The robot apocalypse has been a common topic in popular culture lately.

Movies l ike The Terminator, Blade Runner, The Matrix and countless others have all prese nted worlds in which intelligent machines turn on their human creators. These fi lms play on the fear that our technological advancements will reach a speed that we can no longer control, and our creations will rise up against us. It is a fe ar that has long existed in our society. You could even argue that it originated in the industrial revolution, when stories like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein hyp othesised where unfettered technological advancement would take us. In many ways, these fears are entirely justified. The rate at which we achieve t echnological breakthroughs has become so blindingly fast that it's often hard to keep up. The processing power of computer chips can double in as little as six months, bringing artificial intelligence even closer to a reality. And yet, for the most part, no one is stopping to question whether this is a good idea. It's part of our nature to constantly strive for greater advancements - it's wha t has gotten us to where we are as a species today. But no one can predict what will happen on that inevitable day when a machine is created with an intelligenc e greater than our own. The scenario is not a science fiction fantasy; one day, at our present rate of advancement, machines will surpass our intellectual capab ilities. From there, a host of philosophical questions open up; if a machine is aware of its own existence, for example, should we technically consider it to be living? Would they view us as equals? As gods? Or would their superior intellig ence make them view us as a pest, a lesser being that needs to be wiped from exi stence? These are questions that are debated by scholars at great length, questions to w hich there are no easy answers. What is known (at least, in this writer's humble opinion) is that a day will come when we will have to face the reality of an ad vanced artificial intelligence. It's a day that may come much sooner than anyone expects, but it's not a day we should fear. We should look towards it with an o pen mind, and hope that an intelligence greater than our own will look past the petty squabbles that are a part of our nature, and help guide mankind towards a better, more peaceful future.

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