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3rd Grade Home-

work Policy
Dear Parents, Every week students will be asked to do the following activities for homework. Please note that there is no assigned homework over the weekend, including Friday night. All homework should be completed and turned in Friday morning. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Must Have Done Each Week: Have your child play math games on IXL for 15 minutes a week. The teacher will communicate what skill set to focus on for the unit. IXL can be found at Have your child play on Spelling City, for 15 minutes, using their spelling families (students will know what they are). Spelling City can be found at Students will use a writing prompt (given by the teacher) for the week, and write a journal entry. Students should write for at least for 30 minutes during the week. Please note that this is a free write, so grammar and spelling will not be checked, only ideas and effort. Optional: Students can log onto RAZ kids and earn points by listening, reading, and taking quizzes about certain books. Raz kids can be found at Thanks for your support, Sharyn Skrtic