BALICHA, Midge Ysmin A.


UNIT TEST - Finals

1. What are the reasons why Rizal traveled to Europe? It is very clear that Rizal went to Europe not just to complete his medical studies but also to accomplish his hidden purposes on his voyage. According in Paciano's letter to Rizal, there are following real purposes why Rizal traveled to Europe – (1) to make a name for him in the realm of journalism; (2) to observe and study European society; & (3) to prepare himself for the task of liberating the Filipinos from Spanish tyranny.

2. What are the verdicts of the court for Dr. Jose Rizal regarding on his work? Was it fair or not? He was ordered imprisoned in Fort Santiago (from July 6-15, 1892). Thus, from November 3, 1986, to the date of his execution, he was again committed to Fort Santiago until he was executed in December 30, 1896 at Bagumbayan. Undoubtedly, Rizal’s verdict is unfair.

3. On your own opinion, why did the Spaniards place the Filipino guards at the first line on the firing squad? I believe that their top reasons why they let Filipino guards to be in the first line of the firing squad are the following – (1) for them to shoot one of their heads if ever Rizal wants to escape; (2) and to threaten them how brutal Spaniards are whenever betrayal occurs.

4. What are the last words of Rizal before his death? What do these words mean? Before his death, his last statement is “consummatum est” which means “it is done”. This means that he accomplished his purpose to enlighten the minds of his fellow countrymen, to be brave enough against Spaniards and to reveal the hidden and unfair treatment of these colonizers. He established his goal based on what he wished for.

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