For Immediate Release: August 21, 2012

Statement from Senate Democratic Spokesman Mike Murphy
“Today's Siena poll demonstrates that Senate Democrats better represent the values of everyday New Yorkers. By a record margin of 20%, this state wants a Democratic State Senate. When it comes to protecting women, providing good jobs by raising the minimum wage, and enacting sensible gun laws, Senate Democrats better represent New Yorkers' values. It is now beyond clear that Senate Republicans have embraced the extremist right-wing of their party and have moved away from the average New Yorker. We agree with Governor Cuomo that there is no place in New York for Senate Republicans' extremist philosophy." Background on Poll 20% margin in favor of Democratic control of Senate--The largest margin yet HUGE gender gap in favor of Democratic State Senate by more than 30% Huge margin in favor of Democrats in people that consider themselves moderate Democrats are now winning in the crucial suburban vote President Obama continues to surge in New York and will bring out more and more Democratic voters in New York State ###

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