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Shariah - The Threat to America (Team B Report) 09142010

Shariah - The Threat to America (Team B Report) 09142010

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Published by David Worley

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Published by: David Worley on Aug 21, 2012
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The division of labor within the community of adherents to shariah that has the Muslim Brotherhood
promoting their agenda, for the moment, mostly through non-violent means has counterpart efforts being
made by other groups that seek the same goals – the triumph of Islam worldwide and the restoration of the
caliphate – through violence. Since September 11, 2001, the best known of these is the perpetrator of the
murderous attacks launched that day: al Qaeda. Its prominence has only grown with repeated declarations
by U.S. government officials to the effect that Osama bin Laden’s group is the enemy we confront.

In fact, as the foregoing sections have demonstrated, al Qaeda is but one of the threats we confront,
and not necessarily the most dangerous. The following pages discuss al Qaeda and a representative sample of
other organizations in the world of adherents to shariah that are actively seeking to compel our submission
and, ultimately, our destruction, through force and terror.

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