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V-8 Produced in 1905, V-8 was intended to compete with the then popular electric cars used in towns, during beginning of the 20th century. Claude Johnson, the business partner of C. S. Rolls suggested introducing an internal-combustion-engined in order to overtake the electric car market. The car had to be silent, free of vibration and smoke free. Less emphasis was given on power. The engine would also have to be mounted under the car to give the appearance of a town brougham (a car body style, in which an outside seat was arranged in front for the chauffeur and an enclosed The engine was designed in the form of a 90-degree, side-valve, V-8. Though V-8 engine was produced in small numbers, the introduction of the V-8 cars was a decade earlier than the first mass production of a V8 engine by Cadillac. Two body styles were proposed, a Landaulet par Excellence to attack the town electric market and the Legalimit. Only one example of the V-8 was sold, a Legalimit (chassis number 40518) to Sir Alfred Harmsworth. This was later taken back by the factory. V-8 is the only car model made by Rolls-Royce of which no example survives.

Landaulet par Excellence


Claude Johnson
V-8 Engine

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