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Dio tee en Lad Amped Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel, Keith Baker Cc R E iL ly s D E s 1 G N Jessr Drexee, Maren Srexrr, Gwrxnoryy FM. Kesteer, Kerry Bakke Deb VE L*orP'M E NT Axpy Cortixs, Janes Warr EAS Dg 08 Tet aeO~ Riedie S Micnerie Lvov, Scorr Frrzcraarn Gaay, Jostes SexrsRs DESTGN MANAGER CanisTommer Praxis DEVELOPMENT. MANAGER Jesse Drcere MANAGING EDITOR Kim Moitaw SENIOR ART DIRECTOR: D&D Sracr Loxesraner DIREGTOR OF RPG RED BIL SLavicsek AR AT VDT ae TG Re Ronext Rave C7 0.9¥, Emit SageR eet aL?S 0 Wavye Reynorps INTERIOR ARTISTS Daanken, Eric DescaaMrs, Tomas GIORELLO, ‘Dove Greony, Jostiva Tar JAMES, Howarp Lyox, Joe Mapureika, Nick PrncivaL, Stave PRESCOT, RYAN Sook, ANNE. STOKES, Francis Tsa1, Faanz VOHWINKEL, Kev Witken, “ANTHONY Waters, CHARLIE, ‘Wes, Roxat.n Wiotnerzs, Jawes Zetano GRAPHIC “DESIGNER DEE BARNETT GRAPHIC PRODUCTION SPECIALIST Extn Dowses TECHNICIA Svex Bours PRODUCTION MANAGERS Josava CJ, Fiscer, Rasnart Ciews IMAGE Beso on the orginal Deon & Dioonst rales excatd by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson and the sew Dossenons & Daooxs tame designed Wy Jonathan Tweet, Monte Coat, Skip Willan, Rickanl abr and Peer Ackison, ‘This product uses updated material fiom the v3.5 revision ‘This Wizanos cr mith Coast” game product contains no Open Game Costent. No portion of this work may te eproduced in any form without written permission. Io learn more about the Qpen Gaming Licest and the d20 System License, please Vit NW. waardscom 20. sjcatana, asa, PAIS CAE uAriica AWaegdver te Oat Ie > Waar ofthe Cast Bela a BORK, 620-17745-001-BN ons yRomax seapeuanrens 987654321 se Friating pet 2005 Troma chs Wass fhe ne reel ae oad ene Wine ee mts an Mae ns tr Mans Ra ‘Senaees pn mse sa ae at tn Homan ating Iara nce hon eo fos Ls Drevin We Sais on Spec ta tec sen ‘Wass th Cog, Tne Tn oat ha vrk ot: Ary any seule tana cs Visit our website a wwwwitardscom/eberron ee ae Ccattorehe Undring 168 Monspeaer 19, Contents — vxmunsicie 1 Quon Niglemire 8 Daylight adipston 10s Reacher 19 Introduction inom ante us Rest 1 Dinomut wrangle 10s Reng va Chapt eg 1 Seeder to Settee Pe 3, Beaeee 18 Chapter: Easinmene. m Warfrged Fsychobey a Mae Le > Amar m Wrferged Lie 13 ees 12 Exot Weapons in Warferged Socistyand Culture renee T Wonérous tens in Verge and Orbe Rae a fein 1 Usher em 0 Giang Warrged Charters a Rea ‘Wirferged Components us ‘warfnged Cites and serlemens a ta Minor Arties 18 chaye2: shies, as Reletume tn Nee eter infin 2 Stifter Racial Tats 25 Shidow Marches Warmonger, aa AB Sel 8 ADayintheLie 25 Shipe Sch a Mechel i= Shite yebolgy 2 Sh Sry ia (ew ia Dow im Stee Lfe 30 Soulblle Warrine ae nara eat a ile Society and Cte 32 StbleFowtng ti NU es is Sbies and rer Race 37 Tle Wart, M2 Newgyeleaadianewe 2 GratingShiter Charters. 3 whteSearpionsiie ac Neel adenine: ae Sample Community Rairharen 34 Psonic Feats i oy Chapters: Changelings 4 HE construct Bence Greater te Changeling Racial Tats a eet taaie TE Constrct Besehee Leer 14 Spins Fore us {Divine ie teal. 15 leer Shapeshangee tet Changeling aycclogy 4 teats Deminae sing Contract sat Changeling ie “ : Dappelginger Tafa 184 Changeling Socety ani Culture, 4 eam Enhanced Shitting me Clangeliagsand Ocher Races sg Pe 1 rend Stifing tae Sample Community Freeform get I Rowe Sheoechange 1 Grating Changeling Charice einen ut Rumace Within, 188 Some PCs See Golem tem 186 Semple Enceuniers s fe a Aumanoid Essence 186 Chapers Kalua. 7 Reactive shifing POMBE coon pesnoaconens aa Kashar Raia! Tris shiver Agile, dig Hhumennid evo, Lever 8 ADavinthetite << shifter Rerocty ss —_ twin Pange ie. Pretty 37 Shifrin fis flee ame Ma ase i infee Moderate Daye, Mis 187 Kolar ie $3 ShiferSagery tig lafesheee w aba Soi and ular 2 Shiterstamine ig elie tage = 2 KasharandOther Races © Swing Ete 486 glnay Shapes 186 eating Kalish Chast sree thie tig uote Shapetiing is KastarCommanities 68 Wilhunele 6 ane a SampleCommutitySlson: Holt. 69 Tac Fats a6 Chants Other Reet hoa ue aul eon Agen, BIE Aereral 74 ae eestor ae Natural Weapon Augmentation, BIL Daw 76 ranubing tes ae esce 1s 3 kalashi Though us EL Klos > a Nacrl Weapon Augen, aged Fight us BLE vena 0 Toon 109 Gnomes. gy Wanlnged Feats ns Roachwalker's Wariness 189 Gosia. a Ane Bee 418 opr ight Deng Mos to ales jy llten tees 12 einer Doge Mis 189 Hikes se earn 19 nie ofthe Valera to Halling horire peat Naillan 8 Senpie ‘oa Halflings,Talenta 95 ee ac ‘Shifter Prowess 190 The nied oe 2 Tuc of ro ‘90 Ons fog helper etree Seing iw wo — wy Shertacry te Untred Herm, v0 Racal Fens 0s spied Body ag Meee at vildtestnes wt eve Ree er S08 Unsmered Ba, 20 Ancestral Guidance ios Racial Substitution Levols Pig es bred ‘Hadebearer of the Valenar 107 ‘New Fuloo/ Wildes Bowers. - Mader tl 107 Chapter Prestige Cases 193 Nev Payhie Watro Pewee Pos Peeuret so Pome 2 ‘caliner trek 139 Suggestion, Implinted 92