GAYATRI :she who protects who sing of her is gayatri.

the supreme mantra gayatri is recommended to be chanted during three time zones every day.for greater efficacy the gayatri should be recited at each of the transitions from the night to the day, from the morning to the afternoon and from the evening into the night.the chanting of gayatri mantra have the effect of liberating one from the fruits of karma. the natural law of cause and effect whicch controls the cycle of birth & death, the chanter of gyatri is also blessed with attributes such as Longevity, courage, physical strength, awareness, psychic healing of ailments, sweetness of speech and the facility of celibacy for the purpose of spritual practices. gyatri the deity is the personafied unity of the timevaried divinity Gyatri, Savitri and Saraswati. Gyatri is also considered the mother of vedas. in th ebhagwat gita lord krishna proclaims that among the mantras he is gayatri. the mahamantra status of gyatri is therefore universally acknowledged. gayatri is also the 5 phased divinity. 1. the first phase signifies "oom" one of whose many meanings is "welcome to the Gods". 2. second phase is " bhu bhurva swahaa" which refers to the three regions of the earth, ether and causal. 3. the third phase is " tats vitur varenyaam " which refers to the savatri the divine ultimate reallity equated with vivifying bhava of the sun. 4. " bhargoo devasyaa dhee mahii " , the fourth phase indicates the radiants, lusture and the iluminating power of divinity which enables our transition from the world of darkness into the light. 5. " dhioo yonaa prachoodayaat" , the fifth phase is a prayer or invocation .thus the gayatri encompasses

"varanaan" - description, dhyana - "meditation" and "prarthana" - prayer. while it may take a lifetime to realize and imbibe the total significance of the gayatri mantra a simplified summary is as follows: oh creater of the universe may we recieve the supreme syndestroying light, may though guide our intellect in the right direction.