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Business Diploma Business Management Students Meeting

Date: Thursday 25th August, 2011 Time: 9:00AM - 10:00AM Venue: Room H1.11 Chair: Elizabeth Fesolai Invitees: David Dennis, Rachel Nichols, Rachel Dooley, Mark Serrano, Lilli Hooper, Saffiyya Khan, Lauren Johnson, Abdullah Assafiri, Brielle Halloran, Hussein Dehaine, Daniel Holland, Nelson Panyanouvong, Shannon Walsh, Phil Hamilton, Jacky Dang and Elizabeth Fesolai 1. Welcome & Apologies 2. Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes 3. Actions Arising from Previous Meeting 4. New Business: Future Careers Introductions What is your long term goal? (Job careers in relation to business studies?) How are you going to achieve them? What are the best ways to achieve your long-term goals or future careers?

5. Recommendations and Suggestions for Indecisive Students

Elizabeth Fesolai