentarily stunned: a Chinese WARLORD wrestling on the floor with SHERLOCK HOLMES. . The WARLORD swings his razor sword at SHERLOCK’S head.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 And were those hands carrying a sword? He gazes at the face.the CHINESE WARLORD just punches him in the gob. nose to nose. He tries the ‘Watch Out’ routine (since it worked so well on the SIKH).sending him careering into a curtain. running for the Exit signs.

POLICE STATION. The WARLORD advances on SHERLOCK and lands another punch. still brandishing a sword. He grabs SARAH by the wrist. SARAH Just another date. She brings it crashing down on the head of the WARLORD. And with SHERLOCK they run off into the dark.something in her hand.the WOMAN IN BLACK. DIMMOCK I sent a couple of cars. 101 INT. half-concussed. She photographs him and smiles. SARAH seizes the wooden plank. 82. He kicks out at SHERLOCK and staggers to his feet. JOHN knows he has seen her before . She runs over to rescue JOHN from the dusty chaos. JOHN Damn. JOHN Hope you enjoyed your evening. The old music hall is totally deserted.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 He tears it down and it lands with a cloud of dust. He flinches . SHERLOCK rips a shoe from the WARLORD. JOHN knows it’s time to retreat. The Black Lotus. In the gloom ZHI ZHU scuttles down his silken skein and disappears into the shadows. . but flailing with his sword. SARAH with them they have come straight from the theatre. She points it at JOHN. Everywhere darker now. From the wings the OPERA SINGER appears .merely stunned. The WARLORD is still advancing. And I wanted to make it memorable.instinctively thinking it’s a gun. It’s a mobile phone. NIGHT 101 SHERLOCK and JOHN reporting to DI DIMMOCK. Candles are extinguished. But it’s not. But the WARLORD is not concussed . He gazes there at a tattoo on the man’s heel. dizzy.

JOHN They were part of a smuggling operation. The tattoo we saw on the bodies. He stares at the eighteen symbols on the display. There is nothing SHERLOCK can say to mollify him. Please tell me I’ll have something to show for it. sent here to get it back.. SHERLOCK They won’t leave. Lestrade . One of them stole something . 221B BAKER STREET. I saw the mark at the theatre. I gave the order for a must tell us.when he was in China..they were gang members. . Not without finding what they came for. sighs. JOHN They’ll be back in China by tomorrow. DIMMOCK You don’t know? DIMMOCK leans back. SHERLOCK These circus performers .I’ve done everything you asked. SHERLOCK Somewhere in this message ..THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK Look. Silence. NIGHT JOHN and SHERLOCK arrive home. Other than a massive bill for overtime.he seems to think your advice is worth something. Holmes . Something valuable. We need to find a hideout . 102 83.a rendezvous. SARAH still with them. The mark of the Tong. DIMMOCK Mr. DIMMOCK Get what back? JOHN We don’t know that.. 102 INT.

I think maybe I should leave you to it.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 Beat. The next two lines spoken simultaneously: 83A.SARAH shuffles awkwardly. JOHN and SHERLOCK staring at the wall display . . SARAH Well.

he has no drinks to give his guest. SARAH is finding it hard to get SHERLOCK to engage..the scribbled cipher. He finds a jar of olives. This is what you do.. SARAH CUT TO: JOHN gets a bowl out for snacks. Trying to study. SARAH So. Ah. Stay if you like. SHERLOCK (Impatient) Consulting detective.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN Oh. 84. CUT TO: SARAH and SHERLOCK are in the lounge whilst JOHN rattles round in the kitchen. you don’t have to go yet . Looks over his shoulder at what he is writing. It would be easier to study if you left now. SARAH Is it just me? Or is anyone else starving? CUT TO: JOHN searching through the fridge in a panic . Reams of paper are piled up everywhere .irritated by the interruption. They have a layer of mould. One can or lager and some flat lemonade. CUT TO: The lounge. SHERLOCK . . does she Sherlock? Stay a bit. (No response) You solve puzzles. An awkward pause. You and John.. For a living. He finds a packet of Wotsits lurking in the cupboard and sticks them in the bowl instead.. SHERLOCK Yes. The room is in chaos. JOHN He’s kidding.

THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SARAH What are these squiggles? SHERLOCK They’re numbers. Written in an ancient Chinese dialect. . 84A.

SHERLOCK How did you do that? 85. HUDSON If it was Monday I’d have been to the supermarket. She shows him the page she was looking at . Hudson . And there’s a bowl of nibbles. SHERLOCK is interested in SARAH for the very first time turns. SHERLOCK How did you know? SARAH Two words are translated here. HUDSON breezes into the flat and straight into the kitchen . MRS. CUT TO: Lounge.the first two number pairs have words written underneath.the pages that DIMMOCK brought back from the library in the evidence bag. It’s a cipher. There is a print-out of eighteen symbols grouped in nine pairs. SARAH picks up some of the pages from the heap . MRS.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SARAH (Gently teasing) Of course.she has a tea towel covered with a tray. JOHN Mrs.these numbers. HUDSON (Whispers) I’ve done punch. Should have known that. opens the bag and studies them. She finds JOHN. SHERLOCK SARAH And each pair of numbers is a word. Exactly.the ones that were sealed in an evidence bag. Sure enough . Yes.’re a saint. SARAH So . . Pulls off the label.

It was already written.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SARAH I didn’t. . 85A.

No luck. That book is in her office! And he bolts out of the door. STREET. The key to cracking the cipher! Soo Lin used it to do this.. ‘Nine’ ‘Mill’ SHERLOCK ‘Nine Mill. Soo Lin . 103 EXT. John .. 86. JOHN Where you going? SHERLOCK To the Museum.’ For what? We need the end of the sentence. The Restoration Office . Reads the two words she has translated. We didn’t see it. SHERLOCK John.’? JOHN Maybe it means ‘million’.she started to translate the code for us. MRS. SHERLOCK ‘Nine million quid. NIGHT 103 SHERLOCK runs out on to the street to hail a cab. . SHERLOCK rushes to the door..THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN appears with the tray of nibbles.. The books falls to the gutter and they rail at him in German. What? JOHN SHERLOCK The book. look.the book. He collides with two German tourists.we must have been staring at the museum . Whilst you and I were running round the galleries she started to translate the code. HUDSON makes herself scarce. their heads buried in an A to Z of London.

THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK Sorry. He shoves the book back in their hands. 86A. . Sorry. Then stops on the street corner.

104 INT. CUT TO: SHERLOCK chases down the German couple. They rail at him a second time. He looks across the street. CUT TO: Whoosh! Sitting at VAN COON’S desk on the trading floor. The London A to Z is right beside SOO LIN whilst SHERLOCK and JOHN are talking to her. Two Japanese tourists are opposite . SHERLOCK Everyone carries it. The man has tucked the A to Z in his coat pocket.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 Beat.. 104 87. CUT TO: Whoosh! The restoration room at the of them has an A to Z tucked in his back pocket. SHERLOCK Just a second. invisible. CUT TO: Whoosh! In LUKIS’ flat. Whoosh! SHERLOCK is staring at the books on EDDIE VAN COON’S shelf.. No one would think twice if they saw it. SHERLOCK yanks it out. CUT TO: SHERLOCK on the street. 221B BAKER STREET. A London A to Z on the shelf. NIGHT JOHN and SARAH. There is a London A to Z nestling beside the phone. It’s. . A London A to Z resting there on the top. His mind races.

Page fifteen entry one. . CUT TO: Whoosh! Staring at the wall in the banker’s office with the sprayed graffiti. SHERLOCK ‘Dead man’. NIGHT SHERLOCK on the street.the eighteen symbols from the railway. 105 EXT. The tag and the blind banker. STREET. You were threatening to kill them. CUT TO: Whoosh! The library. He starts thumbing through the index. ‘Dead man’.. But a girl can get too much. ‘15’ and ‘1’. ‘Deadman’s Lane’. Each number pair refers to a street. it’s fine. That’s the first cipher.I love going out and wrestling with Chinese gangsters. translating each pair of numbers . Page 15. A quiet night in is really just what the Doctor ordered. SHERLOCK on the street. He reads the A to Z index. JOHN Do you want take out? He takes a menu off the wall. SHERLOCK stares at it. Entry one.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SARAH No. 105 88.writing them down. I mean . He tugs the papers from his pocket . SHERLOCK (Under his breath) Page fifteen.falls to the pavement to write. Entry number 1. ‘15’ and ‘1’ sprayed on the spines of the books. Gets out a pen .. thumbing through the A TO Z.

‘Nine Mill Fore Jade Pin. . filled with SHERLOCK’S clutter. How much do you want? He digs in his wallet. I’ll just pop down. NIGHT The doorbell goes. JOHN Eat off trays? Yep. NIGHT JOHN bundles down the stairs and opens then door to the Chinese take-away guy. JOHN Blimey that was fast. And then on: ‘Tramway’. JOHN Sorry to keep you. Dragon Den Black Tramway’ SHERLOCK ‘Nine mill for jade pin. SARAH You want me to lay the table? They both look at the table. 221B BAKER STREET. Dragon den black tramway’. 106 INT.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 ‘Nine Elms Lane’ ‘Jade close’ ‘Mill Hill’ ‘Fore Street’ ‘Pin street’ ‘Dragon Road’ ‘Den Close’ ‘Black Acre Close’ ‘Tramway Avenue’ Focus on SHERLOCK. frowning. 107 89. 107 SARAH 106 INT. Focus tight on: ‘Jade Pin’. 221B BAKER STREET.

SARAH beside him.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 We cannot see the man’s face . that’s what they’re using. The door bangs offstage. I’ve got it. SHERLOCK (O. The lights are on. 221B BAKER STREET. Focus on two trays laid with plates and cutlery. 109 INT. It is ZHI ZHU.) John. illuminated only by a ring of candles. They are both tied down. SHERLOCK arrives home. Bursts into the flat.S. She is gagged but we can hear her softly crying.. temple bleeding. JOHN realises. A death cipher. They key to the cipher. He’s slumped in a chair. NIGHT 108 SHERLOCK’S empty flat.old tram tracks. The book. JOHN can just make out some long metal grooves in the floor . sending him crashing to the floor. . ZHI ZHU pulls a revolver and smacks it across JOHN’S face. It’s the London A to Z. It’s a dark cavernous room. He shouts up the stairs. What is there instead makes SHERLOCK pale with shock. HIDEOUT. NIGHT 109 JOHN wakes up from his concussion. 90. The ceiling drips water.. ZHI ZHU Do you have it? What? JOHN ZHI ZHU Do you have the treasure? JOHN I don’t yellow aerosol.. JOHN and SARAH are nowhere to be seen.he is immersed in shadow. Sprayed on the windows are two Chinese numerals .. 108 INT. but it’s already too late.

carried in your pocket.three members of the Black Lotus. (Still delirious) I’m not Sherlock Holmes. Finally produces . Holmes. muscular one . she doesn’t believe him) Forgive me if I do not take your word for it.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 Three other people present . Holmes. squat.yanks the wallet out of his pocket. Sherlock Holmes. She is flanked by her two thugs in black suits. THE OPERA SINGER Chinese proverb. THE OPERA SINGER (Smiles. THE OPERA SINGER Debit card. THE OPERA SINGER (Quiet and cool) A book is like a magic garden. The OPERA SINGER snaps JOHN with her mobile phone.a bank card. Dressed in a her long black coat and her dark glasses.. The woman stands in the middle. JOHN quizzical. 91.. JOHN I’m not actually. slowly . ZHI ZHU. Mr. Two men and a woman. He leant that to me. JOHN Ah. That’s not actually mine. .tall and wiry with jagged limbs and pointed features .the WARLORD. Produces . And on the other side . There is the short.a cheque..the climbing killer. She rifles around again. Walks over to him . She opens it and rifles around inside. Made out in the name of Mr.softly.. The OPERA SINGER. THE OPERA SINGER And a cheque for five thousand pounds. Name of S.

He squirms. THE OPERA SINGER ‘I am Sherlock Holmes and I always work alone.. JOHN . because noone else can compete with my massive intellect. From the theatre. She I s’pose there’s persuading you I impressions. Collected by you.bewildered. say that? smiles) no point in was doing an She produces a small revolver and presses it to JOHN’S temple. THE OPERA SINGER We heard it from your own mouth. Name of Holmes. . Did I really (Breath. OK. She produces . Did you know? Holds up her phone . but honestly.. THE OPERA SINGER Tickets..shows him the photos she has taken dozens and dozens of photos of JOHN. The name ‘SHERLOCK HOLMES’ is on the front. THE OPERA SINGER Sherlock Holmes ... JOHN Yes. JOHN shouting through the letterbox at SOO LIN’S flat.’ Back to the hideout...he knows nothing he can say will convince her that he isn’t SHERLOCK.. JOHN Ah. Beat. I’m not.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN (Weakly) He asked me to look after that for him. 91A. I realise how this looks. JOHN confused . JOHN smiles weakly .an envelope with the old ticket stubs from the’re my pin-up.’ FLASHBACK...

But you . .you know nothing about your most devoted fan.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 THE OPERA SINGER Your friend John writes a fascinating blog . (MORE) 91B.I read it every day. I’ve made an intricate study of you.

221B BAKER STREET. HIDEOUT. 111 INT.spreads it on the table... .. the museum. THE OPERA SINGER ‘There is no puzzle. The barrel is empty. THE OPERA SINGER (Light. SHERLOCK (Urgent) Tramway.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 THE OPERA SINGER (cont'd) (Breath) I am Shan. JOHN stares at the diminutive woman.finds a big OS map of London . What does it tell you when an assassin cannot shoot straight? She pulls the trigger. THE OPERA SINGER It tells you they’re not really trying. 110 INT. JOHN (Surprised. bewildered) You’re Shan? ‘The mountain’? THE OPERA SINGER (A silvery laugh) Shan is two words in Chinese. It also means ‘The elegant’. no enigma that my friend Sherlock cannot solve’.. gentle) Three times we’ve tried to kill you and your companion: the flat in Chinatown. Beat. NIGHT THE OPERA SINGER with her gun in JOHN’S face. 111 92. She cocks the trigger. tonight at the theatre. Surfs the internet on her phone.. tramway. Let us put it to the test. JOHN sighs with relief. NIGHT 110 SHERLOCK rummaging through his bookshelves .

If we wanted to kill you Mr. . And the fight in Soo Lin’s flat your companion was allowed to go free. We haven’t found what we seek. 93. Sherlock Holmes. (Brandishing the gun) Nothing like firing a gun at someone .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 THE OPERA SINGER Blank make them think they’re on the trail of something special..a cloth draped over a frame. JOHN can see a familiar shape in the foreground . She sniffs at him gently. what? JOHN THE OPERA SINGER The treasure. Fired at the museum. JOHN I don’t know what you’re talking about.. They are in an enormous tunnel . Now we have our own sniffer dog. Proverb? JOHN THE OPERA SINGER (Beat. Her smile diminishing) Do you have it? I. The WARLORD pulls away the cloth. THE OPERA SINGER (Affable and polite) I would prefer to make certain. Underneath is the Chinese ballista. THE OPERA SINGER The rat who gnaws at the tail of the cat only invites stretches away into the darkness. We just wanted to make you inquisitive. Holmes we’d have done it by now. but no matter. She shines a torch into the gloom.

. ‘Tramway’. We already had a buyer in the west. ZHI ZHU watches. expressionless. NIGHT SHERLOCK perusing the map . The legs of her chair make a shrieking noise from the weight. Leans very close to him THE OPERA SINGER Where’s the hairpin? 112 INT. 94. Mr. NIGHT A rope slung over a metal beam. ZHI ZHU drags SARAH’S chair so she is directly in the path of the bolt. Draws a circle around it. We know how it ends. What? JOHN 113 112 THE OPERA SINGER Valued at nine million sterling. Holmes. The blade glints in the candle flame. One end of the rope has a sandbag attached. HIDEOUT. We have seen the act before.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 THE OPERA SINGER Everything in the west has its price. you have been searching. He took it. 113 INT.finds what he is looking for. . Brought it back to London. 221B BAKER STREET. but it is stifled by the gag. And then one of our people was greedy. THE OPERA SINGER The Empress’ pin. And you.. JOHN writhes around helpless. The OPERA SINGER brandishes a knife. She screams with horror. The other end has the teardrop weight swinging from it. THE OPERA SINGER So. Information. The price for her life. The bolt will go straight into SARAH’S heart.

(MORE) 94A.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN Please. . please. You have to believe me.

You know how it ends. 95. I think you’ll do very nicely.. Sand pours out on to the old tram tracks. How dull for you. THE OPERA SINGER (Mock theatricality) I need a volunteer from the audience. Slash! The OPERA SINGER slashes the sandbag. from the distant moonlit shores of NW1 we present.bound and gagged. She places the little paper flower on SARAH’S lap. THE OPERA SINGER Ah. Sherlock Holmes’ pretty companion in a death-defying act. HIDEOUT. THE OPERA SINGER You’ve seen the act before. Please. spiralling to the ceiling.a piece of origami .THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN (cont'd) I’m not Sherlock Holmes. THE OPERA SINGER Ladies and gentleman. thank you lady. Please. . for your pleasure. And I haven’t found what you’re looking for. Yes. 114 SCENE DELETED Scene deleted 115 INT.turns to address an imaginary crowd. She decides to try a new tack ... JOHN She points at SARAH .a small black lotus flower.. JOHN 115 114 The OPERA SINGER takes something from her pocket . NIGHT SARAH struggles in her bonds as the sandbag loses its contents and rapidly ascends.

If you miss then the bullet will ricochet.. JOHN SHERLOCK swings a length of metal piping and knocks the WARLORD out cold. 96. . THE OPERA SINGER raises her gun and points it at him SHERLOCK stops in his tracks. THE OPERA SINGER I have no intention of missing.... you know. SHERLOCK (O. He rushes forward to save SARAH but. The sandbag is still rising to the ceiling. The bullet could bounce around the tunnel and hit you. You fire it .. SHERLOCK has found them. There is hardly any time. these walls have a radius of curvature of nearly four metres..THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN I’m not Holmes. Well? THE OPERA SINGER SHERLOCK Well. They turn. And a great deal more.S. SHERLOCK Still. Can’t shoot straight in the dark. (The Opera singer falters) Who knows where? You could hit anyone.) You should.. John? Late. THE OPERA SINGER I don’t believe you! A warmly familiar voice. With a ‘U’. I’d take those glasses off. what was the word. SHERLOCK (Looking at the gun) That’s a semi-automatic. SHERLOCK Sherlock Holmes is a great deal more pompous.the bullet will travel at a thousand metres per second..

choking him. ZHI ZHU pulling hard. Everywhere very dark now . He drags SHERLOCK up towards him . 96A. The bullet ricochets around the tunnel. still strapped to the chair. SARAH writhing and squealing in her bonds.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 And he lashes out and kicks over the burning brazier. narrowly missing JOHN. SHERLOCK dives into the shadows . SHERLOCK being choked to death in the folds of silk. The OPERA SINGER holds up the gun but she cannot squeeze the trigger for fear of hitting her henchman.the spider spinning a web around his victim . The OPERA SINGER fires and misses.just the meagre glow from the candles. He reaches into his pocket . using scrabbling motions. JOHN finally crawls to the ballista.spins more and more silk around him and tugs it tight . They are locked together in a silk cocoon. the ballista about to fire.lassoes it over SHERLOCK’S neck with expert precision.. and lamely attempts to kick it over. ZHI ZHU running at SHERLOCK in the shadows. The flames are immediately extinguished. The weight has almost fallen.behind the oil drum.. . JOHN deliberately topples his chair over and.pulls out a long skein of silk . drags himself towards the loaded ballista.

The ballista fires. KINGSWAY TUNNEL. Flashing blue lights. It misses SARAH and whistles straight past her. Holmes. An ambulance has come to take the corpses. No need to mention us in the report. still prostrate on the floor. SHERLOCK and JOHN are side by side as they emerge from the tunnel. SHERLOCK I have high hopes for you. JOHN smiles up at her. .. The bolt fires straight into ZHI ZHU’S heart.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 The sandbag is in the roof. the weight is now inches close to the spring mechanism. 116 EXT. He releases SHERLOCK and his body falls to the ground. He releases her from her bonds and her gag. DI DIMMOCK is waiting. Inspector. A glittering career. JOHN I don’t suppose there’s a chance of a second date some time? She laughs. And then cries.. Uniformed POLICE OFFICERS cordon off the area. 116 97. The street leading down to the old tram tunnel. With one final kick JOHN topples the tripod. SHERLOCK We’ll just slip off. NIGHT Holborn. They turn to look at the OPERA SINGER. SARAH is lead away with a blanket over her shoulders shocked but not hurt. She has gone. DIMMOCK Mr. SHERLOCK runs over to SARAH. Beat.

‘Nine million for Jade Pin. ‘Million’. Worth nine million pounds! SHERLOCK Apparently. SHAD SANDERSON. 221B BAKER STREET. JOHN But. JOHN A jade pin? SHERLOCK Worth nine million pounds. DAY JOHN and SHERLOCK in the city . a hairpin. Dragon Den Black Tramway’.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 DIMMOCK I go where you point me. Exactly. More and more police are arriving all the while.’ ‘Million’.. 118 all of their operatives in London.. SHERLOCK 117 JOHN Yes. . staring at the decoded message.. 117 INT. Dragon Den Black Tramway’.their London hideout. SHERLOCK And they go.headed for SHADS bank. SHERLOCK An instruction . ‘Nine Mill Fore Jade Pin. Bring it to the tramway . 118 EXT. JOHN ‘Nine Mill. JOHN Why so much? SHERLOCK Depends who owned it. A message what they were trying to reclaim. DAY SHERLOCK and JOHN at the dining table..

She answers. JOHN (Incredulous) Worth nine million pounds. Reaches the doors of the bank. SHERLOCK Eddie Van Coon was the thief. And then one of them helped himself to something. 99. They travelled over to Dalian to smuggle those vases. AMANDA How did you know that? This time the voice is just behind her.S. AMANDA 119 SHERLOCK (O. Oh. He stole the treasure when he was over in China.AMANDA'S DESK. SHAD SANDERSON . 119 INT.) (On phone) When he came back from China.S. DAY AMANDA at her desk on the trading floor . SHERLOCK Because of the soap. He spins the revolving door and leaves JOHN on the pavement.based in London. A little gift. AMANDA (On phone) Amanda? SHERLOCK (O. A little hairpin. JOHN How d’you know it was Van Coon not Lukis? Even the killer didn’t know that. apparently. baffled.putting on hand lotion.) (On phone) He gave you a present. Her mobile rings. hello.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK Two operatives . .

Finally admits. AMANDA I thought. He was my boss after all. Fly off to China at a moment’s notice. AMANDA Someone’s been gossiping.. SHERLOCK holds out his hand..THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK You weren’t just his PA. SHERLOCK But he brought you back a present from abroad.. It was over in a flash. SHERLOCK What happened? Why did you end it? AMANDA shrugs . He didn’t appreciate me. ... AMANDA I.speaking to her simultaneously on the phone. Sorry? AMANDA SHERLOCK I don’t think Eddie Van Coon was the sort of chap who would buy himself scented hand soap. To say ‘Sorry’.. 100. (Sighs..) Stood me up once too often.. Look. SHERLOCK is there . were you? She turns. he was taking me for granted. SHERLOCK AMANDA Then I don’t understand... SHERLOCK Hand soap. it wasn’t serious between us. Same brand as that hand cream on your desk there. With moisturiser. No. Not unless he had a lady coming over.. We’d plan to go away for a weekend and then suddenly he’d leave. Almost finished the bottle. In his flat.SHERLOCK is right. Three hundred millilitres. It couldn’t last..

THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 SHERLOCK Could I just have a look at it? 100A. .

SHERLOCK Ah.. SEB handing him the second cheque for their services. DAY 120 JOHN with SEB. The mannequin of the Empress in gold and black. SHERLOCK and JOHN stare at her. DAY Chinese Antiquities Room. The mannequin’s costume has been fashioned to resemble her exactly as she was at her wedding .total shock and panic. And tiny. She reaches into her hair and takes out the Jade hair pin he gave her. Through the glass wall we can see AMANDA with SHERLOCK. AMANDA (Half laugh) That’s Eddie. no. SHAD SANDERSON . How much is it worth? Out on SHERLOCK smiling. She jumps up in the air and shrieks . places it in SHERLOCK’S open hand.ANTIQUITIES ROOM.a thousand years ago. I don’t think that’s true.intricately carved. I think he pinched it. MUSEUM .. SHERLOCK I don’t think he even knew it’s value. AMANDA Said he bought it in a street market. The mannequin wears a plastic green reproduction hair pin as part of the ensemble. He has just told her how much it’s worth. 120 INT. AMANDA Oh. It is old . The MUSEUM DIRECTOR. Just thought that it would suit you.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 Beat. 121 INT.SEB’S OFFICE. 101. SEB He really climbed up on to balcony? JOHN Nail a plank across the window and all your problems are over. 121 .

eyes wide. What name? JOHN Three words.I never knew how brave she was as well. ANDY opens it.. somewhere in the display? Out on the MUSEUM DIRECTOR. 122 INT. This costume is a mock-up of course. She lived fourteen hundred years ago. His eyes widen.could you find a place for this. The Chinese are always uncovering new artefacts.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 MUSEUM DIRECTOR Empress Wu Zetian.. 102. What sort of donation would I need? He hands ANDY the envelope from SEB.. . DAY 122 SHERLOCK and JOHN leaving.ATRIUM/ENTRANCE. SHERLOCK I wonder . She looks at the pin and immediately knows its true value. JOHN That list of benefactors . And then comes back. I knew she was a sweet girl.on the gallery wall. JOHN smiles sadly. ANDY waiting for them by the exit. But truly . Anything of hers would be worth. Walks past. ANDY This would certainly cover it. millions.. SHERLOCK You’re sure about that? MUSEUM DIRECTOR You hear rumours. MUSEUM . Nothing of hers has survived. you have to look hard at something to see its value. SHERLOCK produces the pin. Only woman to rule Imperial China. ANDY Almost the last thing she said to me.

No.almost sad. ‘Holmes and Watson’...we barely scratched the surface. JOHN You cracked the code though.’ 124 EXT. MUSEUM. You and I . Sherlock. John. Reading the papers .the jade hairpin is the headline. SHERLOCK silent . And it’s sitting on her bedside table every night. SHERLOCK He didn’t know it’s value. didn’t know why they were chasing him. DAY 124 JOHN 123 SHERLOCK and JOHN having breakfast.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 ANDY Of course. JOHN Over a thousand years old.” A sculptor is chiselling a new name into the list. .. General Shan. JOHN Should have just bought her a lucky cat. (MORE) 103. JOHN You mind. DAY Close-up of the wall of Benefactors. 221B BAKER STREET. Thousands of operatives. Not enough that we got her two henchmen. SHERLOCK It must be a vast network. don’t you? What? SHERLOCK JOHN She escaped. “With grateful thanks for valuable donations to the National Antiquities Museum. No. 123 INT. ‘SOO LIN YA..

SHERLOCK I cracked the code.. The words appear on her computer .’ ‘M_ IT IS ONLY THE EXPECTATION OF FURTHER FAVOURS’.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 JOHN (cont'd) Maybe Dimmock can track them all down.. The OPERA SINGER sits at the table. 125 INT.Skype.without opera make-up or glasses.across the street. The reply is typed on screen: ‘M_ THEY CANNOT TRACE THIS BACK TO ME. And now you’re safety is compromised. JOHN glances through the window . THE OPERA SINGER Without you .. Now that he knows it.’ THE OPERA SINGER I will not reveal your identity.his username at the start of each line.without your assistance . It’s the first time we’ve ever seen her full face . This Sherlock Holmes... Grimy windows. She is talking into her computer webcam . We see her image on the screen but her correspondent’s window simply says ‘NO IMAGE AVAILABLE’. yes. The cursor hangs there on the screen . we did not know this man would come. You have my thanks..’ 125 104. His username is simply ‘M’. . THE OPERA SINGER We did not anticipate.blinking. Pause. A young oriental teenager is spraying graffiti on a wall. ‘M_ GRATITUDE IS MEANINGLESS. All the smugglers have to do is to pick up another book. The man on the screen types his replies. A DARKENED ROOM.we would not have found passage into London. A laptop in front of her. NIGHT A table and chair.

Black out. . It travels slowly across the room towards her .lands on her forehead.’ A little red dot appears on the wall behind her . END OF EPISODE TWO 105.a laser.THE BLIND BANKER SHOOTING (DRAFT 8) GREEN 16-02-10 Typed on screen: ‘M_ I AM CERTAIN.

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