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R espect and ○ircumambulate a Stupa? C

STEP 1 ASPIRATION • I am cultivating this merit on behalf of all sentient beings. • May I attain enlightenment as soon as possible in order to lead all sentient beings to enlightenment.
• I pray that in this way all sentient beings will be free of

STEP 2 1. Circumambulating clock wise around Stupa or paying respect by bowing towards the Stupa. 2. Chanting repeatedly Om Mani Padme Hum while circumambulating Stupa or paying respect.
3. At the same time, thinking that all the Buddha are in the Stupa, illuminating light that bless and purifies all the sentient beings bad karma.

STEP 3 DEDICATION OF MERITS • May the Merits accrued from this work, be for the welfare and happiness of all beings. • May all beings be liberated from suffering. • May the merits gained be accrued/shared with my relatives, friends and departed ones. May they be well and happy always, and be born together in Western Pure Land.

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