Angelique Tuscano Katrina Zablan WF 4:30-6:00 TOPIC: Hazardous wastes I. • • • • • II.

Characteristics Presents immediate or long-term risks to humans, animals, plants or the environment Requires special handling for detoxification or safe disposal Any discarded solid or liquid that catches fire easily (gasoline, paint and solvents) Reactive or unstable enough to explode or release toxic fumes Capable of corroding metal containers such as tanks, drums and barrels Sources • Businesses o Metal finishers o Gas stations o Auto-repair shops o Dry cleaners o Photo developers • o o o a) b) c) d) e) By-products Sulfuric acid Heavy metals found in batteries Silver-bearing wastes which comes from Photo-finishers Printers Hospitals Schools Dentists

Effect on Water Sources • Pollutants such as sludge. is shared by all and when these are polluted it affects the entire planet." IV. The water on earth. is not limited by the countries causing the problem. sewage. • The damages caused by water pollution. proper handling of these materials. garbage and toxic wastes such as oil spills have damaged our water supplies. o Hazardous materials should never be disposed of down the drain or in regular trash receptacles o Waste containers should be stored in a secure manner and protected from extreme environments o Storage areas for hazardous wastes should be inspected at least weekly • Proper handling and storage of waste containers can prevent ruptures. or other failures • Proper waste documentation is important to track and maintain accountability for hazardous waste prior to shipment • ”Proper training and knowledge can help workers ensure that hazardous wastes are safely and properly handled from “cradle to grave. overturns. • Water pollution is a big problem in many countries with weak or non existent regulations to protect our water supplies. much like the air. . however. Disposal • Workers that generate or handle hazardous waste require training on the hazards and safe.f) g) • o o o o o Household Doctors Veterinarians Automotive Products Pool chemicals Pesticides Herbicides Household cleaning products III.

• Water pollution must be regulated at a global level if we are to save the Earth from the dangers of hazardous waste’s water pollution. .

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