ZOMBIE ACTION COMMITTEE- Berkshire County, Massachusetts

Sections 1-3: Proclamations & Petitions #1 The Supreme High Chancellor and Guardian of the Cabal (hereafter referred to as Chancellor) shall issue proposals to the Committee in the form of Proclamations, which shall become official and accepted Policy of the Committee if a simple majority (more than one half) of the distinguished Cabal shall deem it to be wise and just by placing their (verbal, written, electronic, etc) "Yea" upon it. #2 Distinguished elected officials of the Committee may offer proposals in the form of a Petition (verbal, written, etc) to be put before the Committee. These wisened ideas shall become policy if commended by a simple majority vote of the ruling Committee members. Petitions offered by members shall be voted upon at the next meeting of the Committee, or if electronically or by other means no sooner than ten days from the time it is first proposed, so that the Chancellor and Cabal may have time to examine it reasonably to determine its worth. #3 Ratified petitions from the Cabal shall be open to veto by the Chancellor for a period of 30 days. Whatsover policies may be vetoed by the Chancellor, may come before the Committee again, and be passed despite veto, if a three-fourths majority shall find it sound and just to do so, by mark of their vote. #4 Hearings and Audiences 4A. Any individual, whether affiliated volunteer or civilian, may request the right to be heard before the honored officials of the Committee, at its next upcoming scheduled meeting. Any suggestions or proposals made shall be taken under advisement, unless adopted as a petition from an elected member of this body. 4B. Any founding member of the Committee may request a private audience with the Chancellor on any matter, and shall be granted such an audience at the earliest possible convenience, within a period not to exceed 14 days.* #5 Meetings & Conference 5A. The date of meetings shall be set by the Chancellor, with input from the Committee encouraged. 5B. The Office of the Chancellor shall attempt to notify the Committee at least 14 days prior to the next scheduled meeting, except in the event of an Emergency Action Meeting. 5C. Members, especially department heads (Clerk, Dir. of Ed. Events, Dir. of Communications) are strongly suggested to attend meetings as they are able,

and attendance is to be kept by the Clerk or Deputy Clerk. In the event attendance will not be possible, members are asked to notify the Clerk as soon as they are able.. 5D. Whenever advisable and shrewd, the Chancellor and/or esteemed members of the Cabal, may submit Proclamations and Petitions outside of meetings, in the interest of keeping the number of meetings low while expediting those matters of Zombie defense and Zombie awareness initiatives for which this the body was formed. In this incidence, the Chancellor or Cabal member shall indicate their motion to the Clerk, who shall in turn see to the notification of Chancellor and Committee, and the tallying of votes upon the proposed Proclamation or Petition. Nominations & Appointments #6 Nominations for specific officers and at-large members of the ruling Cabal of this most noble Zombie Action Committee shall be actively solicited by this body, and responsibly publicized by the departments of the Clerk and Director of Communications, between November 1 and December 1, for the following year. Balloting shall take place by whatever means deemed most suitable by the current Cabal and its Chancellor, with an emphasis on the greatest inclusion of voices possible. All interested parties may offer nominations as well as vote, without regard to age, demographic, or geography. #7 A. Following election, the Chancellor may appoint up to two at-large members to the Cabal of his or her choosing, with or without a statement of reason, and without any requirement of confirmation by the Commitee. B. The Chancellor may appoint an additional two members which shall be subject to confirmation by a simple majority vote. C. It is recommended that as soon as possible after election, the Chancellor appoint a willing individual Chief of Staff/Majordomo in order to assist in the business of governing and the smooth maintenance of the Office of Chancellor. This individual shall have no voting power on the council and shall participate in the business of the Committee only on behalf of the Office of Supreme High Chancellor. If deemed necessary and prudent, based on the working needs of the Committee, the Chancellor may also appoint an additional non-voting cabinet member as Undersecretary. These appointments are not subject to confirmation by the Cabal, but serve at the pleasure of the Chancellor and may be removed from these positions at any time. Emergency Clauses # 8 Only in the event that the Cabal should wish to Impeach or by some other means Censure the sitting Chancellor, may another member of the Cabal convene a meeting of this body. In such an instance, the Chancellor may or may

not be notified of an initial meeting, but shall be given an opportunity to address this body prior to any vote being taken on this issue. If the Committee should vote to Impeach or otherwise Censure the Chancellor, such action must be ratified by a nine-tenths majority of its elected members, in order to insure that such action be deemed truly just, and not become divisive to this Committee. Alternately, such action may be taken by a three-fourths majority of the Committee ONLY if joined by a three-fourths majority of its Founding and Original Members. B. In the event of the removal or suspension of a Chancellor by impeachment, the Committee shall elect, by a simple majority of the Committee, an interim Chancellor, who shall finish the term until the next upcoming election. C. Any other attempts at insurrection, coup d'etat, or rebellion in the ranks not authorized under this provision shall be handled with swift and severe retribution, up to and including removal of the offending member by the Chancellor. # 9 The Zombie Action Committee may only be disbanded and dissolved by a unanimous vote of its currently sitting Committee, OR, by a unanimous vote of its Founding and Original Members.

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