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Fahy Mailer 2

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Published by: tulocalpolitics on Aug 21, 2012
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Do we really need more women in public office?

There's actually a national debate about whether women should be allowed access to comprehensive health care. Without more women representing us, we can’t guarantee our voices will be heard.

But isn’t New York better?

Out of 150 members of the Assembly, only 35 are women. That’s 23%. As New York makes decisions about how to school our children and how to provide for our health care, we need more women to represent us in the Capital Region.

So who can represent us?
Patricia Fahy, Democrat for New York State Assembly.

A womAn in the Assembly meAns something. A womAn like PAtriciA FAhy in the Assembly meAns everything.
But Pat’s not just any woman. She’s not just any candidate.
She has the most experience of anyone in the race, with over two decades of public service, in the Clinton Administration, on committee staff in Congress, on the Albany School Board, and at the State Department of Labor. She’s the daughter of immigrants, with a strong work ethic. She’s a wife and a mother, with two children in the Albany public schools. She’s a fierce community advocate, who fought for more state funding for our schools, to hold down our property taxes, to promote small schools and after-school programs, and developed a tax incentive for training and hiring young people that became state law last year. She’s running because she cares about our future, and she’s always worked to make that future better. Patricia is an effective leader for working people and families in the 109th District.

The COuRAge TO LeAD. The exPeRieNCe TO SuCCeeD. www.PatriciaFahy.com
To get involved with the campaign for the new 109th, call Josh hyman, campaign manager, at 518-495-1324.
Paid for by Friends of Patricia Fahy PO Box 8282 Albany, NY 12208

Vote for Patricia Fahy, Democrat for Assembly, District 109, Thursday, September 13th.

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