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Team 212 Parent Letter--Secondary

Team 212 Parent Letter--Secondary

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Published by Eric Kipling
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Published by: Eric Kipling on Aug 20, 2012
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September 2012 Dear Parents, There is an exciting initiative at Spring Lake Public Schools.

Twelve classrooms--six in the elementary schools and six in the secondary schools--have been pegged as BETA Classrooms. In these rooms, new technology has been added to enhance the learning environment. Your student is in one of those classrooms. Through either an iPad or a ChromeBook, your student will have an extra tool to aid classroom learning and connectivity to the world outside the school walls. We hope this will push Spring Lake students to higher quality learning in this digital age. The effect, though, won’t only benefit the students. The teachers in this initiative have been communicating with each other to provide rigorous and exciting information to your students. It has opened our eyes to new teaching possibilities. Of course, with all of this new technology, there are some concerns: primarily safety, but also potential costs and discipline. Each concern is covered in our website. Please be sure to visit that site for information: https://sites.google.com/a/springlakeschools.org/ipad/user-policy As we look forward to using this new technology at Spring Lake Public Schools, parents and teachers must be unified. So, please do not hesitate to communicate with us about concerns or questions. We feel honored to be trusted in this pilot program and to lead your students in Spring Lake Public Schools’ technology push. Go Lakers! Team 212 Kent Higgs, Betsy Kipling, Eric Kipling, Rondalyn Marron, David Theune, Chad Wahlberg P.S. Why 212? Take a look below!

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