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The world is getting worse. Many trees are cut down to make things such as paper, furniture and handicraft. In order to reduce the use of trees, a project is designed to recycle paper and mix it with some fibre plants that can easily reproduce such as grass and lallang. These fibre plant also have their special characteristics. For example, scientific research has proven that lallang can absorb oil. The designed project is How to produce a tough home-made paper?. This project is mainly about reducing the cut down of logs which are used for making paper. About 40% of logs that are being used to make paper. It is easy to make the project. First of all, prepare a wooden frame, sieve with holes of about 1 mm, Formica sheets, rectangular bowl or large container that enough to fit the frame, mortar with pestle, jug, newspaper, flat sponge, water and dried green grass. After preparing the material, soak newspaper for about 2 days. Then, rinse the paper partially and crush the paper mix well with grass. After that, immerse the paper that is put smoothly on frame. Then, dry it under a moderate temperature. Repeat the experiment using different mass of grass. A tough sheets of paper will be produce. As the conclusion grass 40% of grass is suitable to make the paper. For better results, dry under the influenced of winds with low humidity. Also avoid dry under a high temperature and hot sun.